My Raw Vegan Food Haul #RawvanaFit

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cherrymandy cand: Are you sure that you can eat mushrooms raw?

Ona Moore: How much did that heap of amazing food cost?

Brook Murray Chisholm: I am 100% vegan working to raw vegan- I am almost fully raw, we are also working to be a zero waste family- We produce so little trash we even got rid of our trash can because we just dont need it. In your video it just looks like a lot of plastic waste.

Tonia897: I only have about $40 a week for food. If you can tell me a way to get that much food for $40 a week, i would really be impressed.

Ami- lee: how much did all of it cost o.o

eizhowa: I think I would have storage issues if I were a raw vegan! xD

Mandy Phillips: I love that more and more people are getting into veganism and by no means am I trying to negatively criticize here but this is not a realistic diet for the world. I think that a part of being vegan is an obligation to promote a realistic vegan lifestyle that the entire world can practice. A realistic vegan lifestyle that the entire world could maintain is not one that is raw and that includes this ridiculous amount of fruits and vegetables. The world could not keep up with this kind of agriculture for billions of people. Too many of these raw food vegans just want to focus on themselves which is completely fine but please, do not promote is as a lifestyle for others. You're just going against the entire reason for people becoming vegan. Also, humans survived and flourished because of grains so I pretty sure that they are a staple in what we need and should be eating.

Alyssa Isenhart: I'm starting my own garden you and rawfully organic have both inspired me

Shauna Apples: Your counter is like the whole produce section at my farmers market. Love it

rell sand: she loves everything lol

Vanessa K.: HOW

Katie C. de Oliveira Anderson: No nuts at all? Seeds??

Carley Stead: I would love to see a video on how you shop for your food and go into the costs a lil bit. I recently became a vegan and i'm LOVING IT! I have been going crazy with my grocery shopping though because I am trying so many new foods and I want to learn how to manage it all better. I also would like to learn how to store and keep produce fresh because I am having to throw out some of my foods each week because they go bad.

Swati's Rx 4u: def..pls do a video on shopping haul. .I love to see it..

Leah Tafoya: Can you please do a video on how to start out on this raw vegan diet? 🙈 cuz I've been very interested in it for almost a year now, but I'm in high school and I just don't even know how to transition or where to start or how to eat enough to stay healthy even though I don't have much time or money😅 any advice or tips would help❤️

BeltetonBeauty: Yes! Please give us a shopping trip!

angelab292: Seems like you are highly influenced by Fully Raw Kristina. Your videos are very similar to hers.

Daisy: Lol they eat normal?

the209ceres: please do a video on to how to shop please... and i love u an i believe that u need to have your own show on a channel

KasSie LaYne: I think it would be awesome if you did a " what i ate today" video but do it for the week so it would give us an idea of what we could do for a week too :)

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My Raw Vegan Food Haul #RawvanaFit

My Raw Vegan Food Haul #RawvanaFit

Sign up here to receive your shopping list and daily meal plans and workouts: Day 5 Meal Plan: ...