GoPro Hero 4 Black / Silver - The ULTIMATE Beginners Guide (Setting up & Using)

The ULTIMATE beginners guide to setting up and starting to use your new GoPro Hero 4 Black or Silver Edition camera! Also includes some tips & tricks for the more advanced users! CONTENTS: Intro - 0:00 Packaging & Mounts - 0:26 GoPro Housing - 2:11 Housing Back Doors - 2:39 Housing Housekeeping - 3:37 Preparing The Camera - 4:14 Battery Charging - 4:56 Memory Cards - 5:20 Switching On - 5:46 LCD Display - 6:04 Selecting a Shooting Mode - 6:43 Changing Shooting Settings - 7:28 LCD Touch Sensitive Display - 8:53 The Shutter Button - 9:42 LED Indicators - 10:34 Switching the Camera Off & WiFi - 10:54 Viewing your Content - 11:36 Final Thoughts - 12:20 Take a sneak peak at what we’re working on to bring you, or just interact with us! Twitter - Instagram - Pick up your GoPro cameras from Amazon, here!! USA LINKS: GoPro Hero 4 Black : GoPro Hero 4 Silver : GoPro Hero : UK LINKS: GoPro Hero 4 Black : GoPro Hero 4 Silver : GoPro Hero : Other Useful Videos!! Sandisk Extreme vs Lexar 633x Memory Card shootout: GoPro Dual Charger: GoPro Smart Remote: See TONS more GoPro video reviews/guides/tips in the full playlist!


gary tauber: I contacted go pro and now I can"t get wireless working on my camera anymore

Cinnamon Roll: I was curious can I do all the settings you did on that little screen on the front on the big one on the back? If so is the mini screen just a short info guide mainly but if you really wanted to you could use the mini?

Anthony Kernich: thanks for the advice Re: the plastic lid - seems obvious now lol

Paul dmitriev: hey

Alex: I scrolled down even though I knew you wouldn't have a list of contents and boom! Awesome video.

Christopher Paparisvas: I swear to god man for the first 3 seconds i thought you were Kai from Digital Rev

Ginger Johnson: At 3:32 you mention the screen will block the LCD power button.  Can you tell me more about that?

Randall Neukam: Very, very helpful video to get me going on a Christmas gift that up to now has sat in the corner. Thanks, much --

silverfr3ak: Good tip that one about that using the skeleton backdoor to keep the waterproof in good conditions!

Serina Jenderseck: What about SAN disk ultra plus 32 GB memory card ?

Joseph McVeigh: A great clear no nonsense tutorial thank you so much, a class act

LoveThyPitBull: Just what I needed, thank you

Stephen hathaway: I want to disable the wifi button on my GoPro hero 4 black. Is this possible ?

Robert b: great video. question how do you know what your recording . unless you use the smart phone app and you need WiFi . if your hiking are you just guessing what's being recorded? thanks

Tricia Williamson: This is the most through tutorial I have seen; was struggling. Thank yo so, so much!

forest beach: Hi everybody can you please give me some suggestions on how to verify with videotape and a go pro hero 4 silver my 1299S when it intermittently and randomly and unexpectedly stalls out? Every time i take it to the dealer they said they can't duplicate the problem and Ducati of North America video taped my bike with no problems. But my 1299s still stalls out on me in congested stop in go traffic all the time and when I feather the clutch and drive between 0 to 15 mph on the street or freeway or on the street.However I'm an amateur and I just purchased a hero 4 go pro silver camera do you have suggestions on how to mount it to the 1299S gas tank ? I'm concerned with losing the camera what type a suction mount the go pro hero 4 camera? What I should use and what can I use in case the suction loses its grip to keep the camera from damaging the motorcycle and the camera in case it falls thanks advance for everything. The dealer said prove the 1299s is stalling out with video verification because they claim everything is checking out A ok on the computer test sheet with Ducati engineers and Ducati video tape that they won't show me What would you do? Thanks in advance for everything. I also have adobe creative suite but don't know how to use it

Anwar Alajmi: Good Job thanks.

David Tilbury: A great informative video, Thank you.

Fly My Pony: Does the go pro come with the battery

Raptor Adaptor: Should I clean the case when going in chlorine

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