Meal Prep for the Week | Roasted Chicken/Fish & Vegetables | Salad with Tuna

Today I'm preparing a weeks worth of healthy meals. It took me about an hour from start to finish. ♥ CLICK HERE FOR ANOTHER WEEK OF HEALTHY MEALS: **Friends, there is NO need to ever wash chicken. This is an old wives tale and it does more harm than good. This is what the USDA has to say about it. STOP WASHING YOUR CHICKEN AND SPREADING THE BACTERIA ALLLL OVER YOUR KITCHEN!! Also, I know the music is annoying. This is the first video I EVER made (A year ago!!) I have plenty more videos that are much more relaxed. And yes, I'm "still fat" because I'm in the PROCESS of losing weight. The point of this channel is to SHARE my journey with you. ♥ CLICK HERE TO SEE A HEALTHY BREAKFAST RECIPE: *****Things to Keep in Mind****** These are the foods I'm eating while losing weight. What works for me may not work for you. Everyone is different. Just find what works for you. Portions may be different for each individual person. ******Extra Cooking Instructions****** After twelve minutes, the fish wasn't done cooking. I turned up the heat to 400 degrees and it cooked it for another 10 minutes It's possible my oven doesn't work very well. Click here to subscribe: **************Grocery List****************** • Baby Greens (mix of your choice) • Spinach • Cherry Tomatoes • Bell Peppers (any color) • Cucumber • Brussels Sprouts • Asparagus • Sweet Potatoes • Red Onions • Lemons • Apples (small) • Frozen Blueberries • Frozen Pineapple • Almond Milk (unsweetened vanilla) • Plain Greek Yogurt (2% milk) • Cottage Cheese (2% milk) • Eggs • Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast • Frozen Flounder (fish of your choice) • Canned Tuna (packed in water) • Green Tea • Quinoa • Olive oil (extra virgin) • Raw Honey (Local) • Almond Butter • Virgin Coconut Oil (cold pressed) • Mrs. Dash Seasoning (lemon pepper/onion & herb) **************LET'S BE FRIENDS!**************** ♥ Facebook: ♥ Twitter: ♥ Tumblr: ♥ Instagram: ***WAYS TO HELP SUPPORT MY CHANNEL PRODUCTION*** ♥ Make a Donation:¤cy_code=USD&bn=PP%2dDonationsBF%3abtn_donateCC_LG%2egif%3aNonHosted ♥ For business inquiries only:


tina Roberts: Hi Kim
I really enjoyed your video. I'm about to start meal prepping and watching your video really helping me with planning. fingers crossed that I can do it.

Kairi Silva: great video ideas for my tiny household. went from family of six with three big guys. finally down to me and last one. one just left for school in July...been fast foods because seems like lots of work for just two and too expensive to buy for two. gained about 12 pounds each. this idea would allow me to do big cooking again. your meals look lots better than value menu! good luck on your journey. cannot believe this was a beginner video! great job!

Danielle Coles: your awesome

jackiejo88: Just stumbled on your channel, and I love your meals and that you show how to cook everything!! :)

jksatte: Hey Kim, that was pretty cool. Better than I expected, only because I am such a snob lol.  I could definitely do that. I am definitely greedier than you so I would have to account for that but yum right. I also prefer not to use the microwave but it's hard not to when work is involved. Thanks for sharing. I think you have motivated me to cook in advance. It's really a good idea.   Janice

Katya Hernandez: I've been looking EVERYWHERE for a video just like this. 😩 Helps so much and actually found one that has something I actually see myself eating and being content with. Thank you for this! Absolutely LOVE. 💕😍😊🙌👌

Cassie Ainsworth: Love your videos, soon to be cooking for only me and full-time working for the first time so definitely keen to start meal prepping on a Sunday! Would be super keen to see a breakfast or snacking video :)

ForeverEquestrian86: Recently found your channel while looking at meal prep tips and almost instantly subscribed! Love the format of your meal prep and how you show the steps, and our quirky comments keep it mildly entertaining. Also some of your tools in the newer videos are adorable! Will check out the blog too!

DJ Turbo Washington: this was by far the best meal prep video I've seen so far you have def earned yourself a new subscriber... you have inspired me to eat more healthy !!!

Iheart2cook: love your meal prep videos.  Waiting for more...

Andrea Castro: Hey Kim! I love the format of your videos. I've been practicing my meal prep skills and so far only the breakfast smoothies and broiled fish & veggies have been successful LOL. I'm excited to try out your recipes. Sending you some love! :*

Lizi Stardust: I always enjoy watching your videos! Would definitely love to see breakfast and snacks!

melissa salisbury: may i ask where u buy groceries.. i like the way they come packaged. you inspired me to do meal prep.. i need to get more creative...

tulip sharma: Are you making these dangerous mistakes in your diet? Just go and Google Fat Blast Furnace to find out.

Celeste: I don't understand why you wouldn't rinse your chicken before seasoning it.  I have never put chicken from the bag into a cooking pan/plate! 

MasterPrim3: nice video :) quick tip for you, put a tea towel under your chopping board before you start cutting and the board will not move at all :) but otherwise good ideas :)

Kim Love: Hey love muffins! Here's my most recent meal prep video :) Healthy Meal Prep for the Week | Banana Protein Muffins | Hummus and Vegetables | Chicken Stir Fry

Neechie Neal: great video.. I liked the shopping list and instructions on cooking. Thanks , I am starting my weight loss journey and will start meal prepping. Good luck on your journey!

Sharon Astles: Got some great ideas here, thanks!  Isn't the fish nasty when you re-heat it tho?  I've been told you can only keep it 24 hours after it's cooked?

juliuna garwood: I would like to learn more about breakfast for the week

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