THE NEWS: Armani Goes Fur Free, New Fabric Made From Pineapple, Vegan Gains Featured On VICE, Iceland's Whale Hunter Agrees To Stop Killing Endangered Whales & More SUBSCRIBE TO ZAHRIA269: GOT A STORY YOU WANT COVERED? Email ************** PLANT BASED NEWS LINKS My Vegan 2015 film ( Support my work on Patreon: • FACEBOOK: PLANT BASED NEWS • YOUTUBE: PLANT BASED NEWS • TWITTER: @plantbasednews • INSTAGRAM: @plantbasednews ************* Links / articles etc: ARMANI GOES FUR FREE: NEW FABRIC MADE FROM PINEAPPLE: VEGAN GAINS FEATURED ON VICE: ICELAND'S WHALE HUNTER AGREES TO STOP KILLING ENDANGERED WHALES: NICK DIAZ STUFF


Till Kraemer: Do you actually think it's cool to force cats to be in front of the camera (0:58)? WTF? I just unsubscribed.

Rissa Clayton: Why is the girl on the left me

Leafy Vegan: Those pineapple leaves are tough little buggers -- they'd make a nice strong fabric .

VeganMegane: Did you just eat a raw mushroom at 4:24 ?! XD

Berry Happy Vegans: Great news about Armani! :)

Kayleigh Nadin: Thank you for not killing hahaha, glad you are doing what you were supposed to be doing all along. :D

Mikke Caber: How about some better enunciation and less attempts at humor? You don't seem to do either well.

Gráinne McKeown: Really natural feel to this episode. Great chemistry and play off each other :)

Mynamesirrelevant: The prettiest hosts by far, was really well presented too and the sarcasm was brilliant lol

Bea Weston: Nice work girlies :D

Grim Vegan: Great Broadcast! XD

CTK Media: Call The Kraken: hahaaaaa exhales exhales exhales - "I'm puffin"...That definitely went over my head until Zahria said that. Nice work ladies.

VeganRevolution: Possibly the best hair in the Vegan community in one shot.

Common sense / Veganism: i prefer the watermelon handback tho

supkika: hahaha this is awesome

Stretchpopster: Zahriaa ♥♥♥

Emma Josephson: Hey! I released a documentary trailer about vegansim with The Friendly Activist and Mic the Vegan invovled!

Happy Healthy Vegan: Looks like one of the girls is "glass half empty," while the other is "glass half full," about the news bits.

tamcon72: They don't kill these animals because they're defenseless, but because there's an economic incentive to do it. Being that money is God to most nation states, and being that veganism isn't the global management philosophy yet, any announcement of scaling back exploitation of these animals SHOULD be congratulated. Don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good, as they say. Thanks for posting.

detlef3000: The girls are so cool, instantly subscribed to their channels!

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