My dog is CRAZY - DOG VLOG 5

My dog is CRAZY - Border Collie VLOG ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Welcome to our family friendly pet vlogs! My name is Kasia and I am an artist and Youtuber at my main channel "CreativePetKeeping" ❤My Pets: Banana - Female Border Collie mix Muki - White male cat LittleFoot - Black and white female cat Mochi - Female Dwarf/Lionhead bunny Betta Fish, Guppies, and African Cichlids. Personal Instagram: @CreativePinkUnicorn Personal Twitter: @CreativePinkU FB FAN GROUP: ❤ My MAIN Channel (CreativePetKeeping): YOUTUBE : Facebook: Instagram: @CreativePetKeeping Snapchat: CreativePet The IPSY BAG: #Vlogs #Vlogging #BorderCollie #PetVlogs #PetVlog


DessTesss: Is Banana a purebred Border Collie? She's really cute :)

Marcelina Tuszynska: Love it! Your dog is adorableeeee

Ren Espada Number 15: Hi i love all of your chanels

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