Homestead Series How To Can Tomato Sauce

Sharing my way of canning tomato sauce. Printable recipe: Visit me at: Facebook: Google+: Twitter: Pinterest: Instagram: Join Homestead & Simple Living group on Facebook or on Google+


Tara Irby-Thrower: does the lemon juice change the flavor?

Bush Girl Karen: Do you use a certain type of tomato for your sauce? (if so) what is the name?

Rob Astley: How long can you store the sauce for after this process?

swcomer: Canned with these instructions for two years. Absolutely the best vid on this topic. Have gotten great results. Thanks Kim.

whone100: Never, never, ever squeeze out the seeds and juice from the tomatoes.  The jelly that the seeds are suspended in contains a tremendous amount of flavor, Chop your tomatoes leaving the seeds and skins on and then simmer on the stove top until the skins separate from the slices of fruit,  Then process through a food mill to remove seeds and skins..  You'll find a big difference in the intensity of flavor your sauce will have.

Sabrina Sweet-Gonzalez: Can you reuse those store jars? I have a lot from store bought spaghetti sauce and jams. I want to start making my own and store them.

BARBARA m: How long do you cook it in your crockpot

Monica Hesse: Seems that putting the jars to be boiled is unnecessary if the jars had been sterilized and the contents cooked. Besides the lemon juice does act as antimicrobial agent.

Greg Cook: I always cook my tomatoes with the skins and seeds. That's where all the flavor is. A food mill removes it all and makes a great sauce.

Bush Girl Karen: What if you forget the Citric Acid or lemon juice will they be ok?

anselb2000: Watched a slew of these type videos.  This is one of the better ones.

PEBBLIES CRAIG: You made something I thought was hard look so easy. I also wanted to know where I can get the gadget you used to put the lemon juice in? Thank you

Amy Mathis: +Homestead Acres Why do you use the lemon juice? Is it necessary?

Eian Woodman: I have a question and appreciate all you videos.
Canning a tomato sauce that I make. Garlic basil salt pepper red wine, all the good stuff no peppers or carrots. Can it be canned with the acid level be too low? Or adding lemon juice on top at the end will take care of it? My obvious concern is botulism. Just looking for some feedback thank you for your help.

ThomasPaine3: Why do you put lemon juice in the jars?

Jerry Garner: Why take the ring off at the end? I thought it stayed on until you were ready to open the jar.

Lucien Macrose: always add a little salt when you can,salt kills bacteria thats why you can salt meat heavily and it wont spoil.make sure your jars are sterile,lids too.boil everything just befor you use it.dont cover your gars completely with water.just to the bottom of the rings.not trying to be hateful,but iI was helping my Mom and Grandmother can tomatoes and beans and corn 35 years ago and we were doing it to survive not because it was the latest fad.

AJ Thompson: Thank you! I'm canning tomatoes!

mae roby: Hi! You squeeze out the tomatoe? That reminds me of a recipe. Pan (bread) con Tomate: Squeeze overly ripe tomato onto slice of hard crusted bread, and rub it in with the tomato to saturate the bread. Drizzle a tsp of virgin olive oil on top, then salt bread. Wow! Yum!

mrshammerhankus: yes, propane tanks do add substantial amount of cost. try "teaching" and sharing benefits with a city person! lol.

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Homestead Series How To Can Tomato Sauce

Homestead Series How To Can Tomato Sauce

Sharing my way of canning tomato sauce. Printable recipe: Visit me ...