Can Vegans Wear Wool and Leather? | Q/A With a Vegan

Should vegans wear secondhand leather and wool clothing? Is it ethical to wear animal products if they are from the thrift shop? My Website: 1-on-1 Plant Based Diet and Lifestyle Skype Coaching: Like The Facebook Page: Strava: Instagram: This is a no BS/ no gimmick approach to health and fitness. Are you ready to make the changes necessary in your life to attain the goals you desire? Look at your own health in an objective way, don't worry about what others may say, follow your heart and be honest with yourself. Rememebr that high carb low fat vegan diet is where it is at. Eating 80% of your total calories for the day are coming from carbs, 10% or less from fats, and 10% or less from protein. This vegan diet is the optimal diet for humans and is proven to work. You don't have to have a lot of money to eat an 80/10/10 diet. Eating healthy aka eating a high carb raw vegan diet will get you healthy in no time and having the weight just melt off of you! It is easy to eat healthy when you don't have a lot of money. Basically eat until you are full whilst also making sure you get enough cals. So in other words being objective about how many cals you are getting is critical to realizing how much you need to eat, generally how much more you need to eat. This means that you may be full eating a veggie sandwich that you get from a vegan cafe. That's because the veggies are coated in fat (oil) and the sammy was drenched in more fat. So if we look at the profile of a human stomach and we see 200 cals worth of oil, it only takes up a small portion of the stomach, whereas 200 cal from, say, mango, will take up far more room because it is a complete food full of fibre, water, etc. The oil is devoid of these things and is a pure, refined fat which is extremely hard for the body to use, so it just throws it in your ass, gut, thighs, etc. I just say unlimited so that people get out of this calorie phobic, carbohydrate phobic mindset that is perpetuated though the mainstream media. For a typical human they need no less than 3000 cals a day, I always say if you are an olympic athlete you need to eat more, if you are a mom with 3 kids, you need to eat more. If you have a stressful job and commute, you need to eat more; life is a sport and if you want to live a passionate life, drug free, energy filled, and disease free, then you need to eat more, more fruits, vegetables, and leafy greens. If you want something, you will always find a way. If you don't want something, you will always find an excuse. Any and all excuses stem from a lack of desire and any and all great accomplishments stem from a great desire. Well said, Ted. If you want it, go get it! Sleep Water Sugar The three elements to healthy living Just some quick tips and tricks on the high carb low fat vegan diet. When I started out on the high carb vegan diet I was pretty lost without any guidance. So here I am to show you that it is not only possible but definitely certain that you will get slim and your optimal size on a high carb vegan diet. Bring on the carbs and lay off the fat because a high carb low fat diet is where it's at! 1) Lose the animal fat and protein and get off the cow nipple 2) Eat as many ripe, juicy, organic fruit as you possibly can, I do! 3) Make sure you are getting enough calories, about 10g of carbs per kilo of body weight 4) Get some blood work so you can see (after eating right for a while) if you are lacking any nutrient 5) Supplement only on a case by case basis and never longterm FAIR USE NOTICE: This video may contain copyrighted material. Such material is made available for educational purposes only. This constitutes a 'fair use' of any such copyrighted material as provided for in Title 17 U.S.C. section 106A-117 of the US Copyright Law.


Sara Ho: I agree that we do have the new materials now that are just as good as wool/leather/silk etc.. but what should we do with the millions of products that are left lying around at thrift stores? Let them be thrown out? If you're thinking from an environmental perspective, purchasing new synthetic materials only adds/creates more waste whereas, purchasing the "waste" that currently already exists does not contribute to the degradation of the environment nor does it support the leather/wool industries so to me, it's a win/win situation (for now).

Mossy Oak: If you are vegan for the health benefits then by all means wear leather if you like but if you are vegan because you are for animals then I wouldn't have any animal products at all. I must say I love animals but I am not vegan and I do own leather goods.

Stephanie Marchand: ok so what are your thoughts on "faux leather" that looks like leather and you can't tell...just curious...can't figure this one out myself

Kazi Stokes: I wouldn't wear leather but I would week at wool ... Sheeps need shearing in my opinion...

marina avener: I am going to keep using leather and wool because they are good quality for example a pair of synthetic shoes lasts about 6months whereas a pair of leather shoes lasts 6years+. In the summer where I live the sheep need their wool shorn in the summer because they get too hot. I know the issue is about cruelty in the sheep-shearing industry but the solution is to pay workers per hour rather than per sheep so they won't rush and be careless. Wool is a natural fibre that is long-lasting, breathable and insulating not to mention warmer than acrylic crap that is brand new then comes out of the wash a few times looking 10years old. Plus these plastic-y synthetic materials have a negitive impact on the environment: factories pumping out pollution and the mass-produced man-made crap doesn't last long before you have to buy more because it falls apart. Natural is best..
p.s I still love and care about the welfare of animals this is just my opinion

Don: What if I have leather and wool accessories and that I owned before I became vegan? Like really expensive stuff.

Steve R: I'm a Vegetarian. It was not because of animal protection, but because it was supposed to be a diet at first and ever since, I abstained from meat (inc. alcohol) for years and years. I just don't believe meat is good for our digestive system at all and I firmly believe in not consuming it to live a longer and healthier life. I am also an eco-friendly person and think, buying a faux or synthetic based product is pretty just as harmful, if not more to the environment which unfortunately a few " Vegans" never notice, especially because of its production process with all the materials and chemicals. Our nature is just as important! It's the world we live in. I just think vegans forget just how important our green environment is, that impacts US the most.

