Is SATURATED FAT BAD? Is a KETOGENIC DIET DANGEROUS? The TRUTH about SATURATED FAT instagram: @primaledgehealth My take on the saturated fat "debate"...There is a wealth of information available about saturated fat and the demonization of fat as a macronutrient, but the times they are-a-changin. This is my summary of the subject... It's very important we don't make the same mistake as the "anti fat" movement and allow history to repeat itself, carbs are NOT the problem - carbs are not the sole reason for obesity, heart disease, etc - just like saturated fat was not the culprit. Certain types of processed fats, just like certain types of processed carbs, are highly inflammatory...obesity is caused by calorie excess and this CAN be exacerbated in a vicious cycle due to hormonal atmospheres created by excess processed carbohydrates and insulin that will result in overeating, metabolic derangement, insulin resistance, and more fat storage. Carbs are not to blame for all the ills of the world, just like saturated fat was not the culprit 40 years ago.


Tim Atkins: thank you for this video, I asked about cholesterol on another one of your videos. really appreciate your research.

LEO Messi: in our neck of the woods people have been consuming a lot and I mean Allo of dates and whole Rye and whole wheat and people were fine they lived for many decades diabetes and other diseases started feeling since the white devil was introduced to our diet by the fucking French

LEO Messi: oh yeah paleo style notes all our ancestors had Mount Blanc pens and notes 😁

Christopher Tedesco: sounds like the guy that spearhead sat fats was a Freemason with an agenda just sayin

Salina Grant: Great video!

Inna B: carbs are life <3

Mike Jones: its trans fat not saturated fat and heated oils thats bad people need to do research and look at bak in the days the people werent all inflamed up from trans fats and heated oils oxidation ......Crisco had to demonize lard butter n saturated fats they were paid millions of dollars to publish all these fake studys n people believed it cause they diddnt have internet bak in the days so people couldn't get the right information now we have internet and people can get all kinds of information we were lied to bout alot of shit but the people are wakeing up ...well if your blocking your 3rd eye with gmos smokeing alcohol medications and fluoride m chemicals in tap water then its hard for ur antana to receive information the penile. gland is our antana if its blocked what do u think happens? anyways its way bigger then that people need to do research n think for themself critical thinking n stop being so gullible n believing everything with no facts n proof the truths out there just got to want to find ur videos ur great u have great information and your really knowledgeable keep doing you forget all the angry haters lol

Classic Cartoons: Hmm, well the coconut oil is saturated fat and is not an animal product. Is coconut oil the same as fat from animals or is it a really bad source of saturated fat?

jorge Matzunaga: your on point dude ! i agree and have that same perspective ..

chriss hurtsell: You can would like to examine this keto diet strategy!
It works like a charm

Xavier audit: big yes yes!

Schoening91: Sickening that people profit on disease like that...

Thefit: put a shirt on bro

John Taylor: Im constantly scanning the meats in the butcher shop
looking for the ones with the most fat on them.
Corned beef is a regular purchase for me.

Nathan Schwermann: paleo style notes?? Bro you need to get a chisel and some rock.

Klaod Nell: I had a friend that told me that Pork Crackling was unhealthy to eat more than once a week and has no nutritional value other than protein and vitamin b12. She also told me that deep fried foods are unhealthy because they contain trans fat.

What's your take on deep frying?

Ragin Cajun Ryan: Great video. Great info. I've cut out all processed carbs except for a little rice here and there. I've been eating mainly meat, eggs, vegetables and fruit while keeping my daily carbs under 100. I haven't been doing it for long but I'm already feeling better and my mood has improved. Hoping to not look like a sausage in my tri kit this summer too if I can keep it up. lol.

Alexander Egger: Hi Bro! I am impressed. You are very balanced. I guess you consciously train yourself to be that way. Great Style and Humour. You are one of those authentic people which still have a lot of capacity for popular appeal. I truly enjoy your association and am convinced you are having the impact you try for: "In like an needle, out like a plow" ;)
I once heard a very wise man say, though, the one who praises me is my enemy and the one who critizeses me (constructively, of course) is my friend. So let me be your friend.
Try to be even more balanced, I think its your special gift (but keep your charming humor). Do not bend ever to popular demand. Be yourself more and more, and try to share yourself more and more. Believe in yourself. I do. Over and out, Bro

Healthy Recipe Channel: Keep Doing what you are doing brother. You are spreading a light of light in the form of knowledge in all of this Darkness and confusion that people are stuck in.

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