Should You Avoid Farmed Fish?

Fish farming has become the new way to raise and eventually eat fish. Are the fish raised in farms good for you? Go to to get a FREE Audiobook of your choice when you sign up today. Read More: Is Farmed Salmon Good for You? "Eating salmon and other oily fish has been recommended as a way of boosting omega-3 fatty acids, and potentially lowering the risk of heart disease." Farmed Or Wild? "Whether farmed or wild, salmon are tasty fish and a healthy protein choice." Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease "Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease is a term used to describe the accumulation of fat in the liver of people who drink little or no alcohol." Fish Farms Become Feedlots of the Sea "If you bought a salmon filet in the supermarket recently or ordered one in a restaurant, chances are it was born in a plastic tray here, or a place just like it." Salmon Aquaculture "Some wild Pacific salmon populations are endangered, mainly because of the loss of their fresh water habitat caused by harmful logging practices and hydroelectric dams." Why farmed salmon is becoming a viable alternative to wild-caught "Come dinnertime, wild salmon is an excellent choice." Ever Wondered: Why is wild salmon a deeper red than farmed salmon? "It's 1:30 AM at the New Fulton Fish Market in the Bronx, New York City. As forklifts zip pallets of seafood through ice-packed loading bays, the fishmongers of Lockwood & Winant are selling fresh Pacific King salmon right off the plane from Washington." The Truth About Farmed Salmon at Whole Foods Market "The mild, satisfying flavor and melt-in-your mouth texture of farmed salmon is pleasing to kids and adults alike, yet unanswered questions about its origins may leave a bad taste in your mouth." Salmon Farming Gets Leaner and Greener "Rich in protein and heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids and low in saturated fats, salmon is increasingly being marketed as a healthy food." ____________________ DNews is dedicated to satisfying your curiosity and to bringing you mind-bending stories & perspectives you won't find anywhere else! New videos twice daily. Watch More DNews on TestTube Subscribe now! DNews on Twitter Trace Dominguez on Twitter Tara Long on Twitter DNews on Facebook DNews on Google+ Discovery News Download the TestTube App:


Stylus Maestro: Why would i support companies who so call exemplify sustainability when truth is it's profit they are hunting. And in all seriousness, farmed fish is bad thus i'd go for wild caught in moderation any day. God creates living things for a reason and to declare that they are depleting is utter selfish. Who are we to have the ability to count all the fish in the ocean? We aren't God and no machinery, technology will be able to account population and percentage of fish in the ocean. It's like you've broken the principle of infinity which is impossible.

Abdul Hakeem: Humans taste better anyway

Captain Cook: l will never eat farmed salmon for health reasons, wild salmon is the best in flavour, colour, texture and supplements for a healthy diet.

Blood Rage: humans are also farmed, in 9-5 jobs.

FingersBlazin: Most of what i have read says avoid it... Its full of toxins and pcbs and horrible stuff. Also studies say have it at most once a week.

leehazlewoodism: Monocultures are seldom a good idea

Paul Pierce: Cows are fed 13 pounds of feed to 1 pound of growth and produce the biggest greenhouse gas effect we know of today. Mice are completely different from people as well, this is ridiculous.

jaydee mclean: Funny, shown pics of wild vs farmed salmon both look like farmed Atlantic. Also you must only eat a lot of #2 quality farmed salmon because it's defiantly not light pink

Hossain Shara: Yeah only in Norway...bad thing is that most of the salmon we eat in Italy comes from Norway...

Endre Apalseth: Fish farmers are spraying toxic liquid right into the ocean while they try to kill the sealice on the fish, but thats killing allot of fish and shrimp wich is really importantly for the sealife. The farmed salmon also escapes and goes up in the spawninggrounds to the wild fish and destroys their wild habitat. Farmed salmon like it is today is not good! Not for the nature or the human!!

Chris Oh: feed the salmon fish oil, and price them higher at supermarkets.
ditch the vege oil version altogether

Phil Borton: I hate fish!

NeedMorePuppies: Is that a fucking doge shirt

erling nilsen: Fish farming is great, it's way more effective than any landbased farm, and the planet needs food. New tchnology is allready solving the issues, new closed farms are being built wich will stop the need of chemicals or spreading of parasites, while creating biogas out the waste.

HeadstrongHarpy: This didn't answer the question the other video said it would: do farmed fish have less mercury?

proteusx: I hate farmed fish and I also hate effeminate limp-writed types like this one.

Marcus Guiliano: The salmon farming industry needs a massive overhaul. Open net farming is impacting the eco-system by spreading disease in to the wild fish population. Wild salmon populations are plummeting near farms, whales no longer have food and on the West coast of Canada bears are starving because of very weak salmon runs. Sea Lice and many of fish disease spread from the farms. Fish farms never ever shovel their manure. It just piles up on the ocean floor. The fish are forced to swim in this filth. Fish pellets are treated with pesticides to preserve the high fat content of the food. No matter how high quality the pellets, they are treated with toxic chemicals as a preservative.
Salmon farms must go to a closed containment system to even be considered "sustainable". And that will shrink production and raise the price. But our environment won't suffer.
Regulations barely exist. Most countries protect the salmon industry before the citizens. In Canada the gov't pays full retail value to the farm when fish are lost due to disease. They don't need insurance because the gov't bails them out at the tax payers expense.
I can go on and on about misleading marketing and industry paid for science stats too.
A good substitute is Arctic Char which is raised in a closed containment farm.
I have many video on my channel that talk about the impacts of salmon farms. I just interviewed BC Marine Biologist Alexandra Morton on my youtube channel. She has watched her eco-system fall apart after salmon farms where introduced.

riglor: check out you tube vids on salmon farming,you will never eat salmon again


Ash A: Fish farming is horrible. By crowding fish into small pens, disease is spread rapidly which is then transmitted to wild salmon which has a devastating effect on wild salmon runs some years. This is especially true for Canadian salmon from British Columbia.

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