Late sleeper? Blame your genes.

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Naqi Guay: who else is watching this at 3am and no set sleeping pattern

Mark II: Our school boards needs to see this and change their brutally early start times to AT LEAST 9am here in the U.S. (and other parts of the world that have to put up through this sleep deprivation madness in the name of "education").

NinjaNateMineCrafter: Lol, I force myself to sleep at about 4am if I get the chance. I could easily stay up all night.

Ehab Elsaid: bullshit, people do not have a constant chronotype due to the distractions we have on the 21th century..

Cory Within The Building: I'm a late sleeper and it sucks when you go to sleep early but only catch sleep at the time you normally would (late) and when you wake up early you feel like you are freezing to death, also my dad smokes and has diabetes so I guess that's evidence that supports this argument

Gyro Zeppeli ジャイロ・ツェペリ: i go to bed 5-6am and wake up 1-2 pm
i get called lazy but i do all my work at night, i just sleep when everyone else is awake ( im an artist and night is the only time i can get commissions done)

Macky Cabangon: Oohhh thats me.. sorry

ThatOne Dude: 0:01 that ass

Marika Miettinen: It has always been so damn difficult for me to go to sleep early, nearly impossible to be honest. For a few months my sleep pattern has been so that I get tired somewhere around 6-9 in the morning, and quite often I go to bed around 10 in the morning and manage to actually fall asleep in 30-60 minutes. Having to take care of things early during the day means that I'll just stay up until I get it done and then go to sleep. When I had only morning shifts at work a few years ago I used to stay up all night, go to work in the morning, sleep after work and then it was gaming time. I tried going to sleep early, but that just didn't work. I just end up rolling around in bed for hours and hours and hours. I've tried melatonin pills and sleepytime extra tea so that I could go to sleep earlier and so that people around me wouldn't think that I'm a total loser, and also tried fixing my sleeping pattern by staying awake over my sleep time and then go to bed in the evening, but those things just aren't working for me.I don't mind staying up all night, but the society doesn't seem to accept it.

Brandon Autrey: I don't think showing this to my boss is going to change anything...

Flux YT: Well I don't know if any of you can relate to this but, I sleep 6 hours and stay up 20-24 hours and no matter how hard i try i cant go to sleep. Is this something i should be worried about?

FukaDesuNoto: What about moving to different timezones?

DevilBurgers: My mother worked 3rd (night) shift for the whole 9 months she was pregnant with me, which is why I stay up all the time. It's not genetics but still very strange.

trycoldman23: Rise and shine Mr Freeman, smell the ashes in the air.

fá v: in your face mom. lol

Hassham Habib: watches at 2/2/17 8:40 pm

SGTM: Give this vid to my school cuz I gotta wake up at 4:30

Matrix: Bruh weekends I goto bed at 2 am and wake up at like 3 pm

Mariah: I sleep 12 hours a day, can't fall asleep until 3 am and can't wake up before 8 am

Kimba A: im really tired im going to bed now

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Late sleeper? Blame your genes.

Late sleeper? Blame your genes.

If you're not a morning person, science says you probably never will be. Subscribe to our channel! Vox reporter Brian Resnick explains the ...