Negative Thoughts - The Origin Of Negative Thinking & How To Eliminate It Forever

Negative Thoughts - Learn about the nature of negative thoughts, where they originate from, and techniques for how to eliminate them forever. The Ultimate Life Purpose Course - Create Your Dream Career: Leo's Top 140 Self Help Books Full Video Transcript Here: Video Summary: Hey, this is Leo for Let's talk about negative thoughts. In this quick self-help segment, I am going to cover negative thoughts, what they are, set your expectations for how they work, and give you some techniques that you can use to cope with them, deal with them, and eliminate them. Automatic Negative Thoughts So, starting with negative thoughts or, as many of us call them, "automatic thoughts" -- because that's what they are -- what we don't realize is how many of these thoughts we're actually having and how unconsciously, spontaneously, and automatically we're having them throughout our days. Whether it's a negative thought about your girlfriend or boyfriend, a negative thought about what somebody did to you while you were driving to work, or a negative thought about having to go to the gym, or a negative thought about what's going to be happening to you next month when you can't pay the bills, your mind is really good at taking your greatest fears and projecting them and catastrophizing them. It just creates the worst possible case scenarios and then puts them right before your eyes and flashes them right before you. So, no matter what your greatest fears are in life, the chances are that you're having a lot of negative thoughts around that fear. Your Greatest Fear I do tend to find that it's one or two main fears. This is probably something like an issue that crept up and kind of stuck with you from childhood or early adulthood. These things tend to be centered around, for example, the fear of failure. Maybe you have a fear of winding up poor and homeless. Maybe you have a fear of not winding up in a good relationship and being lonely and dying miserable and unloved. Maybe you have a fear of really getting rejected by somebody if you put yourself out there, whether it's in a relationship or a business context. Maybe you have a fear of failure in going and trying some sort of goal and then not succeeding at it and having everybody point fingers at you and say, "Well, we told you so. We told you that you couldn't do that." So, you have a fear of failure of that kind of embarrassment or humiliation. There are many different types of core or fundamental fears, but whatever yours is, it's going to be like a filter that you look and filter your whole day through. This will tend to happen again and again and again. So, one first step to starting to eliminate negative thoughts is to become very conscious. Become very aware of when you are having negative thoughts and what is the topic that it's revolving around. I guarantee to you that you'll be shocked if you have not done this exercise. Increase Your Awareness Spend the next three days just being very aware of what it is that you're thinking. What you might want to do, practically, is just randomly stop for five minutes three times a day and ask yourself, "What am I feeling right now and what am I thinking?" What you'll notice is that if you're feeling negatively or if you're feeling anxious or stressed or worried or overwhelmed, there's an associated thought with that and that thought is going to be some sort of negative automatic thought that you might not have even realized that you were having. It might be something like, "Well, I'm feeling overwhelmed right now and the reason I'm feeling that way is because I'm thinking that I have a hundred things that I need to do before the end of the week and if I don't do that, then something bad will happen." That's usually where your subconscious mind will fill in that blank with your worst imaginable fear. You might think, "Well, if I don't get all this stuff done this week, then I might get fired and I might not be able to pay my mortgage and then the bank will repossess my house and then I'll wind up on the street and I'll never be able to recover from that and I'll be homeless and poor for the rest of my life." So, maybe that's what your brain is projecting into your mind. Or maybe it's something like, "Well, if I don't get all of this stuff done, then my spouse or my boyfriend or my girlfriend will think less of me and they won't love me anymore. Maybe they'll leave me and I'll not ever be able to replace them and get into a good relationship. So, I'll wind up alone and miserable and nobody will ever want me because I'm unlovable and not successful in their eyes." So, maybe it's something like that.


Cortn3y ch3wy draws: Didn't help

Sarah Ahmed: leo i love you so much ur lectures had great positive impact on my life. But plz plz plz i request stop putting these thumbnail picture in that way they seem so disturbing n psychotic it really disturbs my mind imaginations. thats the only reason i have stopped searching ur topics on youtube

Jason Nosaj: just eat some shrooms

game gossip: I tinik that I might hurt someone that I don't want to and it becomes an urge but if held it back

Ferchii Alice: sometime when im alone i feel like i can never do anything. whenever i try to do something i just have this feeling that i can never do this right and that alone stop me from concentrate and i cant do anything atm and even when i do i feel anxious all i do will be for nothing the score will be bad :( and when im with people i feel those people doesnt actually want me around they just fake it , thats why i keep my distance to anyone. i keep thinking my future is futile. and whatever i do today will never be any good and im a quiter and no one can help me. seriously... but on the outside people can never tell cause im always smiling, my words are all positive and i look like someone who can acchive anything, im not what i am on the outside...

Broose Wain: Please help I I have a great life and awesome family but everyday no matter how hard I try I can't stop thinking about the negatives no matter how low the chances of them happening are! For example recently I have been wondering if we still have emotions when we die and it will just be black nothingness forever. I pretty sure that's not true but I still can't help thinking about it!!

Dane T: kinda glad I found these

Riyas Muhammed: Leo Sir,Can i please ask what about using cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) instead of Affirmation?

Pritchard Mukuka: This is a great video, I love the advice.

Henry Coldrain: What if i am so depressed thatr even video lenght is making me worry

Laura Pragnacy: <3

Ash Schultz: I don't suppose you still check these messages and could maybe offer me a little advice regarding my situation?

