Pamela Geller Speaks at Brooklyn College, Speech, Q&A

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Scott C: The only reason these people came is so they could walk out and try to make a statement. They failed.

MsKsmith1234: to all the right wingers out there talking about crazy lefty SJW's. I apologise. I didn't quite know what you were referring to. now I know.

canmcneely: They truly act like a bunch of animals and do not deserve to be in this country

canmcneely: How dare these disgraceful little Muslims. Go the fuck to Syria if you thinks it's so goddamn great. And God bless you Pamela!! I pray for your strength and safety.

Lawrence Loan: New York is fucked.

boo boo shoo boo: These kids are an embarrassment to the human race

John Moates: looks like they all showed up just to mock and make fun of her. What's even worse is that this is a college ,and their in the company of teachers and professors.

Alex Weiss: Girl in the burgundy blouse must have been dropped on her head when she was a baby. She sounds like she's not the maltiest beer in the sixpack.

Hercule Holmes: "Inshallah" she says. The Islamic State is already among you.

theodore stefatos: Brooklyn College is a haven for right-wing savage Islamists.

theodore stefatos: It just proves Muslims are evil.

Kaisu Doerksen: I am dismayed to witness the immature behaviour of college age people! They seem like elementary age children.

Ivan Ratković: Fucked up babies. Bunch of morons giggling. I wanna see them in Saudi Arabia. I am sick to my stomach. They don't deserve to be in the US. kill them all srsly

N D: Stupid, disgraceful, hateful villainous thugs! Pamela, you are an exceptional woman!

Rachel Page: This is honestly some of the most shocking anti-intellectual behaviour I have ever seen.

zedxxx9: A room full of ignorance. It's really scary to think that this is the kind of mentality that seems so prevalent at our universities.

Heather Graham: I commend Pamela for being able to weather this shitstorm of brainwashed sheeple - but if I were her I definitely wouldn't chalk this up to a lost cause. She exposed these extreme leftist circuses for what they are and people like me are taking notice.

What a bunch of rude obnoxious classless buffoons. They think it's a joke what the Elite have in store; I would say they deserve what's coming to them if I didn't care more about freedom and those of us with common sense.

Yo! Luis: Looking at this it dawns on you, the perceived hopelessness of the situation. Why even go to this University, its lost. The only hope here is that perhaps she reached one muslim and caused him or her to look at the texts of the ideology and see the kind of person Mohammed was, and then decide really if they want to follow his example. Muslims are the first victims of this violent ideology called Islam.

Des Misc: Thank God he now have President Trump.

2005wsoxfan: College the place where one goes to become ignorant and stupid. The rest of us study the problem and take in the facts.

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