Negative Thoughts - The Origin Of Negative Thinking & How To Eliminate It Forever

Negative Thoughts - Learn about the nature of negative thoughts, where they originate from, and techniques for how to eliminate them forever. The Ultimate Life Purpose Course - Create Your Dream Career: Leo's Top 140 Self Help Books Full Video Transcript Here: Video Summary: Hey, this is Leo for Let's talk about negative thoughts. In this quick self-help segment, I am going to cover negative thoughts, what they are, set your expectations for how they work, and give you some techniques that you can use to cope with them, deal with them, and eliminate them. Automatic Negative Thoughts So, starting with negative thoughts or, as many of us call them, "automatic thoughts" -- because that's what they are -- what we don't realize is how many of these thoughts we're actually having and how unconsciously, spontaneously, and automatically we're having them throughout our days. Whether it's a negative thought about your girlfriend or boyfriend, a negative thought about what somebody did to you while you were driving to work, or a negative thought about having to go to the gym, or a negative thought about what's going to be happening to you next month when you can't pay the bills, your mind is really good at taking your greatest fears and projecting them and catastrophizing them. It just creates the worst possible case scenarios and then puts them right before your eyes and flashes them right before you. So, no matter what your greatest fears are in life, the chances are that you're having a lot of negative thoughts around that fear. Your Greatest Fear I do tend to find that it's one or two main fears. This is probably something like an issue that crept up and kind of stuck with you from childhood or early adulthood. These things tend to be centered around, for example, the fear of failure. Maybe you have a fear of winding up poor and homeless. Maybe you have a fear of not winding up in a good relationship and being lonely and dying miserable and unloved. Maybe you have a fear of really getting rejected by somebody if you put yourself out there, whether it's in a relationship or a business context. Maybe you have a fear of failure in going and trying some sort of goal and then not succeeding at it and having everybody point fingers at you and say, "Well, we told you so. We told you that you couldn't do that." So, you have a fear of failure of that kind of embarrassment or humiliation. There are many different types of core or fundamental fears, but whatever yours is, it's going to be like a filter that you look and filter your whole day through. This will tend to happen again and again and again. So, one first step to starting to eliminate negative thoughts is to become very conscious. Become very aware of when you are having negative thoughts and what is the topic that it's revolving around. I guarantee to you that you'll be shocked if you have not done this exercise. Increase Your Awareness Spend the next three days just being very aware of what it is that you're thinking. What you might want to do, practically, is just randomly stop for five minutes three times a day and ask yourself, "What am I feeling right now and what am I thinking?" What you'll notice is that if you're feeling negatively or if you're feeling anxious or stressed or worried or overwhelmed, there's an associated thought with that and that thought is going to be some sort of negative automatic thought that you might not have even realized that you were having. It might be something like, "Well, I'm feeling overwhelmed right now and the reason I'm feeling that way is because I'm thinking that I have a hundred things that I need to do before the end of the week and if I don't do that, then something bad will happen." That's usually where your subconscious mind will fill in that blank with your worst imaginable fear. You might think, "Well, if I don't get all this stuff done this week, then I might get fired and I might not be able to pay my mortgage and then the bank will repossess my house and then I'll wind up on the street and I'll never be able to recover from that and I'll be homeless and poor for the rest of my life." So, maybe that's what your brain is projecting into your mind. Or maybe it's something like, "Well, if I don't get all of this stuff done, then my spouse or my boyfriend or my girlfriend will think less of me and they won't love me anymore. Maybe they'll leave me and I'll not ever be able to replace them and get into a good relationship. So, I'll wind up alone and miserable and nobody will ever want me because I'm unlovable and not successful in their eyes." So, maybe it's something like that.


Bamify777 WolfeyTBone: I really like your vid's and the effort you put into making them.
But there are some Important things I don't quite agree with, despite of it actually helping.
It's about this 'Meditating', for, to me, it's connected to the 'Spiritual Realms' on which I know for Sure is real!
Idk your theories about it... But if you want to gain some good info, read the Bible, see Jesus' teachings and what kind of 'Fruit' He brings forth.
I know many reject Him and His amazing Teachings, but that's solely because they cannot handle 'Holy Life' for they are 'Stuck' into 'Sin' and don't want it to be put into the 'Light'.
I see serveral similarities in what He teaches vs yours.

Meditation could be like Praying, just without the main essence of it 'God! Our Creator!'
Reflecting on yourself and confessing your sins (All that drives you away from Jesus: Love, Grace, Joy Etc.) Whereas Jesus gives a solution that actually works if you Believe Him!
(Idk how 'Faith' is intergrated in your Systematic Thinking, but I know for sure that if you read and test His knowledge. Including wether He's real Etc. (Just look at the Signs He's giving us already)
Mose > Predicts Growth of Humanity and Jesu coming, along with many other things.
Jesaja, Jeremia Etc. Prophecy also Very Important things!
Then comes Daniel, who follows up with Jeremia and makes clear the 'New Age / Last Stage' of Humanity before the 'Release' has started after Jesus died AND the Destruction of the Temple! (So Jews have no place to pray/sacrifice no more, for a 'Better Convenant' has been made!)
Also the Revelations of John confirm Daniel's Revelations! Only thing is, They may not nessecarely talk about exaxtly the same things while mentioning those beasts.. Even though it sounds very similiar.

