Diet and Depression - can a KETOGENIC DIET be a potent tool for mental and emotional health?

For More: Coaching, skype consultations: Depression is a state that CAN be augmented using diet - a ketogenic diet is a powerful tool for changing the internal environment. By changing the relationship with food and our body we can influence our mental and emotional states profoundly and give the mind a state of calm from which we can effectively further change our environment both internal and external. It takes a whole lifestyle approach, not just dietary changes, but a ketogenic diet can be a powerful tool for improving mental health.


Cassidy Sloan: I get really bad PostPartum Depression after the birth of each of my children. This time around, it was really chill on a Keto diet, but I went off for two weeks, ate pizza and Cook Out every came back and I went on a rampage...

Friends told me that I needed MORE sugar because I "wasn't used to it". No way. Never again.

Mark Mays: i took a seasonal break from keto. a week back into it and my mental clarity is up and emotional obsessions like snacking to feel good are gone

Maenadia: I'm attempting to treat my Bipolar Disorder with a ketogenic diet, and these videos and their density of information is indispensable given that it's very hard to come by medical professionals who will advocate for more 'alternative' methods. I'd been doing some research online and found that there seems to be a link (though not with a lot of scientific backing currently) between a ketogenic diet as treatment for epilepsy which could have similar affects for Bipolar Disorder, which is often treated with anti-convulsants.

I haven't went full blown keto yet; my carbs are still up around 50-60 grams on average, as I slowly prepare my body for the adapting process as to put the least amount of stress on the system as possible (at least, that's the idea). There's been a couple days where I'd gone around 30 g carbs consecutively and had ongoing tingling in my hands for a day or so. I did some reading that this is likely due to an electrolyte imbalance. I'm making bone broth as we speak to hopefully account for what I'd been missing.

mono nina: Help please!! so, I started keto about 2 weeks ago, but I am having trouble counting carbs, I mean, I cut out ALL bad carbs (and I love it) but, since I had never counted anything before (carbs, proteins, fats) I had no idea how to do it, so I opened a Myfitnesspal account,just to get an idea about portions, and at the end of the day it tells me I ate like 38 grams of carbs and I was freaking out, but I subtracted the carbs from the vegetables I ate ( cabbage, chayote squash and mushrooms, and also the ones from my homemade beef broth) and it was about 18gr of carbs left........ but.... is that right? is the app right? should I add the c arbs from vegetables since a lot of it is fiber? thank you..!

Kaptan Kosto: At here it is impossible for a broke student like me to follow your footsteps; thanks to mass produced foods with synthetics and trans oil, limited amount of fatty resources, overpriced "natural products", stigma around diets and a whole bunch of crap that I can go on and on without arriving to conclusion.

I am planning on reducing the amount of carbohydrate intakes for 2 weeks to come. Although the numbers you speak of sound really crazy, I will try to keep the balance and opt for the "best" outcome. 30 grams of carb? Not gonna happen anytime soon. 200 grams of high fatty acids of omega 3 and saturated oil? Well that's the easiest part, since it's actually easier to find natural and grass-fed butter in bazaars and tons of sea products in Turkey. But complex carbohydrates, eggs and veggies are a go, for the time being.

But there is one thing that boggles my mind. Some dietary restrictions state that it's better to consume protein and carbohydrate individually, not altogether. How the hell is that gonna happen and supposed to be beneficial?

Your channel is great. Your life is great. You are great. I envy you friend.

blacksheep: My depression has almost disappeared ever since I started a keto diet two weeks ago. Amazing

Edwin Hudepol: Isnt Maca a root which could negatively affect ketosis?

Evolving Erinb: Brain food, balance, hormones and a level of no extremes. An even flow.The highs and lows or spikes and dips are hard on us. I get none of these any more. Peace and joy in life minus the stress is key too. Handling life's crap now is so much easier.Great video!!

Eat4HealthLift4Life: I personally would love both camps the HCLF Vegans and the HFLC Keto personalities to explain why both are lean AF. Durian Ryder and Freelee vs. Stephanie Keto Person and Primal Edge Health. Both groups claim the other macros cause weight gain. My question is if dietary fat causes weight gain, then why are Stephanie and P.E.H lean AF and super muscular? Conversely if sugar and carbs and beans and lentils cause weight gain then why are Harley and Freelee lean AF? Oh wait I have the answer, "There is no One Size Fits All diet!" But still please do a video on that shit because both camps are confusing the hell out of people.

Emily X: keto reaaaally helps my moods

Derek Hullah: I wonder if keto calms the exitment in the brain would it help with my tinnitus .

Anthony Valencia: Hello, I have been on a keto diet for around 2 and a half weeks and have lost a good amount of fat . before the diet, I was around 175 lbs and around 15% body fat , 5'10 and male . I had a smooth transition into keto considering I had 300+ grams of carbs diet prior. I am doing everything correct with the keto diet , getting around 200 grams of fat, 25 grams of net carbs(67 grams of carbs in total) and 150 grams protein . I have stayed consistent with the high fat foods but I'm not in ketosis . I have keto sticks that says I'm no where close to being in ketosis . I'm losing fat , dropped to 168 lbs with 6 pack practically showing , I'm lifting the same weight and same reps , getting stronger actually , but I don't understand why I'm the sticks say I'm not in ketosis . I know I'm tracking everything correctly with macros, I'm drinking 6-7 bottles of water, taking in lots of sodium , 3 avocados a day for potassium . so if anyone knows how I can get into ketosis, please help me .

Natalia Angelique: I totally agree. After being on keto for 9 months, I realized that I would become super moody and get into depressing moods when I ate bread. Keto saved my life

Benjamin B.: Do you have any advice for a person that eats too much? I am keto or eat really low carb. I think my diet isnt that bad, but the natural feeling when you are full doesnt really hit me. If I eat anything meaty or fatty like nuts, I cant really tell when to stop eat. And if I fill up on "fillers" like green veg I just keep eating. Im also hardly satisfied with excusit (?) foods like dark chocolate. Any helpfull keto idea beyon "hey just eat less" is greatly appreciated. After all you said you dont count calories but it just seems to fit for your body with your roughly 2300 kcal. Thanks mate or mateess.

Healthy Recipe Channel: Phenibut can be some nasty stuff. I have known people that have gotten pretty badly addicted to that stuff. Great Video and 100% on point.

Bane is sane: I was told by my friends that if I used the keto diet to cut I could lose all my muscles ..?

frank fredrickson: Another fantastic video, thank you, I was wondering how long it takes you to become fat adapted, my main reason for keto is a better mindset and mental clarity.

Robin Holt: It treats my anxiety and depression TREMENDOUSLY!

Joseph Ghassan: actually the ketogenic diet bring back homeostasis to the brain by balancing neurotransmitter. ketones are the magic

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COACHING/ SKYPE CONSULTATIONS: A ketogenic diet - is it the most advantageous diet for losing weight?

Diet and Depression - can a KETOGENIC DIET be a potent tool for mental and emotional health?

Diet and Depression - can a KETOGENIC DIET be a potent tool for mental and emotional health?

For More: Coaching, skype consultations: Depression is a state that CAN be ...