Weird Ways You Hide Your Crush

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BigPotato Gamer: Many simple things my crush do i think its romantic

Like smiling whipers even tho he's not smilling to me

Ahsana Jaleel: Ysssss this is so true!!!!!!!

Zakenzie vaughn: I literally do EVERY SINGLE one of these around my crush then feel like a complete idiot when I accidentally say something rude to REALLY sucks having a crush

BlueLion101: Girls are weird 😐

Just joking: Im a guy and i have done some of these stuffs on my it wierd 😃

Mary Music365: I help my crush to be with his crush which is my bestfreind

Mr. Boss: When I talk to my crush I try not to look at her face and I got happy when she hugged me two times

somerandomguy: so i've had a crush on this guy for like 4 years. my crush and i are part of like the same "squad" so we pretty much hang out a lot. we were very close. we were almost like best friends bc we always talked to each other about our personal interests.

about two months ago, he confessed to me that he has a crush on me. ever since then, it feels like hes been avoiding me. we werent as close as we used to be. even though back then, we were only friends, i liked it better when we shared secrets and stuff like that.

since then, hes been hanging out a lot with this new girl. many people dont like this new girl, and everyone knows that this girl used to have a crush on my crush. the thing is, the girl already has a boyfriend. but her boyfriend is from another class, so they dont get to hang out a lot. instead, my crush and the new girl hangs out a lot. it almost seems like he has a crush on her and she has a crush on him.

idk anymore. does he still have a crush on me? im literally dying inside

I think he likes me cause he always get flustered when i get close to him or when we look at each other then i turn away quickly
Or when he's passing by then just stares at me like he's trying to make me notice him
And i just found 2 of his towels in my bag...
All my classmates knows i have a crush on him cause we always talk about our likings which includes roasting, memes, youtube, music and playing video games!!
They look at me like
"You both better date"
But i don't have the courage to say it infront of him

Jeslyne Mich: I could totally relate to this...
And having a crush is not the best feeling ever since you have to pretend that you are not into that guy in front of your friends...

CallMeMidget: 15 year old freshman (me) likes 16/17 year old Junior. Is that okay

Ajlee Love: I Always jokingly Bully my crush all the time he's like the trouble maker and I'm so rude to him and I know he likes me but I don't have the courage

Madison Rasmussen: Im not mean to my crush only because we've been best friends for a while! His personality just fits so well with mine!

EsmeraldaMendez451: Remember how we knew ashdrew was a thing then we found out ashly actually likes girls like go ashly

Bhawani Singh: Omg I can sooooo relate 😂

Gia Omila: that's what I do bahahahaha

Twee Pixie: I quit,going to this party because I KNEW my crush was going to be there.Ended up going to a different party,at another part of the city,so I won´t see my crush and make a fool of myself.When I got there,MY CRUSH,was at the party,right near the entrance door.Needless to say I made a complete fool of myself :( Told my crush I liked him and he said he only liked me as a friend.I feel so stupid!

doglover 50211: this is my life everyday

loren ortiz: And if you think they're catching on, sic a chimera on them and tell everyone you pushed them down the stairs. Kudos to whoever gets that…😏


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