Pamela Geller Speaks at Brooklyn College, Speech, Q&A

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Chad Scott: These students are a disgrace.

Hen Peckley: Your white privilege isn't going to work here at this expensive college.

Annalise Poco: These students (most, not all) are disgusting and have not a respectful bone in their body. They will be collateral damage and their ignorance will be their downfall. Note the brave Muslim women who had the courage to move up and sit closer to the stage because of what Pam said. These Muslim men disgust me in this video. Prideful and disgusting.

jammes wallmack: Pamela the right wing jew geller is weak on facts,,,,,,,,, as usual, prior to 1948, Palestine was often referenced in art, postcards ect,,,, for hundreds of years,, Israel did not and should not even exist

Enoch & Elijah: Disgusting savages

Solomon Gad: They are so funny...

eddie: Disgusting. Pamela Geller has more intelligence in a single fingernail than this baying, smirking, shrieking mob. By trying to make a fool out of her, they made fools of themselves. America ... Europe is screwed; England is lost - you are next.

Drexyl Spivey: theyre so scared they cant take it seriously esp when u hear the girls laughing they are clearly too immature to be hearing this. its like adult talk around kids

WATCH OUT AMERICA TV: See the Chaos rudeness, impoliteness, That what comes when islamic thugs become majority ...Islam is a Mental illness

Mueller Cheff: My #Country has been infected by an #Islamic Religious #Scum.

sal john: They are so lucky I'm not the president of USA, I only tell you that much. America will be aciremA if it doesn't deport those who don't respect American values.

Ryan S: disgusting barbarian inbred creatures of hell with disgusting noses

FACEBOOK GEVANGENIS: Pamela , I respect you , Greets from de Netherlands

Jenny Murphy: what a bunch of immature disrespectful idiots ! And so disrespectful !

Bestbrushstroke: It's only the guys who are leaving...the ones who stand to gain the most from Sharia law

Andrew Hostiuck: group think... prompting young minds through their phones...
What a bunch of weak minded fools

Randy McGuire: Are these the moderate, peaceful Muslims?

daniel mooij: Pamela... respect! But why you talk
To these disrepectful idiots. They are brainwashed by there backwards religion

Paul Abdul: I'm appalled at these 'students'. :-( A sad sad day.

Ja Ja: yelling that's a threat is a joke when she just finished saying that 8000 of her countrymen were slaughtered. a threat = a mass slaughter in the minds of these dimwits. she didn't threaten she said she would rather see their heads roll than that of their victims.

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