How to ask out your crush (YIAY #9)

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An Illusion: Love is me I guess..

Stario Beat: Roses are red
Cows have udders
Gay couple finds out they are brothers.

emma fearon: 2018?

Alii: Roses are red
Violets aren’t blue
It’s violet fucking idiot
But the ocean is blue.

large baguette: The old days

Kraken: roses are red
violets are blue
who tf cares
about what i'm telling you

quacky draws: Roses are red
Violets are blue
Ur mom gay
No u

LazarRapz Rix: Roses Are Red,
Violets Are Violet,
If You Think Violets Are Blue, I WILL KILL YOU

AnimePokemonLover 3000: Roses are red.
Bitches love blue.
Swiggity swooty
I'm coming for you

Nelly Byrne: your cheeks are red
your lips are too
have I ever said
how much I love you?

thats for telling your crush if shes a girl

you are sweet
candy is too
will you be mine
like a bubblegum chew?

that can be used for either girl or boy
Ou--- see ya

Satisfying Paint Spreading: How about asking her to semi by writing it in an origami heart and filling her locker with origami flowers on Valentine’s day because she taught be how to make origami and we spent a lot of time together doing that and give her a single rose then after she says yes wait a half an hour till you get her text making sure you didn’t mean it romanticlly

Darth Grumpy 😒😆: Rose are red
Violets are blue
I only like guys
Who knows violets aren’t blue
Oh that isn’t you.😂

maiki: Blood is red
Bruises are blue
Tell me you love me
Or I’ll kill you

DankMemez: “I don’t need love, I have Netflix” LOL!

Abby Baldwin-blake: roses are red
violets are blue
Anata wa sudeni
shinde iru

Funny Fails And Video’s!: Roses are red
Violets are bleu
I didnt do my homework
I’m totally screwed

Ink's drop of ink: I carry several items from my crush on me in a small bag, and once i fell and the candy wrapper, a note, and an origami dog fell out. Those were the oldest ones, and the most recognizable. As i tried to put them back in, everything else fell out. She was scared to say the least.

Caelcc Nettles: Roses are red
Violets are blue
I hate you
Please leave me alone

Marley Cotman: Roses are brown
Violets are brown
Everything’s brown
Who the fuck shat in my garden

pancake-san dreams: GET IN THE VAN

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