Q&A 293- Insulin dependent, Acne, Huntington disease.

Questions & Answers 293. In this video Dr. Morse talks about: An article: “Biological bad luck blamed in two-thirds of cancer cases.” Cynthia - her ill 70-year-old mother. Diabetic since 1992 and since 2011 has been insulin dependent. Regan – 16-year-old who has had acne for about a year and a half. Went on antibiotics that worked in the beginning but has not gotten worse. Gregory – Can eating only fruits help in schizophrenia cases? Sophia – Fell on a lack ice a year ago and injured shoulder and elbow. Went to two orthopedic surgeons and was told to wait it out. LaSala – Started vegan diet about 3 months ago. Wondering about Huntington’s disease. CJ- Involved in a major chemical spill at a semi conductor factory. Chemical burns all over face and the chemical comes out of body in the shower. Patricia – 41-year-old with thinning hair and feels skin is looking older and less elastic. Menstrual cycle has been beginning to alter. Lorna – Wanting to know if cleansing liver would help to lose weight and regain health having been morbidly obese. George – Heart murmurs in children and adults. What causes them? Is it a lymphatic issue in the heart? Is it common that parents pass it down to their babies? Jennifer – Can you explain what people with gallstones can expect to happen? Will they dissolve, or with the gallbladder expel them? Dan – Had pectoral muscle strain and developed trigger points in the muscle. Can seem to get the muscles to heal properly. Christian – Had 2 strokes at the age of 32. Issues with right side and voice.


Lori Grant: He has edema b,c he isn't getting enough proteins

Kate Holland: I've just found you Dr Morse! thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!!!


Geo Musicman: Love you too doc!

sien rose: natural birth control!! that sound amazing! can't wait :)

Mary BerNadette Brooks: MY MAMA who  is 82 YEARS OLD and has NEVER been SICK other than a COMMON COLD for which SHE would use RAW GARLIC and RELEASE the TOXINS in a DAY or so, had an OPERATION on the 28th of January to REMOVE a TUMOR from HER BRAIN! Longer story short, the MEDICINES that SHE is being GIVEN, Keppra, Decadron, and an ANTIBIOTIC  for an UTI, and INSULIN because the Decadron INCREASES the BLOOD SUGAR LEVEL, but is there ANY HERBS that SHE can TAKE to AVOID the RADIATION that the DOCTORS have said is a MUST HAVE that can ELIMINATE the BALANCE of the BENIGN TUMOR?
MY MAMA has ALL of HER OWN TEETH, PLAYED BASKETBALL until SHE was 63, and WORKED until SHE was 81 (last October)! While I KNOW that DEATH IS INEVITABLE, I want to DO ALL I CAN to HELP HER LIVE as long as HER FATHER who DIED at 102 with HIS MIND in TACT and NONE of the COMMON ILLNESSES that are COMMON to MANY who are considered BLACK in THIS COUNTRY!

Charlotte Williams: can anyone tell the time where Dr. Morse starts to talk about acne?

thank you

Leigh Sanders: Awesome, as always Dr Morse!  I'm looking forward to hearing your answer to my email. :)

Enabler: When someone gets so passionate about people's health as Dr Morse does, you know you can trust them to pursue the truth to the end!

The Natural Way of Healing: Awesome Video Dr.Morse! Thank you! 

The 40 Year Old Vegan: 1:29:22
A cookie or a gummy bear! ! Hahaha! !
I love you Dr. Morse!

weromn: 37:03 what is rafing/rawfing?

Phyllis Tatten: A friend of mine's sister is on oxygen.  Now under Obamacare she has to be re-evaluated be allowed to continue receiving oxygen.  Pure evil!  Pure insanity!  She is a senior citizen too.  I wish I could say I'm surprised.

The Fool: I actually read the article and its nothing out of the ordinary. Its just one of the many ways you do get cancer, but not the only one. Health and wellness all comes into it, but sometimes cell division can cause unpredictable mutation.

I blame the bad article writing myself for not making it very clear.

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