There's so much to Learn about His words, also His Disciples (the 4 Evangelics) are Very Reliable!
Just look at it with a Clear Theological vieuw, which doesn't add or remove anything from the Bible and takes it as it is and Confirms all is one, Even if it may not always sound like it, such as John 3 Vs Hebr 6 (Not sure if J3, but I know it's John!)
Where John says 'One cannot get Stuck in Sin, once found Jesus' True Self!' <3 Also saying a True Christ canNOT! Fall!
Whereas 'Probably Barnabas' tells 'other Christians, who were thinking of lettin go their Faith because of others stealing their positions and teaching false teachings" that one CANNOT! Return to Christ a second time, for He cannot be Crucified a second time to take your sin!
But that is only true if you have Truly Seen the Full Grace and Love of God, know exactly what He has to offer without doubt.. But still Deny, mock His name Etc.!... (Just like satan and his fallen angels.. They knew 100%, still denied.. No chance of coming back!)
But a Heart Truly given to Christ is sure to be saved! Despite of all problems, pains, desperation Etc.!!'
It's the Best Choise to make!' for you will only Grow if you Follow Jesus! For He is OUR CREATOR!! (God made us Ttough Him!"Jesus")

nour benslimane: 2017

RahulTheTechGuy: why these things are not teached in colleges india explaing these kind of things i like a taboo..

drisya drisya: how to stop speaking alone?

Angel Estrada: I can now focus on Ambitions goals being with the ones I love and not let these personal dwelling thoughts take over my day I'm not trying to offend anybody but personally God help me out whatever the Cure maybe for you seek it and just know that this can be fixed and you can recondition your self there is no reason why anybody should be at your funeral for not controlling these thoughts that become very toxic to the brain and the nervous system focus on meditation or prayer or whatever you would like to call it get more sleep then focus on managing your stress and anxiety once you have these things down you can continue living a normal life if you have all of those things happening at one time it is a very ugly thing to experience take it from me

Angel Estrada: well said. I believe when personal survival takes place you cannot move forward until that has been suppressed like you mentioned other things are not important when survival is compromised especially if it involves sleep deprivation over negative thoughts sleep deprivation is a serious condition and it almost took me out because I gave these thoughts not more importance but dwelled over them as bad habits my nervous system was basically exhausted because of lack of sleep and a lot of the things were happening to me in ways I cannot explain or understand today is the first day I actually can move forward and be more aware and break free from this vicious cycle I have finally caught up to my sleep and my stress levels are basically normal it was a real challenge to be overwhelmed exhausted having these negative thoughts take over me for those that are out they're going to the same thing I feel your pain just know that it's curable if you believe in it you need to have patience understanding and faith

Petra Alt: does not only have to help people but animals or the planet right?

Robin Breeds: False Self is an artificial persona that
people create very early in life to protect themselves from
re-experiencing developmental trauma, shock and stress in close
relationships. This False or “public” Self appears polite and
well-mannered, and puts on a “show of being real.” Internally, they feel
empty, dead or “phoney,” unable to be spontaneous and alive, and to
show their True Self in any part of their lives.

gamezonic: I'm trying to become a more positive person because I realized that that was the problem all along. The problem is that I don't know any other way of living. I don't know what it's like to not be this way. Thank you for this video it really helped

Nadia Salsabila: please do one for someone who lacks interpersonal skills

Nadia Salsabila: please do one for teens who are confused/or don't know what majors should they get for collage

ishaykwowsers: mean people

r0bzii: i have a fear of death,,, what if i get a stroke or something :( or car accident

KaysMakeup: Just subbed to your channel... so glad I found it. Thank you so much for being such a great help

Fostera 101: Thank you for making this! Made me feel better. But on the other hand. For years, including now. I let my thoughts run over me. And it drove me crazy!
I would take out loud, or even yell. While cussing. Sometimes at my family. While at school, I would be real quiet whether people would either ignore me. Or talk down to me whether I was uncomfortable or not.
I wouldn't blame myself for having these thoughts now as you should know. But on the other hand, I am kinda of a drama queen as my mom puts it.
But I had to deal with myself, being teased and seeing fights around. And being critized, or yelled at. Even close to having relationships apart.
But only those were close to happening. Or they didn't happen. Because they were only on my head. Thank goodness! But still most of things, I explained happened.
But all I know from what I've been told. Is to pray about it and move on. And keep rebruking the thoughts. Until they would go away. And keep being happy, and do your own thing. Because of years later, we'll all be old, because of our petty rivalry and anxiety over listening to these evil,spirited thoughts!

Xander Tonjaroff: Great video

Tay D: i watch your videos whenever i get down. They really help me find by way back from the negative side of my mind. Thank you

Manny Singh: Does negative thinking cause depression, or does depression cause negative thinking.

Muhammad Ahmad: my age 20 i am from pakistan i am male...i am suffered in stomach gas problem due to this problem i always thinking negative how can i get rid of this problem....any suggest

Calvin: I need advice like im always thinking negative things like something bad is going to happen to my mom and newborn sister which causes me to cry and tear up

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