This video is about canning tomatoes. Showing how I do it. Tomatoes are canned using a process called "Hot Water Bath", no pressure canner is required. My tomatoes are the high acid variety so I don't add vinegar or lemon juice. This round of canning brings me up to 95 jars this canning season. Watch a later video to see how I process the excess juice. If you like this video, please comment below, tell me what you would like to see more of in my videos. Be sure to subscribe so you won’t miss any videos I upload and thanks for watching my channel.


AYMEE Stonefield: I love your videos because I love your voice and southern accent and you don't dilly dally you tell what needs to be done and you just do it. I learned a lot, thank you my grandparents had a beautiful vegetable farm but passed away before I was old enough to ask him how he canned his veges. So thank GOD for people like you who take the time to teach younger generations and thank GOD for youtube.

Joey Chancey: so you can can them in a water bath and not a pressure canner

Guildbrook Farm | Simple Sustainable Living: The tub is ingenious. Love it

Mud Pie Girl 2: Thank you for sharing!

christian66ca: my grandmother taught me to can tomatoes. I was 14 the first time I did them on my own. thanks OAG!

Calvin Mutsvairi: whats the name of the powder that you where using..before closing the pints

Carolina Lucia: What a great video! As soon as we get the keys to our new house I'm planting a garden of veggies and I will definitely come back to this video when I start canning!

Bee Batch: My family makes tomato sauce every year, made a video about it on my channel it would be awesome if you can check it out :) Thanks

Craig Arndt: Oag, hope you're doing well. Canning a load of sauce today, thought I would check out youtube to see what else I could can. I think I will can some crushed tomatoes too, then we will have for meals as well. Good idea!

mic jam: Thank you for posting this video kind sir!   My dream of having a garden came true this year(I'm 51 yrs old) and i'm over run with tomatoes... time to start canning  :) God bless!

detroitgoth: I'm curious. You boiled them for 40 minutes. Why so long? Thought the standard for tomatoes was 15.

motorcyclelad: Thank you sir! Nice to see I'm not the only guy canning tomatoes, though you've got a few years on me:) (I'm a 33 year old kid)

Dim Wit: What I like about your video is not only do you do things the oldfashioned way but you remind me of my Dad somehow and I miss him a lot. Maybe its the tatoo. Were you in WW2?

Lilly Lynn: I FORGOT TO ADD LEMON JUICE! are they still good?

Lilly Lynn: I ended up with a lot of juice. Thanks for the informative video!

The Word Made Simple: What a mess you're making. I would not want someone like you in my kitchen.

Angel Pup: Just curious, why wouldnt you want to can all that good tomato juice too? Great video.

Allie Hunter: interesting. like the idea of squeezing out the juice. I'm a novice canner. quite addicting.

Andrii Muliar: You can just put tomatoes in barrel, make brine (tablespoon on every liter of fresh cold water) and pour into that barrel until tomatoes are covered with water. Add soft pressure plate (some lid) in order to stop tomatoes from lifting.
That's all. Keep in cool place in order to have fresh pickled tomatoes for several months.
All that boiling, is just waste of nutrition properties.

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This video is about canning tomatoes. Showing how I do it. Tomatoes are canned using a process called "Hot Water Bath", no pressure canner is required.