Taxi and Line Up! Explained by Captain Joe

What is the difference between "taxi" and "line up"? Dear friends and followers today I´ll be answering another question which was sent in by one of my youtube follower .... "Joe what is the difference between Taxi and Line up?" Great question! They are two separate things, that´s for sure. So let´s imagine you´ve just fastened your seat belts and you can feel the aircraft being pushed back out of it´s gate position. The eninge spoul up and a few minutes later the aircraft starts to move under it´s own power. The pilots standby for the clear signal by the pushback driver and then request a taxi clearance with ground or apron controller, which will sound similar to this."......" After receiving the taxi clearance the pilots turn on the taxi and runway turnoff lights, release the parking brake and taxi along their assigned route. Very often you can feel the aircraft slowing down just after it started moving, that indicates a brake check, then you might see the ailerons going up and down, that is the flight control check. On smaller Turboprop jets you sometimes see that only one propeller is spinning, so the pilots are using the single engine taxi procedure. But all these procedures can vary from airline to airline. Also entering the deicing pad and getting deiced is within the taxi phase. Sometimes you have to give way for incoming or outgoing traffic, or stop at an active runway which you have to cross in order to get to your holding point. At big airports like Madrid or Los Angeles you might have to change the ground frequency up to four times and taxi times can vary between three minutes and 1 hour or even longer. To steer the aircraft you either use the tiller or the pedals once the speed is high enough, and the maximum taxi speed is 30 knots, approximately 60km/h and going around a turn should be performed at speeds not higher then 10 knots to prevent the nosewheel from colapse. So once you´ve reached your holding point at your assigned runway, the ground controller will advise you, once your leaving his perimeter, to switch over to tower control. The tower controller is in charge of overlooking the approach and departure sector and to give line up, take-off and landing clearances. The taxi phase ends once the tower controller has cleared you onto to the active runway. Before lining up, the tower controller will mostly likely ask you if you are "ready for the departure". Once you´ve completed the "Before Take-Off Checklist" you will respond, "AirJoe123, ready for departure","AirJoe123 line up runway 26Right". Once lined up, he will say,"AirJoe123, cleared for take-off runway 26right". So the line up starts once you´ve passed the holing point and ends once your airplane fuselage is in line with the runway centerline. You should be fully ready for departure cause if there is inbound traffic you do not want to line up on the runway if you´re not fully ready, possibly causing the inbound traffic to perform a go-around. No you do not want that to happen, trust me! Line ups can also be performed via runway intersections, and even if there is a airplane waiting at the beginning of the runway. There are special line up procedures, in Düsseldorf/Germany for example, a Airbus A330 or Boeing 777 will line up in the opposite direction, perform a 180 degree turn to use the full available runway lenth in case of a heavy take-off weight. Special line up guide lines will help the pilot to perform this procedure. Also there are special line up clearances, for example if you have inbound traffic on short final, like in this video, the tower controller will say "AirJoe123, BEHIND next landing Airbus A321, line up runway 26Right BEHIND". When reading back your clearance, the controller will take extra care that you mention the word "BEHIND" twice. So those are the main differences of taxi and line up. Taxi is getting to the runway and line up is entering the runway and being ready for take-off. I hope I´ve answered another aviation related question for you, give me a thumbs up if you enjoyed this video and subscribe my channel if you want to learn more about the world of aviation. All the best, farewell your Captain Joe INSTAGRAM FLYWITHCAPTAINJOE: MY WEBSITE: Equipment I use: Camera: Microphone: Lights:


Mushfiqur Rahman: joe, I like your channel and ur videos which greatly help us learning many things.I would like to know what is " Apron " written in many taxi ways.

Texan Hawk: Captain Joe -- during taxi, and especially during turns, how tightly do pilots follow the taxiway centerlines?

Damian Jez: What happens when a plane has to go around as a result of no preparation of the crew who has been cleared to take off?

Cristiano Leite: Love yours videos Captain Joe. Congratulations from Brazil.

Jerry Yang: Hi captain, what is CAT marker on runway/taxiway?

satnamsammi1968: super

Chitralekha Das Barman: Captain Joe please make a video on my question

Chitralekha Das Barman: Hello Captain Joe,

I want to know why is an aircraft always pulled back with the help of a push truck? Is an aircraft not equipped with Reverse Gear like in motor vehicle?

I hope you will soon reply to my question.

Thank you for kind consideration

A B: Hi Joe, i have been in process of PPL. i have question that....what is the difference between GREEN FLASHING and steady RED lights when are on the runway and what does that mean to aircraft in the air?...please explain with some real time example. Thanks in Advance

Qassim Keizer: Nice videos Joe. Could u make a video on "what would happen if a pilot fails to respond to commands from ATC. Thanks.

saz9297: great you are capt joe. i want to know how you keep nose wheel exactly on yellow strip? thank you

WJTB 2004: Does the pilot really have to turn on the taxi and runway turnoff lights even at daytine?

Hugo25 y: I've just discovered your chanel so I don't no if you've already aswered to this question: Could you explain what's the voice off in the cockpit especially when it's the time to the landing for exemple when it says : Retard ! Retard ! after the countdoxn of the altitude or Minimum ! Minimum !
I hope that my English is understandable ( I'm a french man ;) ) and that you're going to see my question !

Hammam Boutafant: Nice video man, appreciate it.One quick question: how old were you when you started studying?

aliyu umar: Captain Joe please what's the difference between N1 rotation and N2 rotation.?

Anvar Akhmedov: Cool, what is the difference between TAT SAT????????????????????????????

Barry Schuuring: HI Captain Joe,

I love your video's, great work and even my 7 Years old Son loves your explanations and even he doesn't understand English as good as I do, he understands your videos.
I'm a airplane tug driver and what I want to know is, what is a perfect pushback for an pilot? how does it works and what are the right procedures for a perfect push.
Please can you explain it to the world.

Greetings from the Netherlands and keep up the great work...

Patix: I love your videos!

Nyck461: Very interesting explanation. Joe, I also like when you include short videos of other airplanes to better explain what you are saying. Good job

Callie Masters: WHY DOES THIS MAN LAUGH SO MUCH?! Every sentence is followed by a giggle!
I guess he's cracking himself up, but he sure does know a hell of a lot about flying.

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