Hangout: The Raw Vegan Ketogenic Diet Begins...!

In this hangout, Matt Monarch shares his experience thus far as he embarks on Day 2 of a raw vegan ketogenic diet. Tune-in each week to hear updates on his experimental journey with this new lifestyle change. Want to come to our next raw food retreat? See the archive: Join our FB group: Subscribe for new weekly videos: Watch Matt LIVE on Tuesday's @ 8:00 PM EST and #AskMattMonarch anything here: MORE VIDEOS: THE RAW FOOD WORLD STORE: POSITIVE NEWS: TV SHOW: FOLLOW MATT MONARCH and THE RAW FOOD WORLD: Facebook - Twitter - Instagram - LinkedIn - MySpace - Pinterest - Google+ - SoundCloud - iTunes -


Shelly Elle: I do keto vegan and circus arts, you would probably love studying hand balancing.

Vitaa Liyah: I am definitely going to try the vegan ketogenic diet. It is VERY hard to stop eating sugary fruits. I guess it is an addiction.

Nirinjana Kaur: This is great, im super excited for you.. can't wait to see results

Blazing Sun AKA Jimmy Blaze: wow this is long. Ill have to watch this in sections.

No Name: Some useful info:

Lisa Hileman: Matt, you are essentially on the Phase 1 of Dr. Cousens raw vegan diet. In his book Rainbow Green Live Food Cuisine he discusses the body in an unhealthy 'composting' state. The only difference is that he advises against fermented foods in Phase 1. He encourages this Phase for 3-6 months and then slowly add berries and other low to moderate glycemic fruits.I enjoyed this video, you gave a lot of examples on what to eat.

Rawhealingfood: you wanna eat sweet berries and such While exercising. the avocados, lime cucumber and many other things are a whole fruit! also balancing it with greens and more fiber helps: maybe why coconut water without fiber was disastrous :)

Dolls: I do keto diet as I'm diabetic and it sure keeps my bloods under control best thing ever good luck Matt

andrew moulton: endotoxins..? Is that the same thing as leaky gut syndrome?

Jake H.: Or maybe its not the sugar or generic vegan diet, but the lack of fats that made wrinkles around your eyes etc. Many vegans eat even as high as 90% carb diets and suffer from hormonal imbalances and skin health issues, because of that. If only they did add a little more fat to their diets, everything would be fine.

Plant-Based Life: Hey Matt I am watching awesome data. You should measure your muscle mass via scale.

D Castle: Ketococonutgirl on utube has been doing the raw keto lifestyle and having much success! She's great! Been watching and listening to her for some time now.

D Castle: Ketococonutgirl on utube has been doing the raw keto lifestyle and having much success! She's great! Been watching and listening to her for some time now.

Jim Franklin: Hi Matt, great hangout and super informative! I've been doing keto for a couple years now and have had to go through a large learning curve to find what is optimum for me. I started with the majority of fats coming from animal and dairy products and after only gaining mediocre benefits started to refine my keto diet. My original reason for starting a keto diet was to minimize my Type 2 diabetes and try to control it without medication. The endo-toxicity prob is the tough one to overcome. I started using fermented cod liver oil for it's omega-3 fatty acid benefits and tried to balance it out reducing animal fats with coconut oil and olive oil. Twice a day I intake dietary fiber from psyllium (seaweed) to flush out my digestive tract. There are also other benefits from the psyllium in a keto diet for really improving gut health. If you can post some vegan recipes as you progress with your keto diet, I'd love to incorporate them in my diet. I found by switching over a majority intake vegetable oil and in balance with the omega-3 fatty acids I have been loosing weight steadily. The whole keto thing and been a learning experience.

Dragon Kundalini: Its clear that ur into raw vegansim for health, not because you care about animals

Steven Brewster: Someone called ketococonutgirl is reposting your videos. Not sure if you approved of that or not.

brian: Great video but there is a big misconception here:
It is well known that the diet migration from high carbs to high animal fat is very diseasing. The reason why Americans are sick is due to lack of fruits and due to the high consumption of animal fats opposed to Asians who consume a lot of rice (carbs) instead.
There is no doubt that humans are starch eaters because starch was the bulk of our diet for millennias.
I think a vegan keto died is indeed a good thing, but remember that it is better to eat a lot of rice and beans every day than eating bacon and butter everyday. OMG, DO I REALLY NEED TO SAY IT? It is obvious!
The secret that nobody mention is that cholesterol foods, when cooked, is poison. Its something with the cooked cholesterol that is very bad, and not saturated fats.
Raw coconut milk made at home by blending fresh coconut meat with water and then straining it, is the absolutely most healthy food that exists, The more you drink the more you will loose weight.
Possibly the only animal food that is worth ever eating is raw milk from any wild mammal, because it is actually raw and it its actually meant to be mammals baby food, but eggs or meat is not.
Lastly perhaps the whole dilemma is happening simply because nobody realizes the most obvious: we are supposed to eat a spoon or two of ants every day, at least during summer, or we will not ever experience the maximum living power.
But certainly stay away of bacon, meat and eggs, which is the highest source of cholesterol on Earth! and cooked cholesterol is extremely toxic, plus these foods are manufactured in horrible conditions.
Can't believe you are raw vegan for so long and now you are advising people to eat meat. What is happening here?
Today the absolutely number one highest killer is the USA is the lack of fruit consumption.
You can google all these and confirm for yourself.

Vegirobin: I've been ovolacto vegetarian for 24 years. About 5 years ago I went raw vegan for a year. It was not healthy for me personally due to a myriad of metabolic issues. I switched back to ovolacto and went ketogenic. I've now been four years as an ovolacto ketogenic vegetarian and I've lost over 100 pounds. Everything changed. My sleep is fantastic. My energy is fantastic. My blood pressure is normal now. My PCOS seems like it's disappeared. Most of the vegetables I eat are still raw but some are cooked and I do have small amounts of local eggs and dairy. I'm curious to see how this works out for him as a raw vegan.

Gatsby Oooo7: Hello Matt, can I now why Angela is off line for a very long time ?? Do she's OK ?

YOSHItunes: Look up Jeff Morgan

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