Why Doesn't Therapy Work For Borderline Personality Disorder?

In this video episode of Meditations & More, The Little Shaman discusses Borderline Personality Disorder and reasons why therapy is often ineffective in treating it for some people. **Again: in the beginning of this video I state that many people with BPD do find therapy helpful and successful. This video looks at reasons why it is not successful for others. Please heed the trigger warning. This video is not intended to be viewed by personality disordered people. Helpful links: http://hubpages.com/health/Why-Therapy-Often-Doesnt-Work-For-Borderline-Personality-Disorder Visit http://www.littleshaman.com for more.


Barbara Brinkmeyer: It's nice to see you! Wonderful presentations. Finally..., many of us are confirmed.

Nettonya Ryane: Interesting!

I was diagnosed with BPD by a psychiatrist - likely because of my angry approach to people and events. However, I believe the diagnosis was incorrect, mainly because I had “narc fleas” from my childhood experience with the N-father and acted as he did for many years.

Thank goodness for therapy throughout the years!

My current, soon-to-be-ex-therapist (she believes I don’t need her, except for occasional “updates”/“resets”) has been a blessing! Major healing of childhood AND once-current relationship abuse!

Interesting, to hear this about BPD.



Anita Whittington: OMG!!! This is straight talk. We have been trying desperately to get help for our daughter and your words are the light in the tunnel.

daveerni joepse: (i am totally aware and understand my bpd and i am not it's victim BUT IT'S OWNER ) I been to mental institution 4 times because of the psychosis my bpd creates in me . 4 times the shrinks there told me we cannot help you since you know more about it than us ???????? so they just gave me more medicine/poison to make me a non thinking sleepy zombie . i stopped taking those meds (expiramentally) and became fully awake to the point that i can see the construction of lies (which truly are hidden in plain sight) we are told for centuries before me (WHICH ALSO IS PART OF BPD CREATION IN HYPER SENSITIVE PERSONS) . i traveled down the lies and got to the foundation of the lie cardhouse and started kicking away the bottom part . i think it is just a very very very miniscule part of why their house of cards is tumbling down . united in very very very miniscule parts we can take down the entire lie stucture . if anybody spots new lies pop up kick them down immediatly because the establishment will franticly try to keep the structure upright by adding new lies . (they also realize it is all falling down) power to the 99% and no i am not crazy and not disconnected from reality . just sick . the awake part does not mean my bpd is gone it just made me master of my own bpd .it still affects me . but now i stand above it instead of under it . i cannot order it away , but i can order it to shut up. that helps alot . may god bless those still suffering from bpd from below . work towards suffering from it from above it is way better . ( we can never heal it with meds, meds just stop your brain from thinking too much about it ) i see my bpd as a gift now . it creates space for me to maneuver around it . and push it when it launches it's attacks . i hope this will help alot of bpd OWNERS to take control ..

Barbara Butler: In thery therapist dont want to treT bpd because they will sue them because they lie

James Dufresne: I think you're videos are absolutely amazing! Your knowledge is absolutely mind-boggling that being said!
I have a friend who is BPD, and there is no reasoning with him, I cannot believe how out distorted his reality is... going from the silent treatment, to be completely discarded like you don't even exist

Thanks for the video

shaveer Love: Great Video..

rich raymond: It really comes down to the questions we ask and the response from the universe,,,a healthy person ask ,,what's good about this,,how can i have fun doing it,,,a pd ask what's wrong with this and what don't I like about it,,,a narsasis ask why are you wrong and it's your fault,,,I'm 58 ,,really smart and been real close to these people,,,good morning sister shoman what can I do for you today,,,good morning rich what can I do for you

John Feenstra: This article below, clearly highlights that under no circumstances, you should get involved with a Borderline...

" She diagnosed Hall with post-traumatic stress disorder and borderline personality disorder, describing the case as complex."


Toni Albrecht: youre beatiful. nice to put a face with a name!

Andy Holcroft: Group therapy is very popular now for obvious reasons...

El Guano: Projective identification is the main obstacle to treatment of BPD's. It can take years of expert psychotherapy before any therapeutic gains can be achieved. The other huge problem is deliberate misclassification of BPD. Insurances don't typically cover personality disorders, and many providers will opt for Major Affective Disorder because insurances will reimburse for Axis I disorders.

Daniel Thompson: Helpful as always. Thanks!

chris woodall: Run away......very fucking quickly!!

CatD66: Can shamanic healing heal bpd or addictive personality disorder?.

AaronW3440: It a because it's down to genetics and chemical imbalances so a combination of medication and therapy is usually used to manage BPD and because the term borderline is between neurosis and psychosis

Match Box: What is BPD you asked?
Well imagine a jack in the box... but instead of a cute little clown popping out and scaring you for 3-5 secs, it’s that alien spawn that jumps out of an egg in the movie Alien. Yeah have fun after the first offense thinking you’ll be able to get on with your life eating breakfast as if nothing happened last night.

Greg Zeng: Very good & sensible advice on those seeking therapy or treatment for BPD type of disorders. Comments earlier than mine suggest: CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), or another: "STEPPS": "Systems Training for Emotional Predictability and Problem Solving".
Still exploring this ... For people we know. Seems so much confusion on these very serious disorders. About 40 different terms to describe it. So many unclear treatment options. So many uncertain costs, timings & results. Being very multi-cultural myself, the research work on so many multi-cultures has not been started, nor reported in any way.

10 mins 54 secs long. Not 13:41.
Audio, video quality not so good.

Alicia Daniels: I'm ready to change

Family Stone: Sounds the same as NPD.

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Why Doesn't Therapy Work For Borderline Personality Disorder?

In this video episode of Meditations & More, The Little Shaman discusses Borderline Personality Disorder and reasons why therapy is often ineffective in treating ...