HOW TO USE A KNEELING CHAIR Have you ever used a kneeling chair before? If not you maybe wondering why they are so good and what the advantages are over a traditional ergonomic chair. In this video Lorna talks through the kneeling chair - what are the benefits to avoid back pain and how to use it properly without putting pressure on the knees. Sittingwell provide specialist back care advice and back support products as well as therapies from specialist back care experts Lorna Kennard, Craniosacral therapist and Sports Massage expert and Rachael Wall, McTimoney Chiropractor. For more advice and back care products, go to


Wang: My knees hurt like a motherfucker after sitting in it for 30 mins

JD K: Here is a good review of why kneeling chairs are a great benefit ...

MZONE: It would be great to see a time lapse video of someone working at a computer in one of these chairs.

cpcnw: Can a kneeling chair help with APT?

sellbullion: fucken duke get to the pont

B Guss72: Sometimes, I'll raise the angle a bit, and use the knee rest as a feet rest. Allows me to rest my shins, or to break monotony of keeping feet flat on the floor while using the knee rest as support). It feels like I still maintain the correct position, but am I? I've also read that position is good for bowel movements. What's your take? What's your take.

One of the things I love about kneeling chairs, is that you can literally feel yourself if you start to slouch, right away. Forcing you to correct your posture. But once you get used to it, that posture just comes naturally. And I think my shins are stronger now than before I started using this chair. lol

Also, what is your opinion of inverted sitting on kneeling chairs. Where you sit on the knee rest, and place your chest on the seat. I find this position pretty comfortable, and easy on my lower back. I can watch tv like this pretty comfortably. I don't do it all the time, as it is a little harder to get in and out of. But it's comfy.

Craig S: I swapped out my standard office chair for a kneeling chair and it made a big difference. I've fallen off 3 ladders and my lower back has bothers me sometimes.

Rick Rodrigues: I have a Flash Furniture kneeling chair (WL-SB-101-GG)solid wood construction. The quality is very good but I find when it is adjusted to the higher positions the distance between the vertical centers of the seat & knee pad get closer putting more pressure on the shin rather than the knee. That makes it uncomfortable over time for someone who is tall. These chairs should be designed for the knee pad to adjust forward when the higher seat positions are used thereby putting more of the load (pressure) closer to the knee. In math. theory when your thigh is at a 60 deg. angle with the vertical line half the weight of your upper body is transferred to your knee/shin. Because I have sciatic pain in my left butt & down my left leg, for some relief I must extend my left leg out straight after sitting for more than 20 minutes or so keeping my right leg on the knee pad for support. I'm having mixed feelings about the benefits of these chairs in general but still hope that in some way it will help with the pain.

THE THREE NERD BOMBERS: Every school should have these, they are sooo comfortable!

Carl Warren: I'm close to 7 ft which chair would be best for me?

LEMON & GINGER CITRUS &Zingiber: looks good usage is making sitting heavy weight and real back pain people to expereince in video footage kindly submit and upload videos

DJ Alixer: Thanks for the video! Very useful

Natalie Yeates: Thanks for the information on sitting properly. My employers have just purchased a kneeling chair for me, but I have tender shins. I see I have been relying on my knees too much. :) From today, I will be sitting as per your instruction.

Debbie Hemsworth: Hi, I am a Hair Extension Technician, would this be helpful to me. I am 5'2". Thanks

Clement Cheung: What are the 'sitting bones' to which she is referring?

Taeyeon Snsd: How to sit properly in class? I notice myself keep on slouching as time goes by. I cant keep on sitting straight for a long time. And how to fix posture while sitting?

Miss Anthrope: I am seriously interested in purchasing a chair like this for when I am at work. It seems like it would be tricky to get on and off the chair if I were wearing heels. What do you think?

Wm. Sturman: Greate review: I broke my neck in 3 places and was paralyzed from the neck down. Long story short, after 5-years and over 7000+ hours of physical therapy, I got back 90% of arms but remain 70-100% paralyzed from the chest down. The only part I can feel is my butt and back of my legs. Sitting causes TREMENDOUS PAIN! I have to be careful of preventing bedsores too. Do you think the kneeling chair with coxis cutout would help me in any way? Please provide me any answer or advice you think may be helpful? Cheers~
William ~

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HOW TO USE A KNEELING CHAIR Have you ever used a kneeling chair before? If not you maybe wondering why they are ...