5 Genius Opening Lines to Talk to Your Crush: TEEN GUYS AND GIRLS

Do you have a serious crush but have major issues trying to talk to them? Do you have trouble coming up with conversation starters or just getting the conversation going? This video gives you 5 easy and effective opening lines to get the talking started with your crush. Don't forget to follow me on Social media: http://www.twitter.com/kimberlymoffit http://www.instagram.com/kimberymoffit Snapchat: KimberlyMoffit Are you in a love situation, where you’ve had a crush for a really, really, really long time, but the one problem is you’re having trouble working up the courage to actually talk to them? Well, if so, you’re definitely not alone, because one of the most common questions I get here on “Ask Kimberly” is how to talk to your crush. When it comes to talking to someone, a lot of the advice you are going to get is going to focus on what you can’t do, like ,“don’t be too cheesy, don’t be too aggressive, don’t be too weird”, and the list goes on and on and on. And that could leave you feeling really paralyzed. So, today, I’m going to give you five easy conversation starters, like opening lines, that can actually get the conversation going, between you and your crush. And trust me, guys, even the most shy person can use some of these. They’re that easy. I believe in you. If you guys are new to “Ask Kimberly”, don’t forget to hit the big subscribe button down below and come and come and follow me over on Instagram and Twitter. My channel just hit 100,000 subscribers, which I’m still so excited about. So, to celebrate that, I’m doing give-aways on each of my social media networks, so you’re going to want to make sure you’re following, so you don’t miss out on those. All right you guys, I know you can’t wait. Let’s get right into the video. Number 1. “Oh my god, Mr. Anderson’s class was so dry, today.” So, all this one is, it’s so easy, is finding something that the both of you have in common and making comments about it, whether it was a class you just had, the bus ride to school, your teacher, the prom, just about anything. “I thought Miss Potato’s head was going to pop off when she was yelling at us.” Research shows that we’re more likely to actually like someone, if we feel we have something in common with them. If you have a crush, just finding some kind of common ground between the two of you is a really good place to start. So, a really simple little comment like this can lead to a bigger conversation, if the person is actually open to it. So, instead of saying something like “How is your day?”, which can feel a bit contrived and usually lead to a one word response, making an insightful comment about something you’ve experienced together is totally relatable and usually has a funny undertone. Number 2. “What is the story behind this t shirt? You are always wearing it.” For this one, you’re just asking a question about something that other people might not have noticed before, but you’re doing it in a curious and lovable way. This one usually works best if you choose an article of clothing that they always wear and just ask them what the story is behind it. “I have to know what is the story behind this t shirt because you are always wearing it.” You can even say something funny like, “Everytime I see you, you’re literally wearing that shirt. So, to me, I just know you as the guy in the white t shirt, or the guy with the green shoes, or the girl with the pink backpack.” This can become a cute little nickname. This one is especially genius because it actually distances you from the person knowing that they’re your crush. Now they think that you know of them as “the guy in the white t shirt”. You see what I did there? Not only does this elevate your own perceived social value, but it’s a great way to learn about your crush and potentially hear a really great story. Number 3. “That was a great presentation you just did today.” Now, this one is easy. It’s a compliment over something they have achieved. So whether that’s a presentation or scoring the winning goal of the game, you’re choosing something they did great and recognizing that you’ve acknowledged it. Now, guys, this a lot different from over-complimenting someone, which can go way overboard. “Oh my god, I love your shoes. Your hair looks so nice. Has anyone ever told you, you look like Zayn?” This is a premeditated compliment. It’s something that usually everyone knows that they’ve achieved. However, you can feel free to do it in a unique way. The way you set yourself apart is to point out something that no one else has noticed. “That presentation was actually amazing, and I could tell you practiced that speech”.


Bless Dantes: I want to try this...but the problem is that I live in the philippines....and in our country if the girl is always the first to open up a conversation, people think it's either inappropriate or your desperate...ugh

DAMANSTER 315: My crush sits next to me on my bus and we were friends before I realized her beauty. I have no idea why I'm watching this because she is super easy to talk to and mmmm, boi I can't get her off my mind, this is the only way I can💚love the hate, love the love, and also, love ask Kimberly(oh and in my opinion, my future gf

kiki leann: I had to change schools away from my 2 crushes and the one I am really into does not have a phone so now I have to ask my best friend what is happening with him😂

Anita Sharifi: hop no one would use the what's the story behind that T-shirt thing that would be so awkwardly rude to say to your crush and they would probably hate u for that😂😐

MaddieEverything: What if you don't have any classes with your crush

Nicolas Magno: ...who the fuck is Mr. Anderson??? are you cheating on me?

francesca may: me: walks up to my crush and says "Oh my god, Mr Anderson's class was SOO dry today"

him: "Who TF is Mr Anderson? We don't even have any classes together.. who even are you?"

Cupcake: I would ask my crush for help to react something but he is shorter than me... imagine how awkward would that be...

Aditya Singh: make a video. how to suicide in easiest way ok

kawaii brianna: my friend forced me to text her crush so i said hi then he really had to ask me who are u -.- i just went crazy!!

Ilona Losey: My main issues are
1. I think they are either dating someone or crushing on someone
2. I'm lesbian and idk if they are straight or not!!!

Lorena Moran: what about a school years

Nicole Cook: thank you

Robert Bigg: when did Tammy from Bob's burgers make a YouTube channel?!

aesthetic kobi: Wondering why I'm watching this because I would never ever talk to my crush because I'm a wimp

Sydney Tuggle: What if your crush knows you have a crush on him

iiKatiekat287ii: This Is What I Would Say: "Hey!" If He/She Says "Hey" Back Say "I Need Some Advice" Then If He/She Says "Ok?" Say "What Do You Think Of My _____?" And If He/She Likes You Back He Will Say Something Nice About It But At The Same Time He/She Will Be Honest. eg) "I Think Your ____ Looks Great! But I Don't Really Like The Style Of It."
I Hope This Is A Good Suggestion!

Nadixx29 A person: The common ground is memes


Natasha Koneru: My crush is in high school and I'm an 8th grader! What do I do lol!?

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5 Genius Opening Lines to Talk to Your Crush: TEEN GUYS AND GIRLS

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