Is Tilapia Good For You? 3 Fish to Eat instead of Tilapia- Thomas DeLauer

Is Tilapia good for you? 3 Fish to eat instead of Tilapia is an in-depth look into the truth about Tilapia and the many misconceptions that surround it. Learn how this fish is farmed and the top reasons why you should consider avoiding it. Find out 3 healthy fish alternatives that you can add to your diet to increase nutritional value and maximize your Omega-3’s. Get more great tips from Thomas at -The third most consumed fish in the US, tilapia has unfortunately been tainted by farming and feeding practices. It is the most popular farmed fish in the US (1) -Farmed fish problem - farmed fish are bad for the environment and for our health. They are fed corn, soy and antibiotics. They are even fed hormones such as testosterone (1). What we consume is not lost, it is passed onto us. -Tilapia are easy to farm as they breed easily and will consume these unnatural foods, and easy to sell as they taste bland and thus many people will eat them (1). -Less than 5% of the farmed tilapia we consume comes from within the US. China and Latin America are the main locations for farmed tilapia, and their standards are not up to par. Fish are raised in crowded areas and harm local environments, such as lakes (1) -When we are told to eat fish, it is largely due to the omega-3 fatty acid, DHA and EPA. In our Western diet we have too low omega-3 to omega-6 fatty acid ratio, leading to a number of health problems. -A 2008 study published in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics looked at the fatty acid profile of four commonly farmed fish including tilapia. It found low levels of omega-3s, high levels of omega-6 fatty acids, high saturated fat and monounsaturated fat, and low DHA and EPA levels. These findings suggest that these fish have a makeup which is accepted to be inflammatory, which is very bad for our health (2). -While high in protein, tilapia’s fat profile makes it the opposite of good for your heart. Three Fish to Eat Instead of Tilapia When shopping for fish, wild-caught are usually the way to go. When shopping for wild-caught fish, looking for fish lower on the food chain is better to avoid environmental toxins. To be environmentally conscious, looks for fish certified by the MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) (3). If you buy farmed fish, be sure it states the fish were raised without hormones or antibiotics, not treated with synthetic herbicides, were farmed in low-density pens/tanks and that they were fed a natural diet (3). 1. US Haddock - has moderate mercury and is sustainably fished (4) a. With similar protein content, higher iron and lower saturated fat, wild-caught US haddock is a good alternative (5) 2. California and Pacific Halibut - moderate mercury levels and is sustainably fished (4) . With similar protein content and mild taste, higher iron, Vitamin A, iron and lower saturated fat, wild-caught halibut can replace tilapia in most recipes (5) 3. Alaska Cod - moderate mercury levels and is sustainably fished (4) . With roughly equal protein content per gram, lower saturated fat and higher potassium, cod is flakey and delicious (5) .Note: When possible, eating oily fish high in omega-3 fatty acids is the way to go. Try wild Alaskan salmon, Pacific sardines and black cod. References: 1. Another side of tilapia, the perfect factory fish 2. The content of favorable and unfavorable polyunsaturated fatty acids found in commonly eaten fish 3. Which Fish are the Safest and Healthiest to Eat 4. EDF Seafood Selector 5. Fish and Shellfish Nutritional Composition Subscribe to the Thomas DeLauer Channel Here:


polygamous1 Sozou: you know mate This makes a lot of sense to me when i first went to China 2008 i hated the fish there even in top hotels my friends took me n hated fish just as much couple of years ago in China again, but sadly cod is now farmed in Norway n Denmark n many other European countries so it looks like we have to go to small seaside towns to buy fish from the fishermen we don't want to eat the crap they farm sad but the reality

DJQ 15: Good info though I don't eat tilapia because they have nasty sharp bones inside and they taste really bland.
Sardines FTW

Fulton Sheen: The whole point of talapia is that is cheap. The three fish you suggest are literally some of the most expensive on the market. Not all of us have celebrity model money, Thomas.

Marc Wolverson: Is Tilapia the same as Basa?

Rosemary Lauri: Thank you Thomas for so much helpful knowledge to assist us in adapting a healthier lifestyle. I've always worked toward a healthier way of life since I was 19 years old and now I'm 67. But you have also helped make it way easier along with amazing results by educating us with your valuable information. I am locked in on your channel! Thanks again!
Tim Lauri, Redford, Mi

TheJudge01: Low in omega 3 which defeats the purpose of eating fish. Uummm I don't know anybody who eats fish for omega 3 they eat it because it taste good. That might be surprising but it's true. We also like twinkies and zingers that have nutritional value but it's sex to the tongue. No not tongue sex that something else.

war of humanity's pro of knife: in Phillipines we use it to cure daibitis sometimes and we eat them it's healthy for Filipinos it helps your eye sight to see better at night like mines

YenYU Chen: How about Basa? It's cheaper than cod.