Naada Temlk: hello...I'm like two weeks vegan....and now I began to think that I have a tone of leather,wollen and other "quality "stuff...what would you do if you were me?thank you for any kind of answers

4mydearlady: Disagree if you want but I think some of us vegans must take care not to get enveloped into animal rights at the expense of human rights!

Let us not forget the recent garment factory collapse in Bangladesh where 800 people were killed. It's a safe bet that many of the garments being manufactured weren't merino wool or full grain leather.

Many vegan synthetic items are marked Made in China. A label usually meaning very young, overworked girls are forced into underpaid labor and raped. One Chinese girl couldn't take it anymore and hung herself in the bathroom. Nothing was done about it. The suicide rate is very high in China.

Is it truly ethical to throw usable leather - which takes over 50 years to break down into a landfill because it's not vegan, then shop at Target or Ross for an acrylic sweater marked Made in China??? That doesn't make sense to me. Money made at thrift stores goes to charities not multi-national corporations selling new cashmere.

Ethical, sweatshop-free, comfortable, stylish vegan footwear and sweaters are expensive with rare exception. If you have the money for that and can still pay your bills - great! Everyone is not so lucky. Too many vegans dont want to address that some of us with less disposable income have the right to embrace a vegan diet and that person may not have $150 to spend on an organic hemp sweater or faux leather boots. If the sum of their efforts is a completely vegan diet and a little bit of Salvation Army wool but the rest of their closet is vegan, that has to be enough!!

Some of you are going to scare people away from veganism with not meeting people where they are . . . and the planet needs MORE vegans - not less!! It's hard to adopt and stick to a plant-based diet. Many vegans go to work, family gatherings, etc. where they are the only vegans and at times they get tongue-lashings for their food choices. They shouldn't have to get crap from other vegans about a little used leather or mohair in their closet, if that's all they can afford. I say it's better not to buy new animal products, buy ethical vegan when you can and do the best you can. Sorry for the book. Have a nice day.

Johnny Veritas: +Simply Vegan seeds are good for you. They got essential fats (meaning types of fats that we need to eat, that our body does not make on its own) like omega 3 and omega 6. Seriouly ensure you are eating adequate omegas. Chia seeds for example are great for health. /watch?v=juePhynXh6c

Johnny Veritas: It gives people (most people are non-vegans) the image that is ok to wear animals. Would you hear a jacket made from the bodies of jews killed in holocaust and claim that shows respect to them?

Also it's a factor for people to try to point out and say you are hipocritical.

And the stores that sell animal skins could in the future say some are second hand to appeal to the vegan market. So the best is not to buy them. And if possible not to wear them.

br34l21: So in short if you are a self proclaimed "vegan" and adopt the "lifestyle" of not eating anything that comes from an animal and you are rocking a leather jacket during the winter or just to look cool, it pretty much makes you look in short like a Hypocrite?

Fiorane Ingeborgsen: I disagree the arguments against wearing animal products from second hand shops in this video. People go into veganism for different reason and I don't find wearing second hand animal products as cruel as its depicted here. I think the problem is the new production of such items .... and of any new item for that matter. Wether its synthetic fabrics or animal products producing new things that we don't need is detrimental to the environment and is affecting all living creatures (humans and animals and even plants!) Besides I find buying a wool jumper in a thrift shop far less cruel and damaging to the environment than buying a new synthetic fabric shirt that was made in a sweatshop in china or in bangladesh.  To me the end of cruelty towards animals and humans will start when everyone only dresses in secondhand shops but this is just my opinion and I don't believe that all vegans should think alike because veganism is not a religion nor is it a dogma. Its better to practice something that you feel ok with rather than blindly follow dogmas and other people's opinions only to be part of the vegan club :) 

Dream214: It'll be a month tomorrow since I became vegan haven't cleaned out my wardrobe yet I'm not planning to go until next year the clothes I have is all I have the food was easy to throw away or give away so take one step at a time

jonny clipper: Is it cruel? Is it really?

Musical Pears: The only leather products I have are purchased from thrift stores. But I would never buy new products. I don't want to directly support that industry. And they're old. I'm not going to get rid of things I already use on a regular basis, because that's just wasteful. 

Megan Vegan: You look a bit like Ian Thorpe in this video ;)

lookahpookah: I bought two wool shirts today at the Goodwill and feel justified doing so because they are more natural and less energy intensive than synthetics http://oecotextiles.wordpress (dot) com/2011/01/19/estimating-the-carbon-footprint-of-a-fabric/

Tory Smith: It comes down to understanding the differences between being vegan and having a plant-based diet. Veganism is a movement, a lifestyle, and an ethical stance. Consumption means much more than what someone is eating, so the definition of "not consuming animal products" goes much further than what one eats.

incaray69: Do you wear cotton? People suffer from terrible poisoning whilst growing and producing cotton clothing for big high fashion stores and cheap stores. The chemicals are still in the clothes we buy and can cause skin irritation. Second hand shops are the best way to dodge this. It is a vicious cycle no matter what we do. Aaaahhhh it's so difficult.

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