Pamela Geller Speaks at Brooklyn College, Speech, Q&A

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Randy McGuire: Are these the moderate, peaceful Muslims?

daniel mooij: Pamela... respect! But why you talk
To these disrepectful idiots. They are brainwashed by there backwards religion

Paul Abdul: I'm appalled at these 'students'. :-( A sad sad day.

Ja Ja: yelling that's a threat is a joke when she just finished saying that 8000 of her countrymen were slaughtered. a threat = a mass slaughter in the minds of these dimwits. she didn't threaten she said she would rather see their heads roll than that of their victims.

Ja Ja: well the muslms and idiot liberals took over that school already. so many dumb people in school, it must be planned that way.

Ja Ja: those brainwashed Muslim boys walking out would be chopping heads if they were the majority in that room. Make no mistake they will not tolerate anyone who doesn't thik like they do concerning Mohamed

Ja Ja: liberals are all for free speech as long as its what they want to hear.

catmusicgirl: asshole students

lomfidi: Pamela geller is a Rock Star! To sustain such lucid clarity and power in front of these boisterous , brainwashed , mainstream products takes true courage. I guess having the truth on your side gives you power even in front of a tsunami of Islamic incitement.

nowiswow18: Welcome to the Third World--in America!!! I can't believe this is happening on a University campus--especially at Brooklyn College. What a shame!! Pamela Geller is a remarkable woman. It's unfortunate that it should have to take courage in the United States for a speaker--especially a speaker who's advocating the principle of free speech--to get the respect of being heard without a chorus of beasts erupting in noise. Talk about mob rule! Since the Ancient Athenians a debate has been going on about the limitations of democracy. Unfortunately, we've now come to that defining moment, the tipping point, when the population has lost the civility to regulate itself. And what low standards the university system must have in order to let such low-functioning people into the school. And that begs the question of who's regulating the entry to national citizenship of people who don't understand even the most basic principles of democracy and a free and open society.

Jennifer Clancy: They really need to LEAVE THE WEST!!

Jennifer Clancy: Are they ALL RADICALS?????

Jennifer Clancy: Wow, what a disgrace! The EDUCATION SYSTEM IS SO.......DAMAGED!!!!!

Jennifer Clancy: YOU guys are the BIGOTS, Pam is GREAT!!

Jennifer Clancy: Yell at them to SHUT UP!!!!

Jennifer Clancy: They're acting like kindergarten children. LOW I Q 's!! GROW UP!!!!!

Jennifer Clancy: Why are those rude guys walking around, when she's talking????

Steven McKenzie: An utter disgrace! This is happening all across America. How did the youth, the next generation become so indoctrinated and brain washed. So callous and savage to laugh at a woman sharing her personal experience of war and genocide. Unbelievable! They don’t even realise that they’ve lost their humanity! Pamela is amazing to keep going in spite of it all!

The New Order Of The Octopus: These are adults.

Daivd Wallace: Wow, I cannot believe these are college students. Brooklyn college, not impressive.

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