غريب الدار: I just eat a big plate full with tilapia ...fuck i need to flush down everything

Sunasia Hawkins: Video ends...........

throws away whole bag of frozen tilapia in my freezer

Irena: After watching Fork Over Knives and Food Inc, for the first time in my life really I'm taking food more seriously. This was an eye opener!

Xbox One X Guy: What about pink salmon that comes from china?

mia love: Oh so our cows are even better with all the hormones they inject . And mass production. I prefer something that comes from Asia they live longer and cancer rates and extremely low plus any animal protein is very acidic 🙄

nolasweethoney: Cod has too much sodium to be of benefit to me. Halibut and Haddock are a bit pricey. Any other suggestions???

Damon Albarn: Did You ever visited any country outside USA? Did You have seen how the food is farmed? Or is it just from "common knowledge" that everything farmed outside USA has no or minimal regulations? Serious, people all around the world watching your videos and constantly asking themselves "WTF!?".

TheMagicStool: You mentioned Pacific Halibut and Cod. What about the Atlantic counterparts to those?

Valerie Maas: Tilapia just tatstes like old blend white bread soaked in dishwater.

Eric Hope: Very informative video! Thanks!

theblue014: Who was the Asswhole who decided that it would be a Good idea to Feed Fish Chicken Shit?

Aaron Willis: Thomas is right about foreign tilapia. They are often raised in basically what amount to sewer ponds. I have raised tilapia on an aquaponics farm where they were fed a natural diet of worms, bugs, algae and alfalfa and the water was constantly filtered. The taste of fresh, sustainable, farm raised tilapia fed a natural diet is anything but bland. The Omega 3's and 6's are in perfect balance and they are just as much or more healthy to eat as any other fish (that isn't salmon or sardines) and are an excellent source of high quality protein. I tried some tilapia imported from China once and about gagged. It was slimy and had a bland, but slightly foul flavor. Salmon and sardines are great fish, because they eat great food. Fish are what they eat/ate, just as Thomas says and the same goes for tilapia.

Tilapia have a bad rap because people only refer to the cesspool raised fish when pontificating on the merits of various fish. If you have a scary story to tell about a certain popular fish, demonizing it grabs peoples attention and gets you more customers because you are so smart and wise to warn people of such devil fish. Of course cesspool tilapia are going to be a low quality, inflammatory fish, just as salmon and any other fish would be if raised in the same conditions. Find an American supplier of tilapia, preferably from an aquaponics farm, and buy fresh or frozen from them and enjoy all the delicious tilapia you want. If you cannot find an American source, the Regal Lakes tilapia found at Costco is raised in lake farms with mountain spring water and is probably the best imported tilapia. They are fed soybeans and corn, so the nutrition profile will reflect that. I would only eat it occasionally, but it still has a decent Omega 3/6 ratio and plenty of vitamin D and B12 and beats processed protein any day.

Thomas, you tell people to not eat farm raised salmon. That is good. Salmon do not do well as a farmed fish. They taste nasty and their nutrition quality is poor. But everybody pushing salmon only highlights the nutritional benefits of wild caught fish. However, the same reasoning does not apply to farm grown tilapia harvested from well run farms with clean water and natural food diets. In fact it is the opposite. I've had wild caught tilapia. They are not so pleasant to eat and, as you noted, they will eat anything. Being in the wild doesn't change that and that includes bottom feeding, and any garbage they can find. Wild tilapia are more toxic than any salt water fish like sharks or tuna. They also absorb the heavy metals and other toxins from the heavily polluted fresh water environment.

Correctly farmed tilapia are an excellent, sustainable and healthy food source. You harp on a sustainable supply of fish. Well raised tilapia are one of those sustainable fish. Instead of scaring people away from it to make a buck, we should be eating more tilapia from American farmers so that it is worth it for them to produce here--using quality processes and diets. Unfortunately most American tilapia farms are suffering from guilt by association with an inferior, imported poop fish that should never be consumed by anybody regardless of the species. My family grew up eating fresh tilapia from our family farm as one of our main protein sources. We all remained lean and healthy while consuming large quantities of this tasty, farm raised fish.

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Is Tilapia Good For You? 3 Fish to Eat instead of Tilapia- Thomas DeLauer

Is Tilapia Good For You? 3 Fish to Eat instead of Tilapia- Thomas DeLauer

Is Tilapia good for you? 3 Fish to eat instead of Tilapia is an in-depth look into the truth about Tilapia and the many misconceptions that surround it. Learn how ...