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Subscribe to our email newsletter! There's a lot of hype about chia seeds. It's hard to believe everything you hear. Today on Superfoods we're going to teach you why they actually live up to their super reputation and why to eat chia seeds, even if they're a little unusual. ABOUT SUPERFOODS: This weekly show spotlights super healthy foods and shows viewers how to incorporate them into their everyday diets. Get the skinny on everything from kale to pomegranates, learn delicious and easy recipes, and pick up tricks on how to add these super foods into the dishes you already love.


El Desaparecido: They definitely do not come from South America but what can you expect from geographically illiterate United States of Americans... Mexico is in North America, chia seeds were widely cultivated in Mexico, Guatemala, and probably Honduras. Other healthy things that came from that region avocados and chilies. You're welcome world

Daniel Turner: Do chia seeds go rancid? What makes them become rancid? If they're in a clear container and they're exposed to light, do they go rancid?

Nicholas Gledehul: Chia comes from Chian???? No it doesn't, chia is Mayan for strength!

GSicKz: are there also any negative aspects of eating chia seeds?

Pellegrino Aqua: I'm pretty sure they come from South Mexico and central America....not South America. HInt: Aztecs were Mexican and spoke Nahuatl, and it was one of their superfood.  Aztecs= Mexico. How can you not put the two together lol

Amanda Smith: Read, investigate, analyze, conclude B E F O R E you make comments. Control you emotion for saying something that comes to your mind (65% probable wrong or vague point). Otherwise, you only show us I G N O R A N C E. OK, as humans we make mistakes, a lot of mistakes every minute....that's NOT a good E X C U S E after many bull-shit-funny opinions. If you do NO know a bit of medicinal plants or alternative medicine, please WAIT, OBSERVE, READ, LEARN  and write SOMETHING useful based on RELIABLE  knowledge. You can use the question format if you want to know some aspect of a subject; this way you will have a DECENT OR ACCEPTABLE performance. I always try to hide my miseries and ignorance by avoiding argument with NO basis. If it is a matter that I know better that many, I take the risk engaging in a frontal discussion wishing good results. If I am IGNORANT about any issue, I simply SHUT MY BIG MOUTH UP or REFRAIN my hands of writing NONSENSE.   


Shahin Sateei: I am deathallergic to peanuts and all form of nuts, does it contain nuts? I know a LOT of foods say "it may contain" but I just want to know if nuts are a PART of the seeds or not? Appreciate any answer!

S. Zúñiga: This vid gets a 10/10

Amanda Smith: WTF "surpise surprise" please don't be ignorant a great variety of herbal medicinal plants come from Central and South America. Get better education and think twice BEFORE you open your mouth to say some stupid. The fact that you were hired for talking to the audience was NOT precisely your knowledge or specialized education about plants. What was it then?.....this is not a mystery because not only you get a job although they know your limited knowledge they hired you ANYWAY. God please have mercy on me!!!!!!!!! 

Sarai Flores: Does anyone know if chia seed can cause you to fail a drug test?

zenia alva: black and white chia seeds are the same.

Lila Thompson: i got chia seed at kroger store( king soopers),the brand is simple truth, it is about 6 dollars for 12 oz,i use 3 tea spoon of them per day,so it last long time,which is not bad.

Lila Thompson: ever since i learned chia seeds from here, i have them everyday now, hahaha they are awesome!!!!

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Lorenzo Flame316: Chia seeds don't exist in morocco they only exist in southern Mexico and Guatemala but they are transported worldwide

FACILITATE300: Chia seeds are so bad ass

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Raihan hasan: Search Google for Fast Fat Furlong... Its the best way to lose weight. It's a nice video you've put together but wait until you see the nutrition plan you could learn when you download Fast Fat Furlong... My sister cut 6 pounds in just one week.

claudiaquat: A US nickle weighs 5 grams exactly. So 100 grams is 20 nickles. This helps me visualize metric kitchen measurements.

Rebeca: what are linseeds?

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