Should You Blame Genes For Your Grades?

Can you blame your genes if you get bad grades? Crystal Dilworth joins DNews to reveal the shocking truth! Follow Crystal on Twitter: Read More: Why Is Education Achievement Heritable? “New research, led by King’s College London finds that the high heritability of exam grades reflects many genetically influenced traits such as personality, behaviour problems, and self-efficacy and not just intelligence.” Why is educational achievement heritable? “The study, published today in theProceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), looked at 13,306 twins at age 16 who were part of the Medical Research Council (MRC) funded UK Twins Early Development Study (TEDS).” The high heritability of educational achievement reflects many genetically influenced traits, not just intelligence “Differences among children in educational achievement are highly heritable from the early school years until the end of compulsory education at age 16, when UK students are assessed nationwide with standard achievement tests [General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE)].” Watch More: What Pain Does To Your Brain Why Do Nerds Wear Glasses? ____________________ DNews is dedicated to satisfying your curiosity and to bringing you mind-bending stories & perspectives you won't find anywhere else! New videos twice daily. Watch More DNews on TestTube Subscribe now! DNews on Twitter Trace Dominguez on Twitter Tara Long on Twitter DNews on Facebook DNews on Google+ Discovery News Download the TestTube App:


John Stiffler: Its funny even tho science says genes dictate intelligence she says at the end what she personally believes

Yasmine Vella: You're not just "born with intelligence." I think we are way over simplifying human intelligence. We just love to link behaviours to genes, probably to satisfy some social \political ideology's.

username342: No one wants to admit it , but the genetics thing is true more than anything.
I'm a prime example of genetics working "negative" towards me.

Michael Skinner: I think you're right

myroseaccount: So what is the point of education? Just test children at say 8 and educate those with an IQ over say 100. Everyone else can be taught how to clean floors and stack shelves.

We can ensure that the weak-minded and the stupid live in their ghettoes and ensure they cannot reproduce through appropriate Eugenic policies.

What else is Genetics going to tell us? Hopefully how to better discriminate and eliminate people who are inferior.

Happy days lie ahead.

hello future: Stupid is what stupid does

Nighn Karnaout: you think you could be stephen hawking with hard work ?

Arnab Roy Chowdhury: What invisible piece of shit are you holding in your hand @2:07?

Arthur Lee: then explain why my parents meet in medical school.... and I got expelled. Thats right, its not genes its work ethic, Im lazy and prefer causing problems rather than solving them... simple.

anormalchannel300: Blame your lazy ass

Doctor Acanthamoeba: To answer the question of the video, yes.

mike4ty4: The question is not whether or not genetics sets baselines, or sets limits, the question is whether or not most people actually reach their ultimate limit or not. Genes can only be blamed if you know you are operating at your ultimate limit. But are you? What's the evidence on that one?

Billy Manchisi: I am a high IQ friendless person who was failed in school. I can spell, read, do math. I sound like the most intelligent person in the world when asked to read aloud.

Billy Manchisi: The US president is the most powerful person in the world. I can read better than anybody. I have such a high IQ. No college or university will give me passing grades. I have high genetic intelligence. I can perform well in multiple jobs.

catherine birch: I can blame my genes for my lousy performance in school, it`s a shame that my parents never understood that it was their fault that I was a dunce thanks to their genes.

The Philosopher: Humans Are Hateful and Hopeless: Everything is determined by genetics. Racists are genetically predisposed for racism. Idiots are predisposed for idiocy. Mentally unstable individuals are predisposed for mental instability. The only thing the environment does is trigger factors of those predispositions or further those factors. That simple. Who you are physically and mentally is determined by genetics. That's why, if you are a piece of shit person, I feel sorry for you.

Rick Grassi: Grades don't account to all forms of intelligence, it just accounts how well you can acquire information and regurgitate it, most of the information is forgotten as it doesn't apply to the individuals life, it's a sad statement to claim your smart with good grades as this is what the government and corporations want you to think so you can be another coal stone in their fueling economy

Ryan Venue: There are actually nine different types of intelligence

PINKY Zz: Is this why I always have bad grades in Algebra?

Andrew Are: Yes intelligence is genetic! As some races have some genetic characteristics such is also reflected in say height, bone structure and intelligence. Sorry I disagree with you, that genetics does not determine how far you go, it does. My genetics designed me to be 5''8' no matter how hard I work at it I can NEVER be a pro-basket ball player, or say football player. It's much more then individual genetics because if you are born with genetics that make it hard for you learn it's most probable your parents have the same limitation, so they could not provide a appropriate atmosphere for you to succeed in school to begin with, that coupled up with your own genetic limitation for scholastic success works overwhelmingly against you succeeding. The reverse is true for good genetics! Your parents had good genetics so went to harvard and succeeded, so they provided you with good schools, intelligent conversation, examples of good work ethic. Indians realized this long ago hence to protect the inferior stands they created the caste system, everyone had a role appropriate to their intelligence level. While this is not a perfect system it has logical merit.

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Should You Blame Genes For Your Grades?

Should You Blame Genes For Your Grades?

Can you blame your genes if you get bad grades? Crystal Dilworth joins DNews to reveal the shocking truth! Follow Crystal on Twitter: Read More: Why...