Brené Brown on Blame

You are probably a bit of a blamer - most of us are. But why should we give it up? In this witty sequel to our most watched RSA Short, inspirational thinker Brené Brown considers why we blame others, how it sabotages our relationships, and why we desperately need to move beyond this toxic behaviour. Voice: Dr Brené Brown Animation: Katy Davis AKA Gobblynne Production and Editing: Al Francis-Sears and Abi Stephenson Watch the original talk here: Follow the RSA on Twitter: Like the RSA on Facebook:


Ana Lozada: Poor Steve! Lol
I actually blame myself, and call myself "dumb ass" when I drop things, or do anything wrong. (I know, Negative self talk) I'm aware of this, and correct myself afterwards lol

Laura Ray: I find I often blame myself to have control over what has happened.

Dawn Marie Roper: I love this.

James Hightower: lol.. when I lose something on my bed like a remote control I say dammit cat! Where did you hide it? I know it wasn't the cat, I misplaced it, so it is a privete joke. On South Park the kids found the elves who steal everyone's left sock, and had this huge pile of left socks. The funny thing was that they steal all the left socks when there are no left or right socks. People want to blame others and even the supernatural for things. Sure, inconsiderate thoughtless unempathetic sellfish people do things and are to blame as well, but will never admit it, and point the finger at you. You are supposed to watch out for the apathetic crap they pull. They are somehow not responsable for the consequences of their actions and inactions. It is always your fualt no matter what. People you deal with every day do not want to be wrong about anything, it is some ego trip. They cannot admit something was their fault from their apathy or laziness. They will never apologize or admit fault. They will blame you. Lets say someonemakes cereal, and is too lazy to close the plastic or the box top, and tp lazy to put the box all the way back on the top of the refridgerator but partly on the top of the door. Sabatoge. You open the refrigerator door and the box of cereal falls and makes a mess. Is it your fualt for not checking if the lazy apathetic person secured and placed the box correctly, or theirs for being inconsiderate, apathetic and lazy?

Lucy A: please make more of this.. the lesson stick.

Catherine Ogwuru: I just got schooled by you. Thank you. I blame people a whole lot when things don't go my way, but sometimes underneath it all, I know it's my fault. Thank you once again.

Bre Klein: These videos are so brilliant

Luis Yedra: Very teaching. Thank you Brene.!

Vianês Amaral: Amei a animação! Muito boa!

Mahir Cecen: Now this is a video every League of Legends player needs to watch

RedZack: nocur3 brought me here.

MultiJellybones: dota 2 brought me here

Hayedeh Daftari: Beautifully described

Jackie Moreau: My ex once blamed me (with screaming and cussing and threatening) for one of our plumbing truck's engines nearly blowing up because.....
The night before as he was changing the oil in the truck, I took a glass of iced tea to the garage for him because it was hot and I thought he could use a drink.
I sat it on the shelf and told him it was there.
So he said that because I did that and he got up for a drink, he forgot to tighten the oil pan/gasket (?) and the oil leaked out.
Therefore, it was my fault that the truck leaked oil as he drove it the next day.
Top that! Lol!

JC: Loved this!!

A Deeper Look: I understand that Steve agreed to come home by 10:30PM. However by taking a deeper look, it did make me want to ask why she was requesting that he come home at a certain time so that she could go to sleep. That's HER responsibility not HIS.

Samereen Adams: I.m in love with this woman

Edgar Rolla: Cool thought. Really enlightening.
Tough, I missed one connection: spend less time trying to figure out who to blame and more time focusing on how to fix it or not let it happen again.
Does it make sense? (keep in mind, I'm new to the channel)

Felicity Greenham: Love it!

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Brené Brown on Blame

Brené Brown on Blame

Brené Brown on Blame

Brené Brown on Blame

You are probably a bit of a blamer - most of us are. But why should we give it up? In this witty sequel to our most watched RSA Short, inspirational thinker Brené ...