Speech Q & A - WAKE UP CALL!!

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albert fish: Stop whining and harrasing people and maybe they will go vegan. Vegans are twats

Michael Mc crossan: You have to want to become vegan. Most of the population dont care..

Miss Kitty: I keep only Vegan food in the Kitchen and my family has the option eat Vegan at home if not I don’t allow non Vegan food in my house

Karen Tipping: The meat and dairy industry dont want you to know what really goes on because they are savages who favour cruelty for profit.

Alex To go: You guys are looking at an iconic figure in the making. Decades later I truly believe he will be seen in history as one of many activist who changed the masses in to veganism.

Julia Marin: ❤︎

Soyla Queers: Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.


David Gardell: "Who said that?!" Lol

Rachel Raspberry: how would you suggest a very introverted, socially anxious person do activism?

felinekj: I hope to some day have that peace and love in my heart to be able to face haters with knowledge and not aggression.

Cristiano Mourato: hey man, thank you so much. You are like a shaman for our movement.
Regarding to cancer. Please, see the "truth about cancer" documentary, in case you havent seen in. Love.

japanese truther: Thanks. Even though I'm a technophobe from japan I'll try to spread message about veganism and other great messages.

lyncap99: Some people insist that plant foods are not as nutrient dense as animal foods and they sacrifice their ideal of not eating animals to make sure they get all their minerals and vitamins. They feel like the iron in meat is more bioavailable than in plants. that you have to eat too much of certain types of foods that may be expensive or inconvenient in order to get the same amount from a hamburger. They also believe the well-meaning people and doctors who also believe that and espouse it. Mercola for example and the "Traditional Foods" people who say eggs are great and healthful and you need them as well as dairy products.

Juan R: James, Hi, i'm Juan from Spain, I want to traduce this also-important part of that great talk into Spanish. If you give me the link for add up the Spanish subtitles to this video in your channel, I'll end the job quickly.
Are you alright with that?
Congratulations one more time!!!!!

Barry Mackie-Conlon: Awesome video, James. You truly are an inspiration.

Truthority: Beautiful. Thank you :)

ASMRyouVEGANyet?: that first question and your answer are spot on! going vegan has really awakened my soul and I'm doing so many things I never had the confidence to do. I have the confidence now because I have to for the animals! I talked to two people, total strangers, about veganism today! and I didn't shame and blame, I informed and explained! your videos really help me get into the proper mindset! my one question though, maybe you can help me, how do you deal with those people who literally do not care one bit? I live in Texas, land of rodeos and BBQ, and there are so many people who just don't care about the animals and only want to profit from them. I work with an animal rights group and we all want to educate people about the rodeos but many times people get violent with us, spit at us, push us, etc. We are a peaceful group but it's hard to keep your cool when the exploitation is so hardwired into their culture. any suggestions?

jazzyjenvegan: Thanks for all you do very inspirational!! I do videos and show how veganism is changing my health and share recipes that show that vegan food is delicious. If i don't have answers i share sites that do, you have shown that spreading the knowledge can be done in sutle ways. I transitioned from meat eater to vegetarian then vegan after watching documentaries and videos. I will do whatever I can to "open eyes" I use the song Lane Boy from Twenty one pilots to explain to go outside of the lane.

Karen Lindsay: Hello, Im from México so my english its not very good but i want to tell you that I admire you and i love what you doing for the animals. Veganism its growing and I'm sure some day the animals will be free.

we the treeple: "Who said that?!" lolol

Great speach, it's hard staying calm, you make very good points on better ways to connect with ppl though so I'm gonna try and work on keeping cool!

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