Pamela Geller Speaks at Brooklyn College, Speech, Q&A

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zedxxx9: A room full of ignorance. It's really scary to think that this is the kind of mentality that seems so prevalent at our universities.

Heather Graham: I commend Pamela for being able to weather this shitstorm of brainwashed sheeple - but if I were her I definitely wouldn't chalk this up to a lost cause. She exposed these extreme leftist circuses for what they are and people like me are taking notice.

What a bunch of rude obnoxious classless buffoons. They think it's a joke what the Elite have in store; I would say they deserve what's coming to them if I didn't care more about freedom and those of us with common sense.

Yo! Luis: Looking at this it dawns on you, the perceived hopelessness of the situation. Why even go to this University, its lost. The only hope here is that perhaps she reached one muslim and caused him or her to look at the texts of the ideology and see the kind of person Mohammed was, and then decide really if they want to follow his example. Muslims are the first victims of this violent ideology called Islam.

Des Misc: Thank God he now have President Trump.

2005wsoxfan: College the place where one goes to become ignorant and stupid. The rest of us study the problem and take in the facts.

2005wsoxfan: I wonder how much those liberals will be laughing when the steel hits their necks?

VanClaaude: Shame on You America! Shame on you for ever allowing that to happened. If you are looking for someone to blame, look in the mirror! There is no other nation nor political system to encourage people to behave like that. Those Muslims are like phage like a disease! But this is what you people allow to happened! You fed the beast on your own breast. Now the beast is out of control....

D Cat: Well the thumbs down loons are against freedom! Well done Pamela! XOXOXO

MOTOFIENDXXX: After watching this whole thing, it was more than proven that THESE PEOPLE "ARE NOT" AMERICAN!!!!  Never have been, NEVER WILL BE!!!!!!!!- And NEED TO BE SENT BACK TO WHEREVER IT WAS THEY CAME FROM A.S.A.P.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (and they can go willingly, OR IN A BAG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

MOTOFIENDXXX: No Pam, they ARE NOT HERE because they believe in freedom and everything else that this country was founded on.  To THEM this country is like a room full of children, AND THEY ARE THE MOLESTERS!!!!!!- And THEIR god (according to their book) told them TO MOLEST ALL KIDS!!!!!!!  They truly are NOTHING BUT EVIL!!!!!!!! (and should be dealt with as such)

G Nelson: How many of those girls are Americans that just crave attention so they wear a pretend hijab(sp)

Trent Bell: Where are the nice peaceful Muslims we keep hearing about from the media? I don't see any tolerant Muslims here.

Michael Hollingsworth: That crowd of misfits should be booted the hell out of our country. It looks like Muslims already run NYC. The mass media, that Traitor in Chief - Obama - the leftist colleges and universities, are succeeding in destroying America before our eyes.

justbeheardSPC: Somebody please send these little shit bags out of America.

Margaret Clarke: I think they are a very rude audience shut up and at least let her speak if ya dont agree leave you are not forced to stay

James Mars: Low-end low lives in ny.............hate them so much and would be so happy is they blew up that dump

karolina shell: this is so horrible..

Tomáš Bouzek: Those fucking muslim youth seems like Hitlerjugend, definitely.

Tomáš Bouzek: Fucking muslim scumbags! Better to kill them till its time :-(

Tebbypantgungun: I guess these childish "students" realise how pathetic they appear. Shouting, name calling, chanting, walking in and out of a talk. They are like toddlers - and don't yet understand what good civilised behaviour is.

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