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Watch the sequel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p5Ac7ap_MAY 97% owned present serious research and verifiable evidence on our economic and financial system. This is the first documentary to tackle this issue from a UK-perspective and explains the inner workings of Central Banks and the Money creation process. When money drives almost all activity on the planet, it's essential that we understand it. Yet simple questions often get overlooked, questions like; where does money come from? Who creates it? Who decides how it gets used? And what does this mean for the millions of ordinary people who suffer when the monetary, and financial system, breaks down? A film by Michael Oswald, Produced by Mike Horwath, featuring Ben Dyson of Positive Money, Josh Ryan-Collins of The New Economics Foundation, Ann Pettifor, the "HBOS Whistleblower" Paul Moore, Simon Dixon of Bank to the Future and Nick Dearden from the Jubliee Debt Campaign. Help us translate this video: http://www.youtube.com/timedtext_video?ref=share&v=XcGh1Dex4Yo or contact us on info@queuepolitely.com Brought to you by: http://hushhushvideo.com/ and http://queuepolitely.com/


ForcefighterX2: I actually read the money creation directly on the homepage of the "Deutsche Bundesbank" (kind of the German central bank) and linked it to a friend who studied law. His respond seemed totally indoctrinated to me as he simply stated: "Oh those tin-foil hat wearing conspiracy theoriests." I told him that it's the governmental bank and they are admitting it. He still wouldn't believe me even though he could read it for himself. That's the control the banksters have over people's minds...

c. j. macq: EXCELLENT documentary. but its solutions are just as flawed as the present system. there are NO capitalist solutions to capitalist problems. ALL monetary systems are corrupt and will, by definition, create and benefit a social elite. capitalism IS moneyism. I've founded a new and unique philosophy called equalism which addresses, among other things, this very issue. equalism introduces a NEW way to view the world. for intance; capitalism and free-marketism are NOT synonymous but free-marketism and socialism are very closely linked. If anyone is looking for something truly original and different check out my equalism lecture series, in sequence beginning with equalism 101, on my channel. you can check out my latest video, just uploaded, equalism 118a: Wisdoms and Lessons of History (part 1) at this link - https://youtu.be/oAUs81z6sOc - (I've already uploaded Parts 2 and 3.) you never know, you all just may be equalists and not yet know it.

Jobje Rabbeljee: Get out of your greed bubble. How big is your world? Who gives a fuck ? What do you care about ? How fair is a funfair ? Is it allways the people in power ? What's a cornerstone worth ? What shit ot needless crap have you bought today ? Is all plastic bad ? Do you smoke or just commute-pollute ? What would God think of this fucking travesty ? Is it never enough, though all is too much ? Do you hurt ?Is it hurting? Who hurts you ?
Did you get laid ? Or just late today ? What is trust in funding ? Are there cars running on water ?
Are you sad?
Have some coffee.
Do yourself. Dig revolution
Go to bed. Wake up with a wooden head.What have you said ?
Life is half, and half is dead.
Anything, just go

Flash Gordan: Its all to exploit the able bodied worker. Cameron's right. England should be destroyed and start over. People pretend work is sitting ion their ass these days.

Dr. Robert T. Mullane III: Hear here,!! Your behaviour is rather disgraceful. HERE HEAR HERE NOW

rebecca rosten: WOW!!!!!!!!! I am speechless.  Thanks for sharing!!

Dubravko Kakarigi: Good documentary except for the very annoying background music.

CaptiveRiticuli: Isn't it lovely how they are explaining economics to us here. In other words, what they are saying is, Welcome to the world teeth, be ready to be chewed up each and every day of your miserable life, be ready to be fucked in the ass financially, have the piss taken out of you weekly by the tax man and the councils and the VAT and the inflation and the budget and all the other bills ad infinitum and the red suitcase, and just carry on in your worthless financial life even though the Rothschild family are worth at least 500 TRILLION, that is, 1 trillion is a billion billions. But don't worry if you default on your house payment and the looming hired goons turn up to throw you and your family on the street, no don't worry, just take a hose pipe from the exhaust of your car and take yourself a nice lack of monetary funds nap forever, and they won't worry, because the establishment won't give a flying fuck about you. There's your economics.

Joe Mccarthy: Cryptocurrencies will disrupt the global debt based monetary system

Bobby Paradis: https://twitter.com/RParadisJr

Immaculate Landscaping: Rothschild family have enslaved human race by tricking us in borrowing and the money is created right there and then and that proves our enslavement. This system has to change. Brentonwood should stop there propagandist Word Bank, WTO, IMF. All in benefit of Rothschild family who owns all the banks and countries because of there lending process.

John Kerttu: Unless you are a member of the families who are the real owners of the world's resources, you are part of the problem created by the poor people of the world.. And those rich people will have you exterminated in the next wars they create.

Leo Weo: I've been watching for 20 min and so far it's just them repeatedly saying banks make money...

FreemonSandlewould: A much better coverage of this topic is: "The Money Masters" by Bill Still here on Youtube. He does not screw up the explanation like these people did.

FreemonSandlewould: Leave it to a bunch of lefty English to screw up the explanation of what a farce private central banking is.....

Bhupen Solanki: good documentary

William Iannucci: What the rulers of the banks have done is crimminal period. Evil indeed period that is why mr. Bernanke has a smerk on his face , fear not God will wipe it off. If the banking system did that which had been right none of the people would be in the mess we are in right now and if those who say they are of MOSES did right then they would not have been dispersed though out the world to bring it down period for they kept not the LAW of God . But he whom they crucified did . And if the known CHURCHES by their Pastors gave the WORD of God none of us would be in the mess we find our selves in today period so God is bringing the whole thing down for what a man sows that is what shall be given to him unless he turns away from the evil and seeks the face of God and there is only one way period for SALVATION IS OF THE JEWS AND THAT MY FRIENDS IS WHY JESUS CHRIST CAME , AND BECAUSE THE JEWS REJECTED HIM SALVATION CAME TO THE GENTILES UNTIL THE FULFILLMENT OF THE GENTILES COMES TO PASS AND WERE AT THAT POINT JUST ABOUT NOW! HEAR THIS: GOD is not a respector of any person but unto those who do right that is why I and my house have called on the name of the Lord God and not another for I am not ashamed of Jesus my Christ nor shall be come what may. Like I said: SALVATION is of the jew first and he was born being made one of them . I can still hear father Abraham say : Isaac God will provide a Lamb. And he did just that. Seeing he had no sin and died for Sin and was risen early on the morning of the third day I have hope for what I like others could not do Christ did do for not only me but all those who also find themselves calling on the Name of the Lord GOD who is God . SAVED BY GRACE THROUGH FAITH FOR HE IS THE GIFT OF God placed in every believer do to the blood and by the washing of the Word of God , the word made flesh Jesus our Christ. Amen Amen and AMEN.

James Ritchie: We need a nuclear war where smart bombs only target dumbasses who believe the kind of crap this video vomits out as truth. Half the world's population would vanish overnight, and the earth would become a paradise.

Paul Abraham: This was some eye opener

Brandon Leech: Fractional reserve banking: Jewish trick

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