[Debunked]WoW Legion Runes of Darkening Possible Lead - Hidden Frost DK Artifact Appearance

Found something very interesting in the DK order hall today. Thought I'd share it! Here's the map: http://imgur.com/a/b3ZZB Let me know if you find anything! I'll update this video with annotations if I find anything important so make sure you have those enabled. Runes of Darkening: http://www.wowhead.com/item=139547/runes-of-the-darkening If you have any requests, feedback, or suggestions feel free to leave them below. Looking to support the channel?: https://www.patreon.com/MadSeasonShow Twitter: https://twitter.com/madseason_ #Legion #Warcraft #WoW If you wish to support the channel: https://www.patreon.com/MadSeasonShow


Slotter Otter: Welp... I got this hidden appearance from killing Saurfang's kid.. Either crazy dumb luck or just a random drop.


lalle Vitva: Have u found the hidden skin? Aint that right that u must Have the "hidden appearance" thing on when doing the quests +dungs..?

MadSeasonShow: Update 11/11: Looks like this skin is tied to the Soultakers world boss. Sorry folks! Title updated.

Aikano Otaku: < Sigh > The hidden appearance for Frost is SO easy to find. All you have to do is get your fishing to 800 and start fishing for days on end for it. Tsk. So easy. :P

Hint; For those of you who are on edge right now and are about to go " IS THIS TRUE? OMFG WHUT?! ", this is a joke. To remind people about the whole entire " Oh yeah, I can fish up The Ashbringer " thing. :P

Xem Nay: http://imgur.com/vk2iXVG maybe people will start believing me

Matt Marvitz: Pretty sure it references the spots Arthas spawns. It appears he's trying to turn you from the new Lich King. MIght end in the Frost Skin

Nat Tardis: Don't have a DK. Actually, I've started playing Legion like 3 or 4 weeks ago and only leveled a druid (since I'm catching up from wotlk).
But .. I'm interested in mysteries and I'm pretty curious about this one. From what it looks like to me, people have been searching all over the place for this. In 2 months, it seems insane that nobody has found anything, especially since some crazy hard to find hidden appearances have been found, like the one for mage that requires you to do a lot of stuff including polymorphing seemingly random mobs around the world. Well, I don't know the details, so maybe the mages had clues that pointed out what they needed to do, or maybe it got datamined. Anyway, seems pretty incredible to me that this hasn't been found.
I've just started looking into this, and I have no dk to check out the first ideas that popped up, so I'm just gonna leave this here in case somebody else wants to do that. Also, since it's been a long time I'm pretty sure at least somebody out there has already checked this all out, but I'm putting it here anyway.
First of all, the most reasonable place I can think of to start looking for the hidden appearance is Northrend. The weapon is made from shards of Frostmourne, after all. I'd start looking around the obvious places : icecrown, icc, the cave in dragonblight where arthas found frostmourne, the beach at which he slaughtered his men, naxxramas. Kill mobs, look into corners, be observative ... I'm not sure if I'd go that far as to spam emotes everywhere, but might trigger something.
One special place I thought about was the cave under icc, the one where there's a spirit of what seems to be young arthas (Matthias Lehner is the name of the NPC). Ultimately, if I had a death knight I would definitely spend hours flying around icecrown, checking every single place (and also every dungeon, including azjol'nerub and old kingdom ... literally every place with undead).
Another idea would be to try and retrace Arthas' path in Azeroth. I'm thinking about Lordaeron (well, undercity), the ghostlands (following the scar up in eversong), both plaguelands, I'd definitely check culling of stratholme, along with the real stratholme, and why not scholomance ... also the scenario at light's hope (from the dk introduction). Ulduar might also be worth checking out. I'm also thinking about Gorefiend, the first deathknight, a boss in BT, though I'll admit that one is far-fetched.
Well, those are the most reasonable places to look first imo. With the deep ties to arthas, the scourge, frostmourne, the heroes it killed (to think of a few : sylvanas, anasterian, uther, terenas, sapphiron ...), it seems like a good place to start. Doesn't hurt to double-check what others might have already tried.
I'm also pretty confused about the item name and the flavored text. Runes of the Darkening ? What's the Darkening ... and what could be that language that no living soul remembers. Also if it's a (un)dead soul that remembers it, it probably means looking into undead zones, mobs, and such is a good idea. I'd be tempted to say the flavor text and the item name are not that important, but they provide useful insight into what the source of the item is. Sadly, long forgotten languages ... eh, I can think of at least 100 things to check out and it'd take months to check out everything ...
That's all the ideas that I had. No big theories, as I believe any theory is wasted (looking at how the other hidden appearances are obtained - pretty randomly). I think randomly wandering through likely zones is the only way to find a clue.
Phew. If you managed to get through that messy wall of text, then I have to apologize. I hope I could make things progress for those of you still looking.

Chris Ramos: has anyone found the vision of arthas in surumar?

Thomas Spencer: Perhaps you acquire a skull, maybe the skull of Gul'dan from Nighthold or something? or the ToS raid that's been 'announced'? Also those runes could be referring to the times Prince Arthas Menethil appears in each zone, with maybe the rune over Suramar being related to the Halls of the Darkening in southwestern Suramar... Or maybe it's a rune from each dungeon. Idk. Either way, I think the skull in Broken Shore is referring to the skull of Gul'dan, and must have something to do with the images of Arthas in each zone...

Cyynric: These runes also correlate to the ones inscribed on The Blades of the Fallen Prince. Maybe that's the order they have to go in?

Lionhart: Isn't there a extra island on that map below broken shore?

Xem Nay: Add Xemnay#1296 if you'd liek to know, and no I'm not trolling :P This video is what helped me figure it out

Xem Nay: I just figured out how to get the skin boiz

Gareth Llewellyn: ebon. not ebony silly phone

Gareth Llewellyn: good theory. but IMO that's the ebony blade symbol /sword. if it is then each though after is well Mexican wave... but still good efforts. got my UH hidden appearance today. now to farm 1000 kills for the sexy recolour. keep the good stuff coming!

Nemolicious: Instantly. That's the standard of the ebon blade. Their flag. you know the thing you always get when you buy ghouls or riders?

Anabebe: Do you guys have any new clue now?

Josh Gamauf: That icon is the Ebon Blade icon.

titaniro: I think the skull is just supposed to be Acherus.

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