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When someone is new to the ketogenic diet and lifestyle, they tend to have lots of questions. That’s a good thing. So I’ve taken the liberty of collecting some of, what I consider, the more important things a keto newbie will need to know as they start out. https://www.ketovangelist.com


Bread Sandwich: Your "about" section on your channel really got me laughing. Haha. Make more videos

Manal Javid: I just hate counting calories.

Leticia S.: Thank you

Liz Plawman: Is it net carbs or total. I have been told its net to subtract fiber

Gina Bayer: Great video I've been on Keto since may and I started Keto just like you describe here. Simple. I think it's easy to stay eating low carb

Ashley: I just finished my first week of keto. I lost 9 pounds in seven days! I was so shocked and it gave me even more motivation to keep going. I was 255 and now I’m 246. Trying to lose 100 pounds ☺️

ErosAdonis Hernandez-Navarro: Thank you! I’m a newbie and this help me a lot.

PetarDambovaliev: On intermittent fasting 18/6 keto diet I lost 30 pounds in 1 month.


Krishna Kotru: I cannot eat non veg on Tuesday and Thursday, what to eat on these 2days

ragdolllibby: Great motivation and tips.

Sophia Neilsson: I've heard differing claims about how many carbs for a woman is still good for keto. You're sayin 20g, but i've heard anything under 40 - 50g is ok for a woman??

Rach Sky: U r a bunch of wrong infos... Himalayan salt??? Are you serious???? The percentage of "minerals" that u find in the himalayan salt doesn't have influence on your diet... u are just throwing your money away.And what are the "bad" fats in your opinion?? Since you said all ingredients that contain all kinds of fats (except trans ones)?. Coconut oil is ALMOST ONLY SATURATED FAT. u have to count you calories!!! Otherwise u get fat the same way you do with carbs. They say it doesn't matter because with ketones you fill full with less food (because you consume your fat), so you introduce with this diet less calories that you need, but if u have a psychological problem you are gonna be in hypercaloric so you are gonna get fat. With keto diet you have an advantage, you trigger way less insulin. But if u are insulin-resistant you are not gonna lose weight. Salt is important AFTER YOU START LOSING LOTS OF WEIGHT. Not before ....

MatrixNative: does this channel really only have like 7 videos?

Matthew Blom: I started at 245 on keto and in 20 days lost 20 lbs. And then...I stuck. Plateau'd. Didn't matter if I did 1200-1500 calories per day, I just stuck at 225. And I've been here 1-1/2 weeks. Any advice? My main support is my body builder friend who thinks it'll start randomly working again. I want to run two days intermittant fasting. Any thoughts?

ScAriel 510: I hate when people use the comment section to split hairs about information that if, further clarified or worded more specifically by their comments, wouldn't really change the core message being conveyed by the youtuber.
To all those people thinking the readers are so grateful to all the know it all's out there...nobody likes people like that...plus, if you know more and are so detail oriented, make your own videos and maybe you wouldn't spend so much time nitpicking others...so annoying how everybody has to know, explain, and feel so RIGHT so often...bllleeeggghhh get over it. So annoying.

MegaDh2000: You lost me at "I can't stand coffee."

Ravi Knight: Thank you very much. This was very helpful to me.

Antonio Marinella: I wanna be on keto for my own life , Yes it is a struggle for all us trying to avoid all the shit food around us and bad informations of common culture . Just keep fighting !

monsterwerksvideo: #2 for me. Although what I'm doing is not strictly keto, I still am feeling the benefits. My carbs are probably higher because I haven't eliminated fruits. But I have eliminated starches, foods grown underground (I'll probably eat these on occasion), all grains, beans and wheat based foods (except I will occasionally have a slice of my pie, the crust of which I will start using lard and butter with, and my most amazing and yummy cheesecake). Luckily, I don't like most of these kinds of foods anyway, and what a blessed relief to stop trying to like legumes and grains!

I listen to my body to know when to stop eating (which isn't that hard with good fats) and when to start (oddly, my brain says so before my stomach does!). I'm in my second week, and had no idea that getting good fats into my diet would be an issue. It's not hard, but definitely not something I anticipated having to put a little effort into. When I first looked into all of this and came across "fat bombs", I was a little dubious. Now I get it. I'll be making some tonight and tomorrow to keep on hand.

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7 lessons for keto newbies - Ketovangelist

7 lessons for keto newbies - Ketovangelist

When someone is new to the ketogenic diet and lifestyle, they tend to have lots of questions. That's a good thing. So I've taken the liberty of collecting some of, ...