How to Can Tomato Juice

If you would like to purchase a food mill for your tomato juice, please click the link below!


1 For The People: This recipe is by far the very best I have seen yet!Really enjoyed this video. Thank you for sharing.

Jay: Don't heat plastic and let it touch food. It leaches BPA from the plastic, and many other harmful compounds. Not eve type 5 plastic is safe for that.

Maureen Neilson-Sewell: looks great but how long to water bath and where to store and how long is the shelf life?

Tom Evans: Love your channel!

Jalal Dawod: Thank you that was great ! I just tried roasting the tomatoes in the oven instead of boiling.
I put them on a big cookie sheet with wax paper then I cut an x on top, add olive oil and course salt. Take them out put in blender then strain.

Marky Marco: You put the finger inside the jar.

Gina Ashburn:

Steve Wright: You cant taste it?

Heritage Soap Co.: Do you not have to pressure can the juice? After you put it in the jars with the hot lids - is that it? No other processing?

Beth Banderton: Harold , Hi from England! how long do you actually boil the tomatoes for? looks so yummy.

Silvan Silva: Dude, send me a sip of this juice.

Donnie Schappert: Love The Magnetic Lid Grabber! Nice vid. Thanks!

Pam Schall: Harold,
Just canned 5 quarts of pasta sauce and 24 quarts or salsa did not use a water bath and they all sealed. What a huge time and effort saver, thank you

carrie1340: What area of Va... I'm from Appomattox but I live now in Stuarts Draft...

carrie1340: Heyyyyy Harold !! It's tomatoee time ....

Pam Schall: Do you have to do a hot water bath after you fill the jars, or do you just let the jars seal?

Harold Shifflett: Thank you for watching it is good

Bob Carson: good one I will make this Harold--thank you

Harold Shifflett: Thank you for watching

carrie1340: Thanks Harold :)

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How to Can Tomato Juice

How to Can Tomato Juice

If you would like to purchase a food mill for your tomato juice, please click the link below!

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