YOU GUYS GOTTA CHECK OUT OUR NEWEST VIDEO CAMPING AT THE BACK GATE!!! SKETCHY WITH LOT'S OF CAMMO DUDES! No zoom only had Gopros. Next time we'll bring our DSLRs and ZOOM! Area 51 Assault on the hidden back gate!! We found a secret hidden back gate where use of deadly force was AUTHORIZED. We were planning on camping there but determined it was just too dangerous so we camped at the more known back gate. This was exciting! Wait for our next video camping at the back gate with Camo dudes!! We couldn't zoom in as we only had Sony action cams with us. Check out the front gate new Black Mailbox here Website Twitter @2wADV Facebook @2wADV Instagram @2wheeledadventurers GoFundMe Please help us break a Guinness World Record for longest journey in 1 country in 1 year by a motorcycle! Here's our Amazon Store with the gear we use or recommend Youtube royalty free music Worldmap


ShortyHitman: Green ufo in the corner

CLEMSONtiger 300: Worst video I’ve ever seen for almost 6 million views what a waste of time watching this

Jermey Jordan: Where is the back gate I am not going there tho I just want to know where it is

Gilbert DeLaRosa: It's called TRESPASSING you idiots. It's Federal Property. Deadly Force is AUTHORIZED. That mean we only have to say Halt 3 times but you must present a threat. Three things MUST be present...Intent, Opportunity and Capability. Your lack of IQ fulfills all three in my book. Go back to Vegas and have some fun.

Ricky Deyo: if they got a sniper you get one and when they come out you tell them well I got a sniper on you to so lets play the game sniper for sniper

F3ar the Man: Is he actually wanted for murder

Malachi Parkhurst: Should've tried flagging him down.. :v

Fortnite Daily: Look at 5:35 up left side u will see somethieng mystic!Share this video

frank b: They never put “Use of deadly force authorized” on ANY other military installation signs.... EVER!.... Man! What a find!.... -_-

trae6: Fuck this is stupid

Giveth Taketh: these professional military trained people can spot a sniper lol yea... righhhhhhhht

Darin OConnell: They all say deadly force authorized. What a goof!

The House that Jack Built: camo dudes are called federal agents and I would not mess with them unless you want to goto jail for some bullshit they will make up.

C G: Dude,is all Man is flat....and no body goes or out...UFO are from here they are TESLA ANTIGRAVetie Man made aircrafts....that is why they dont want you there is all hiden for the alien FALSE flag invation

Rob R: Your absolutely full of shit, either scope up and prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that there is someone up there. Seriously this is stupid, show me a sniper before you claim it to be.

Jack North: Considering they are both pointing at different places this is one big piece of bullshit.

tac0: Aliens are just a myth , sure like you said in the video, id believe it if i saw it ,but its just urban legends.

One thing we do KNOW about area-51 is that its a MILITARY flight base, they basically MAKE airborn killing machines amongst other things there, and this shit is seriously classified. A lot of the vehicles in USA came from area51, Why do they have snipers there protecting something like that? well. again- its fcking america, you have more weapon than people and no laws to stop it, why wouldnt they use weapons to stop people from finding a "secret" military base?. just makes sense to me.

riley anderson: It's a military base behind there

Narrow Indow: Been funny if he got shot for gp

Bob Haehn: How fucking Liz Taylor of you bwa ha ha ha

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