Why is tomato juice so popular on bord an airplane? / explained by CAPTAIN JOE

Tomato juice! Todays question is a classic passenger question :) Sent in by youtube Follower "Sandra S.“: "Joe, why is Tomato juice so popular on airplanes?" That is a great question and I had do some weird research to find an adequte answer. Unfortunately there is not just one answer when it comes to tomato juice on board an airplane. A survey has found out that many passengers order the aromatic red drink because they say it calms their stomace during the flight, cause many passengers get nauseous as soon as the enter the plane. Another source said that it´s just a "thing" like popcorn at the cinema. The cinema is mostly probably the only place where popcorn seems to be the "thing" to eat during a movie and you don´t need cutlery for it. So comes the airplane with tomato juice. Another said that a lot of passengers drink the red vegatable drink cause many airlines don´t serve meals anymore, so they drink the juice instead cause it tastes like cold tomato soup and satisfys like an entire meal. But the statement that really caught my attention, is the reduction in salt tastyness up in the air. Scientist have found out that with increasing cabin altitude your taste sense, especially the on responsible for salt, decrease dramatically. They´ve tested on volenteers who drank tomate juice on ground, and then put them into a pressure chamber to simulate flight conditions, and again let them drink tomato juice, and nearly every test person was claiming that the juice tasted poor in flavour, but adding a teaspoon of salt, made the juice taste as if they were on ground. Similar with all the hot meals on board a plane, cooks use up to 30% more salt when preparing the meal due to the loss in salt taste with increasing cabin altitude. This is my personal explantion and answer to this question, but it still remains a myth if you ask me. Why was it tomato juice in the first place, not carotte juice or any other vegatable drink. One thing for sure, it´s definitely healthier to than a glass of coke. So I hope I´ve answered another aviation-related quesiton for you, this was definitely a fun one to answer, so if you want to see more videos like this, subscribe my channel, give me thumbs up and spread the word. Thanks for watching Your captain Joe INSTAGRAM FLYWITHCAPTAINJOE: https://goo.gl/TToDlg MY WEBSITE: https://goo.gl/KGTSWK Equipment I use: Camera: http://amzn.to/2nEHPDM Microphone: http://amzn.to/2nff2oF Lights: http://amzn.to/2nEPGkU


Itsmeeman1: tomato = fruit, not a vegatable

Farouk Cherchali: I always thought it was to make airplanes bloody many :)

FTStratLP: I usually drink tomato juice on a plane as a substitute for a small meal. And I did this also 30 years ago, when all airlines still had full meal services.

NorthernChev: Tomato juice has the complete opposite reaction in MY stomach... Swallowing it would induce an instant countdown timer to a Technicolor Burp.

Comegeddon L.: the red fruit drink.

pat M: because it goes so well with vodka

penguin44ca: Sounds like it was recorded in the bathroom. That coupled with the music makes it hard to hear you.

Condor Boss: I drink tomato juice on planes for two reasons:
1) It is non-alcoholic. With the lower pressures in the cabin, alcohol will affect you more, which can be a hazard if you have to drive afterwards. Also, alcohol makes the effects of jet lag worse.
2) Carbonated soft drinks make you pee more often. I hate the hassle of getting up from my seat to try to fight my way to the toilet (and waiting for a turn to use it.) Also, it is hell if you encounter turbulence and are not allowed to get up to use the toilet.

Ian Livesey: 1:13 Everyone knows tomato isn't a vegetable, it's a fruit (bears seeds)

scowell: Tomato juice is high in salt anyway... so of the available drinks, it would taste better. It's not healthier if you're on a low-salt diet!

brayden grimaldi: hangovers. that's why.

Ash L: Fix your title.... 'bord' to 'board'

snubbedpeer: I am very fond of Bloody Mary drinks, without alcohol mind you. I love the taste of tomato juice, Worcestershire sauce, Tabasco sauce, some lemon juice and a bit of freshly ground black pepper, quite a lot actually!

senniar: i'll take a tomato juice....could you add some extra salt and pepper......with a bit of worchester........and 1 and a half oz of vodka........then the tomato juice is perfect

Radu C: 30% more salt? I'll bring my own sandwich from now on.

Ajeet Singh: Why is Apple juice so popular

AR Tech: Excuse me Joe sir
can you please explain me the difference between the landing gears of Boeing and Airbus?

South Africa kruger: Why do you have to put you seat bealt on during tebulance

TheOnlyInformant: on-board*

Mrs. Phyllis Stephens: Captain Joe.....On Board. YES On Bord NO fucking NO!

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Why is tomato juice so popular on bord an airplane? / explained by CAPTAIN JOE

Why is tomato juice so popular on bord an airplane? / explained by CAPTAIN JOE

Tomato juice! Todays question is a classic passenger question :) Sent in by youtube Follower "Sandra S.“: "Joe, why is Tomato juice so popular on airplanes?