Top 5 Animals You Didn’t Know Existed

Top 5 Animals You Didn’t Know Existed. There are so many different kinds of animal species out in the world. I mean, there are probably thousands of different kinds of bugs alone. Which is kind of disgusting when you think about it. And more animal species are being discovered daily; some of which are downright unbelievable. Here are the top five animals you probably didn't know existed.


Lewis Wood: I hate blob fish

The MLP Warrior: My favorite animal is Lynx

courtney: My favorite animal is the Hawksbill sea turtle

Minecraft twins: water animal: Dolphin, land animal: bushbaby

Saint Mack: Saltwater crocodile and great white shark

Troy Loving: That Turtle was from The Amazing World of Gumball lol

Troy Loving: Tiger

TheAwsome Mexican: cat

TheAwsome Mexican: @

TheAwsome Mexican: Dog

OfficialRayRay: My favorite animal is a Lion.

Cassie Nunnyabusiness: actually I knew 2 of those creatures, so actually they weren't five animals I didn't know existed but 3 animals I didn't know existed as I already knew the spider crab and blobfish already existed

Kaitlyn Bods: omfg that is my pic. axolotl. my goddam favourite animal.

Jennifer Hynes: I knew all these existed.

Justin Humphrey: My favourite animal is shark

James Velazquez: My pandas!!

King_blah101: that turtle is circumsized

GirlyGirlzGaming: My fav animal is a panda!!! 😄

Emma Foote: I knew 4/5 of these 😅

M2 Volkanik: Lion cubs

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