Pamela Geller Speaks at Brooklyn College, Speech, Q&A

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Tom Ridout: These poor children have no idea about history , no idea of the religions, no idea of basic manours, in short damn near every child there was rude and stupid !

Tom Ridout: Pamela you are to be admired and I for one thank you from the bottom of my heart for the hard work that you do ! God bless yo and your cohorts . You are wonderful. God bless.

When you ask them how they can not see what’s going on in Europe and Aisha , they have no clue.

Tom Ridout: Are these students that rude that they laugh at stupid things that other students are saying while Pamela is speaking ! Or are the students deliberately attempting to block her ? Personally I don’t know how she could continue with the rudeness. Most of these students learned nothing, what a shame !
I note that there were many Muslim girls in the audience and Muslim guys who walked out !

Bebe Rebozo: "You have to be free to offend in a free society...." ((( unless you talk about us )))

Pat Hurd: ISLAM -- Where the children of Araby dwell in happy ignorance that Civilization has passed them by . The Sheik -- Rudolph Valentino 1921 a.d.

Mark Warkentin: Mob mentality on display, to think that this is an American campus.. wow, just don’t have words for this. Is this the best we have? We are truly fucked.

jacqueline dupuis: HOLY cleansed and set apart thats our Pam

Noam Ahituv: how do all these idiots get to study in a university? what do they study? are they on scholarships?

Injured Driver: I'm 28 years young. Pamela Geller is amazing. College kids are insufferable.

Raymond raymondson: One Pamela Geller is worth 100,000 muslims.

Its Me: That's fine the way they are treating this lady extremely appalling. She was invited there she came I don't understand the disrespect oh and I fight for myself what's wrong what's wrong with that brought over there I fight for myself I fight for my own freedoms my own freedom of speech really? Somebody needs to knock that chip off your shoulder before she gets hurt

Stuart Stratu: Hay! Brooklyn College! Isn't Linda 'Cockroach' Sarsour a proud Brooklyn-ite Islamo-stain? No wonder then that this college is infested with islamo-turds!

Stuart Stratu: Huh! At question time, I noticed many retarded looking Muslims in the audience, no doubt products of the 'first cousin marriage' rule Mohammed advised to spread his retarded message. Haw! Ha! Ha!

Stuart Stratu: "Islamophobe!", squawks the stupid, stupid, braindead neo-Marxist sh!tbag losers.

Peter MacKillop: She is the best speaker on this subject I have heard and this group of people is exactly who needs to hear her.

Ejembi Moses: Is Brooklyn now an Islamic state?how did this happen? I thank God for America's election in which Trump won.he should build that wall quickly, and guess what?I'm an African.

Sridhar Kaushik: Brooklyn college should be fucking closed. I am watching this after a year and i see scums of US of A in the audience. Disgusting.

Jeremiah Thorpe: brooklyn college is a fucking disgrace. what the fuck is wrong with these kids?! these college students are acting like children, completely ignorant and disrespectful. it is disgusting. this makes me very angry. please tell me this is not what a typical gathering of students at a college looks and acts like, i really hope this is not the norm. they really have no idea that were on the brink of complete destruction. our culture and free society are doomed if things don't make a complete change and very soon. we need to take a stance against islamic fundamentalism like yesterday! the window of time is closing when we are going to be able to do something about it. wake up, people! time is quickly running out. or tomorrow, you will be living in the caliphate of north america. all it takes is voting power, once muslims become the majority, do you really think they will continue to support the US constitution? if you do, you are out of your mind. sharia law will become the law of the land and there will be no more freedom.

Straightwhite Guy: Look at the Muslims leaving, can’t debate the indefensible.

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