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The 1 Minute Rule to help you stop procrastinating and be more productive! This one minute rule can help you keep your space organized and de-cluttered even if you're busy and short on time. It can also be used to stay on top of work and homework, and even help manage the amount of time you spend using social media. I hope it helps you feel organized and on top of everything, because that's a great feeling :) I've been doing this one minute rule, which I read about in The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin, and it's helped me a lot this week! Give it a try and let me know how it works for you! Instagram: Twitter: missvranhalen Snapchat: missvranhalen Facebook: missvranhalen Tumblr: missvranhalen Pintrest: missvranhalen Bellshoot: missvranhalen More videos you might enjoy: When the Person You're Dating Doesn't Share Your Belief's: The Reason You Always Feel Tired + Have No Energy: Meal Prep with Me: Vegan Beer + Food Festival Vlog: What I Ate Today: *** Make sure to subscribe for future videos! It's free :) *** Music via YouTube Audio Library Thank you for taking the time to watch my videos! I hope they make you smile :) What video should I do next? Let me know what you want to see! Love, Nicole


ahmed mohased: Am from iraq and was reading about one minute rule i like it. Thanks for your explanation

a Wildflower Life - Healthy Food & Lifestyle: I really need to starting this!! Especially for messages! I'm exactly like that where it really feels like a chore to reply and sometimes I just forget.. Thanks for sharing another great video! <3

cupofteapronto: This is such a good idea. Want to try this out today :)

Floral_fairy xx: I really love your videos!They are so unique and helpful

Elizabeth's Life & Style: Cool video👍🏽✨

Dani Lauren: Definitely going to try this for cleaning!

MsSturbuck: Great idea! I love practical tips like this:) Waiting for more ;)

Zakkiya: Good tip, Needed this today as I need to sort my life out ASAP!

Sarah Lagha: so early ♡♡

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