11 Redhead Facts Everyone Should Know

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Cadence Mangune: I feel sad I'm a dark brown

Wailee 357: Ok this is how i look
Red hair
Blue eyes
Hair that grows really fast and is tick, ye dat it, btw i am a boy....

Kyle Burdick: I have thin hair

Maggie :v: 12th fact: some dont have eyebrows :v

superrorobelle Roblox: My bootiful red hair makes up for the lack of beauty on my face lol

Calanit Myers: I'm a read head and have blue eyes

awesome fatema: Did anyone else think of Sadie sink from stranger things?..........no just me okay then

Levi Probasco: Dude I have red hair and blue eyes

Kaelyn Rauch: so let me begin by saying that im not the bigest fan of gingers. but i go to a school where 50% of the student body is gingers. its insane, its like they scout out all the gingers in the country tocome her. its so strange and honestly makes me feel uncomfortable when i walk past a group of them they always stare and look like they want to murder me, could be just the ones that go to my school

39wolf: Geneticists should make a gene pool of these people before they go extinct.

manya shukla: this is true i fell in love with sophie turner

Комитски: I don't need 10 seconds. I AM ALREADY IN LOVE!

tk421missing: Redheads are more difficult to sedate than any other people often requiring up to 20% more anesthesia than others to prevent them from waking up during surgical procedures. I, am the opposite, I am very susceptible to sedatives and other drugs. Another site says bees are thought to sting red heads more than other people. I have never been stung by a bee, wasps and hornets yes but not bees. Strange anyone would be stung by a bee.

Lilian Carey: It says that red hair is thicker than other hair, my hair is not even close to thick and I'm a red head

rad the box: redheads are rare and friend of mine lives in Florida and in which case is inside of
the Christian border and you what this friend of mine see the most redheads everywhere so their not rare at all

B 143: Redheads are beautiful. Anyone who bullies them are obviously jealous and envy them.

Katarina Vratonjic: I am the most common one....
Brown hair and brown eyes...
Nothing special...

Tricia Fredrick: is the last fact actually true?

Ali_draws_vlogs and games: Im the redhead that my parents produced😂

Danielle: Sooooo, they're like modern mutants.

Huh, neat

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