CeCe TheFireWolf: B

Maria Antonia Navarro: Wow! I really love the content of your videos and the simple, plain, easy way you explain each topic. It's really useful and helpful. The fact that you offer the tranacription and written summary is of great help since English isn't my first language. Thanks a million from CĂłrdoba, Argentina.

KeyserSoseRulz: Want to get rid of negative thoughts? Start by accepting that you are not perfect. You are human. Forgive yourself, accept yourself. Accept that success never happens without a lot of hard work, failures and lessons. Accept, forgive, move on. Rinse and repeat. This is the human condition and the best thing you can do is be your best friend in this journey.

Ranjith Rajendiran: Summary / Recap :

were are incapable of following the negative thought happen us because of the complex nature of it . because will be constantly reacting to the suituation around us .

Origin of negative thought ? Reptilien mind (lower self - survival focus mind )

Major breakdown of the negative thoughts ?( fear of something goes wrong in future as excepted such as not paying bill , relationship problem etc,.,)

Solution fix reptilien mind by following ways

1. becoming Awarness or conscious of the thought

How to be aware : Tracking negative thought consciously is by observing our feeling within .

once the feeling observed . ask the following question

What are the thought associated with this feel ? ( game here is one must understand by nature our mind separate thought and feeling . it considered as it as one and thee same )

NOw catch the bad thought and through out of the system . say no never come back again .

Finally use your some new thought to get positive emotions .

2.Influencing some habit into our life such focusing in contribution to the world in whatever the way that you could .

Artem Brovchenko: I am pretty sure you can find good solution on woodprix page :)

Pa s: Hi Leo, thx, and, would you do a video for performing under situations of pressure? I am a professional musician and about to finish my studies at a well known Institution of Classical music in Germany I was always considered as talented but as considered as "never using his full potential". I was never confident and always felt not good enough, I couldn't even concentrate studying because I had this "monkey's mind" chatting a l l the time and thinking about what other people think about me. Buddhists' books and as well these videos help me not to be afraid of failure and as well my gf who tells me she loves me anyway the same. So I feel to find solutions about my struggling which hold on almost for decades. I will have tomorrow my first audition for a well reputated German orchestra. I will try to concentrate in what I do rather than thinking about the audience.

sophia b: After reading all these Apparently I am not the only one. I wish for a peace of mind for all of us!!! đŸ˜ąđŸ™đŸ»đŸ™đŸ»đŸ™đŸ»đŸ’š

Bamify777 WolfeyTBone: I really like your vid's and the effort you put into making them.
But there are some Important things I don't quite agree with, despite of it actually helping.
It's about this 'Meditating', for, to me, it's connected to the 'Spiritual Realms' on which I know for Sure is real!
Idk your theories about it... But if you want to gain some good info, read the Bible, see Jesus' teachings and what kind of 'Fruit' He brings forth.
I know many reject Him and His amazing Teachings, but that's solely because they cannot handle 'Holy Life' for they are 'Stuck' into 'Sin' and don't want it to be put into the 'Light'.
I see serveral similarities in what He teaches vs yours.

Meditation could be like Praying, just without the main essence of it 'God! Our Creator!'
Reflecting on yourself and confessing your sins (All that drives you away from Jesus: Love, Grace, Joy Etc.) Whereas Jesus gives a solution that actually works if you Believe Him!
(Idk how 'Faith' is intergrated in your Systematic Thinking, but I know for sure that if you read and test His knowledge. Including wether He's real Etc. (Just look at the Signs He's giving us already)
Mose > Predicts Growth of Humanity and Jesu coming, along with many other things.
Jesaja, Jeremia Etc. Prophecy also Very Important things!
Then comes Daniel, who follows up with Jeremia and makes clear the 'New Age / Last Stage' of Humanity before the 'Release' has started after Jesus died AND the Destruction of the Temple! (So Jews have no place to pray/sacrifice no more, for a 'Better Convenant' has been made!)
Also the Revelations of John confirm Daniel's Revelations! Only thing is, They may not nessecarely talk about exaxtly the same things while mentioning those beasts.. Even though it sounds very similiar.

There's so much to Learn about His words, also His Disciples (the 4 Evangelics) are Very Reliable!
Just look at it with a Clear Theological vieuw, which doesn't add or remove anything from the Bible and takes it as it is and Confirms all is one, Even if it may not always sound like it, such as John 3 Vs Hebr 6 (Not sure if J3, but I know it's John!)
Where John says 'One cannot get Stuck in Sin, once found Jesus' True Self!' <3 Also saying a True Christ canNOT! Fall!
Whereas 'Probably Barnabas' tells 'other Christians, who were thinking of lettin go their Faith because of others stealing their positions and teaching false teachings" that one CANNOT! Return to Christ a second time, for He cannot be Crucified a second time to take your sin!
But that is only true if you have Truly Seen the Full Grace and Love of God, know exactly what He has to offer without doubt.. But still Deny, mock His name Etc.!... (Just like satan and his fallen angels.. They knew 100%, still denied.. No chance of coming back!)
But a Heart Truly given to Christ is sure to be saved! Despite of all problems, pains, desperation Etc.!!'
It's the Best Choise to make!' for you will only Grow if you Follow Jesus! For He is OUR CREATOR!! (God made us Ttough Him!"Jesus")

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