Home Canned Tomato Juice

Just share what I'm canning today... Tomato Juice!! This video and all content was made, edited and uploaded by Ajprepper. Everything and everyone mentioned will reflect the opinion of Ajprepper.


moonclipper45: The good "mater" juice settles out pretty fierce over time. If ya have to whup it up real good before ya drink it, that's
how ya know ya got the good stuff(8-).

moonclipper45: Mom used to can pealed, whole tomatoes. Sometime she'd crack open a jar and heat 'em up with buttered toast
torn up in there. We called it breaded tomatoes...and a friend of mine calls it tomato pudding. Whatever it's called, it didn't last long(8-). Dang!...gotta put ya on watch later and get horizontal, AJ. Sorry, Dear...but I'll be back(8-).

Lady B The Hopeful Homesteader: I just canned 6 quarts of tomatoes. When we get more, I might do D some juice in pints. Then he'll leave my big cans in the frig alone...LOL. Thanks for sharing, and btw, I want to see that thingy work too....love ya

brendahere: I would say frugal and very smart.   To me "cheap" means not spending money on things that are needed (perhaps its because your not the one needing them) its an insult.    By borrowing and lending out you both benefit.   My tomatoes are late this year.   I'm just hoping to be able to do enough salsa for the winter before the frost comes.  

eltenda fabrizio: tasty!!

freakygeaktwo: I think I need a lesson on where bla bla bla comes from at first I thought it was the tomatoes :D if ya got time I like to see that gadget in use please :) nice top great share thank you :)

BEVERLY FARM Tim Beverly: we know you hot in the kitchen and hotter in other rooms..... BLAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Prepper Potpourri: You have been busy!

bearzhere: Well of course I want to see how it works LOL. Looks like you had a pretty good tomato harvest! Thanks

Willows Garden: The tomato juice looks so good Aj, still got to do my tomato juice. We love juice, just about any kind, lol. Hope y'all are doing ok, love,hugs and prayers sweetie!

HHeirloomIA: Lovely tom juice AJ. I pressure can all my tomatoes, even salsa.. Fast processing in the canner and last longer in the jar. :)

Mouse Toes: I keep a bandana wrapped around my forehead when I can. Hubster calls it "gangsta canning" but I too "glisten" when canning. Great video as usual.

seaotter1975: I have one of those juicers!  I must have bought that before I got my Squeezo and then stored it in my walk-in closet and forgot about it.  A couple months ago I was cleaning out my closet and found it tucked away.  Couldn't for the life of me remember getting it (along with a few other things; it was like Christmas!!  LOL).  I tried it out thinking if this works nice then I'll use it for small batches.  I HATED it!   If you lived next door to me I would walk over right now and hand it to you!  Mine is called a Weston Roma Tomato Press Sauce Maker; I cannot find anyone to give it to and I hate just tossing it out.  I will say one nice thing about it though was the suction cup thing stuck great to the counter!  LOL  Love tomato juice!  So much better homemade that's for sure!  Great vid!  :)  

movinon04: mmmmmm- mater juice one of my favs-- question for ya-- what do you do with the pulp after you extract the juice?- do you dehydrate it for tomato powder???- greg has picked 2 bushels since the weekend so i got me alot of maters to do up- cant seem  to keep ahead of them this year- huggs...Glo

Larry Oswalt: Great video AJ! You have taught me a lot by watching your shows. Keep up the great work and thank you so much!!!

Autumnprepper: Tomato juice is soo useful, and as JNull0 said you can start with tomato juice, boil down to sauce and then if you keep going you end up with paste...lol, but it's all good!, hugs, hope all is well........edited to add, never apologize for a working kitchen!

John Solar 283 ™: You are one busy family !

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