11 Redhead Facts Everyone Should Know

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Theme park Lauren: I'll just sit with my blond hair and green eyes

No Name: Wanna here a funny short story??
I have blonde hair and blue eyes and me and my dad where in town and there was a Chinese tour bus and everyone was getting off the bus. The people getting off the bus where all asking to have a photo taken with me :) I don't remember this though cause i was like 4.


Ronja Lysholm: I like that they said that red hair+ blue eyes is the rarest combination in the world... all of the redheads in this video had blue eyes


Isabella Rose: The last one....I looked into the mirror at my eyes and didn't fall in love....


The Cassidi B: I'm pale, have red hair, blue eyes, and freckles
(In some pictures my eyes are full on green)

IslandKittens: Well..... My mom has red hair and she gets gray hair fast and shes only 39

i luv pizza is back: i have red hair and brown eyes and freckles lmao

galaxy Queen: So ron weasly is rare?

Alix M. Taulbee: I'm a natural redhead who is NOT irish or scottish!

Bridie Mander-Jones: No wonder I fell in love with the ex, and my crush right now!!

mitsune hanao: 1-2% of the worlds poulation are redheads, 1% of that number are weaslys
I feel like super rare cuz i'm a ginger and im not a weasly😜

Mäl xx: I've never seen a red haired person that didnt have blue eyes?

ACDC guns'n'roses ramones motörhead: I'll just grab a girl and look her Deep in her eyes and BAM, she's mine

Kaia Lin: THE WEASLEYS!!!! rip Fred.

Anyone can ask me anything about Harry Potter. And don't try to brag that you've read the book many times. Bc I assure you I've read them more

On other hand I have brown hair but it also hairs a very slight hint of red in it.

Honeybeee !!: Where my redhead squad at?

bayla tube: I have red hair and blue eyes

Sydney Jarmon: Well well well, my brother has red hair and blue eyes. In fact our whole family has blue eyes.

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