After Years Being On A 100% Raw Food Diet, Eating Cooked Foods Again (2013) This Video is a "Remake" of a really successful video I posted 4 years ago here on Youtube. Here it is: And as I got over 200.000 clicks on the last one and DO NOT feel comfortable with the vibe of it anymore, I had to redo it giving the story behind all of this a new tone. I invite you to disagree, if you do not like what I share here, but please note this. I am not selling anything, I am not telling you what to do. I am simply sharing my families history. So please show some respect and comment also in a respectful way. I love you guys! Ka Sundance and family Website: Youtube: Facebook: Twitter: Get instant access to 5 free, nutrition-packed, easy to make raw food recipes. Give your kids something healthy to eat and yourself a life outside the kitchen as well! Download them now at ************************************* OUR EBOOKS: Finally A Recipe Book With Delicious And Quick-To-Make, Nutrition Loaded Recipes (ALSO For Kids...) ************************************* Learn how to finally break your food addictions and make a healthy diet work for you, not worrying about nutrients


judith bella: I agree with your desition.

karen sinclair: Very honest and open and loving actually. Thank you for "coming out" and openly discussing your lifestyle change. You are someone who will listen to his body and make changes accordingly. You look healthy and vibrant and you live a life filled with love and happiness. More power to you!!!

You aren't giving up the raw food movement, you are simply expanding your healthy eating program and incorporating other healthy choices.

For myself coming from most of my life eating crap and junk and processed "phood stuffs" i am returning to my raw organic vegan eating program keeping this in mind. I do not want to judge others on their choices whether they are making them from automatic behavior/thoughts or deliberate choices. I do not want to be dogmatic in anything actually! I also am keeping my personal eating choice quiet and will share only when asked and respond lovingly and briefly.

When I eat cooked/processed "phood" I don't feel well. My health is not the best and my emotional disposition is not the best. I am gladly and by choice returning to my raw food lifestyle.

Thank you again and hope to view other videos of yours.

Clive James: I'm just low fat, whole food, plant based 100%. In snowy winters, especially, my chickpea stew slowly cooked on the wood stove makes me feel good and keeps my strength up.

Dey Andinisari: appreciated what you said. I agree that sometimes we need to be peacefully free.. especially in a family. balance the needs .. compromising ..understanding.. a total acceptance is also one of the key to be greatful and then to be healthy. glad you did it with your sweet family.

Denise Watson: Thank you so much for your honesty!! I feel the very same way being truly happy and at peace with who you are is so very important to your health. I have a cousin who is very strict with his families diet and has seven children and when ever they asked to eat something off their normal vegan diet he almost shamed them into thinking they were doing wrong, then they would sneak unhealthy foods behind his back. If he just would have nurtured their thoughts and feelings and taught them the healthier things to try off a vegan diet maybe some of them would not have rebelled and gone their own sometimes unhealthy way! My hats off to you for listening to your children and helping them explore their feelings, we all could take a lesson here!! 🌞

G Wilson: People approve move from one food to another like changing clothes, but I didn't see any concerning about the animals welfare ...

Allie Shepherd: Be who you are, and be the healthiest version of yourself. Thank you, good video.

maria hill: thank you so very much. I appreciate your sharing. very important to not be dogmatic and "religious" about food. I agree. I enjoy herbal infusions also to add vitamins and minerals and healing to the body. thanks again for being so real and sincere.

Victoria Blank: I think a partly raw food diet is healthier. a raw food diet is great if you are sick. they are very healing but not necessarily sustainable long term. good to add in some cooked foods that are clean and vegan. good 4 all of u

Daniel&Juliet, Conscious Innovation: My wife & I began our raw food diet in the summer time in the uk 4-5 years ago, we foraged & shopped at farmers markets & felt great.. come winter time we could not last eating cold foods, we switched to soups & more stodgy foods.. Now we live in Costa Rica our diet has become raw most of the day with a cooked meal in the evening, this really suits us, we accept our bodies know what they like & need for wellness & happiness. Thanks Ka & family for all your gifts. Hecho con amor. Gracias!

Mirakel Spektakel: Ive done this route, im now changed back to 100% raw again, because a couple of years on cooked foods again started to make me sick, and all my energy got drained from it.

Leonore Alaniz: I tooted your mission for as long as long as I know about you, but NEVER that we should become 100% raw. It just does not "feel" right in cold regions. Eating well vegetarian, incl fermented (dairy) foods is a totally doable diet. And IF met is desired, air dried for example is great and very nutritious. Small amounts go a long way. Its beef, not pig, cured expertly in the Swiss and Italian Alps.

OrigamiLester: I love your accent haha. Anybody know where he's from?

Susi F: Appreciate your honesty, thanks for sharing your experience. It sounds like 75-80% raw is good, sometimes if I don't eat cooked foods I get really cold...we all have to listen to our body it will always tell us what we need. thanks again for sharing :)

dL1011: 7:45: "Stiff, grey, pale, and slim raw foodists"

Interesting that he can so quickly describe the visible outward signs of nutrient deficiencies common among older vegans who have been at it for a long time.

Eva Norman: It's really hard for me to find balance when I mix cooked food in with my raw food diet. So for me, I have more peace of mind when I'm 100%. Maybe my body needs the 100% raw diet to accomplish more healing. I don't like the social aspect of it, but I've tested this cooked food thing many times in the past 8 years and I'm always more emotionally comfortable on the 100% raw diet. :)). Thank you for your video.

Briana Campo: I'm ok with cooked food as long as it's vegan but I do agree that raw fruits and veggies are the healthiest foods!!! if you want to stay healthy on cooked vegan food, stick to the high carb plant foods :)

Maria Pasos: Thank You for your honesty. Bless your family. I eat raw & vegetarian off & on regular basis. I don't have much taste for chicken. I eat sasahmi weekly. I juice every morning for years.. My weight is very good for my body & frame.Food is not as important to me as it is to my friends. I forgot to eat many times & than I remember. Oh. I have not eaten anything. Than I will eat a little. I get full very quickly. Anyway I'm rambling. Good night All. 2/ 20, 2016.

Najmo Ahmed: x

Rik is Major Drama: Well said - thank you!

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After Years Being On A 100% Raw Food Diet, Eating Cooked Foods Again (2013)

After Years Being On A 100% Raw Food Diet, Eating Cooked Foods Again (2013) This Video is a "Remake" of a really successful video I posted 4 years ago here on Youtube. Here it is: And as I got...