How to Make Simple Tomato Juice from Fresh Tomatoes | Cut fresh tomatoes into wedges using the Rada Tomato Knife and simmer in a saucepan for 10-15 minutes. Press through a sieve or food mill, catching juice below. Add salt to taste; let cool and serve. To freeze pour into freezer containers, leaving ½" headspace. Seal, label and freeze for up to 12 months. Order the Famous Tomato Slicer at Simple Tomato Juice Video Transcript: Hi Kristy at the Rada Kitchen. I'd like to share with you a way to make simple tomato juice out of your fresh tomatoes that maybe you grew or you got at a farmer's market. I got this recipe out of a recipe book we offer called "Fresh to Freezer." It has cucumbers, green beans, corn—every vegetable you can think of that you don't have to do hot water baths, don't have to can, you just put them in the freezer. This one's really simple. You don't have to peel the tomatoes or core them. All you do is slice tomatoes into wedges and put the wedges in a saucepan. This is the Rada Tomato Slicer. No kitchen is complete without it. Our second-best seller behind the Paring Knife. I think it would be our best seller—it just hasn't been out as long as our Paring Knife. As you can see, those teeth cut right through that skin. So if you have soft tomatoes, it's not going to smash them. You could slice super thin tomatoes. This also works great on crusty breads, onions, just about anything. So we have our tomatoes in a saucepan. We're going to simmer these on the stove for 10-15 minutes. So this is how the tomatoes look after you've cooked them for 10-15 minutes. You'll want to let them cool slightly then put them through the strainer. I'm just using a regular strainer. If you don't like seeds in it, you might want to put cheesecloth in it. You just pour your tomatoes from the pan to the strainer. Then just keep stirring it around and you can see all the juice coming out. I like to stir and press. What you're going to end up with are the peelings and the stems. In your bowl, you'll have the juice, So you can throw away the peelings and stems, put it in your compost pile. On the farm, we used to feed them to the pigs. So then you can season the tomato juice. I like to use a little sea salt. Give it a little taste test. Now it's ready to serve and cool it. You can put it in jars or freezer bags and freeze it to put in chilis or to drink. It will store for 12 months in the freezer. And that's how to make simple tomato juice. You can cool it and serve it fresh, or you can store it in the freezer in glass jars that leave at least half inch head space or in these handy freezer bags that you can store flat, takes up less space in your freezer. That's just one of the vegetables you can freeze in our "Fresh to Freezer Methods & Recipes" cookbook. Rada Cutlery is manufactured in Waverly, Iowa.


Chthonian121: Trying to be healthy is soooooooo much work. How many tomatoes for one glass??? I GOTTA DO THIS EVERYDAY??? UGHHHH

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Sportalero: I was halfway through the video before I noticed it was brought to us by Rada Cutlery. For the first part, I was like "Dang, I don't need to see you cut every single tomato nor do I need to hear you brag about a freaking knife"

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Hector Salgado: Thank you so much for sharing the tomato juice recipe! How long could homemade tomato juice last in the refrigerator--not in the freezer? Thanks!

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Spoif: +Rada Cutlery I made the dumb mistake of trying to use a juicer to get tomato juice... then wondered why it was almost clear and didn't really taste like tomatoes. Answer: Boil, blitz and sieve.

Sistik123: Gonna have to try this method, i usually cut them up throw them into a blender with water. then strain it.

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