11 Redhead Facts Everyone Should Know

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Baby Bleach: I think I carry the redhead gene because my cousins have red hair but I have brown hair

eliza taylor: Redhead and I have really thin hair it won't even hold a curl

Israel Dethroner: Name of background music? It’s dope

thatpotterlife: But green eyes are also 1-2% of the population

Ali the Cat: So thats why I have a crush on a red head I was staring at his eyes for more than 10 seconds.


Talia Barilla: I have black hair and my hair is figure then redheads

Linx Cooking Cooking channel ;3/save the lynx: I'm a redhead

Zuzanna Kożdoń: 1:27 I already fell for Axl Rose

Lyndsay Boyd: #proudredhead

Alex Jaydefire: I have the rarest combination


Ego Planer: Im here to fap, anyone else?

Chloe Farrell: I don't think ginger hair and blue eyes is a rare combination I live in Ireland and everyone I see with ginger hair has blue eyes


Juicy Pear: I have like 2 strands of red hair out of all my black hair...what does that even mean??XD

heather peterson: I'm a redhead

Joebell 1236: I'm not trying to be special or anything, but my aunt had red hair, and her and my Mom had different fathers, and one time when I was little my mom easy brushing my hair and found few red hair in the SEA of my curly brown hairs

Can that happen

Am I going to have a child with red hair

What's happening

UnderGirl 11: In my 3rd grade I had a red head in my class
We say it's orange she said it's red

Ocean River Aquatics: Ok just to let you guys know red hair in general isn't thicker than normal hair ok a lot of redheads I've met have actually very thin hair. For example just because you see a girl or boy with thick red hair doesn't mean every redhead has thick hair. Dont generalize.

Rupali Adhikari: Was the last fact actually true

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