1. Make sure you are already close to an upgrade 2. Load up a practice fill your doing work meter exit the practice 3. Once on tweets screen close app , open app load your file 4. Exit the practice you load up in again 5. Check to see if you earned an upgrade 6. Then just repeat the steps but make sure you do a different practice on a different day OR IT WONT WORK ! 60 Likes? Subscribe if you're NEW! Comment down below! ADD ME ON PSN - MuzicGotDeadeye SUBSCRIBE FOR Latest Working Glitches, Tutorials, Latest News and More!! FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER *Ignore* NBA2K17 GLITCH , NBA2K17 MYCAREER , NBA2K17 MYPARK , NBA2K17 TUTORIAL , NBA2K17 VC GLITCH , NBA2K17 VC METHOD , NBA2K17 LEGEND GLITCH , NBA2K17 REP GLITCH , NBA2K17 HOW TO REP UP FAST , NBA2K17 99 OVERALL GLITCH , NBA2K17 HOW TO GET 99 OVERALL FAST , NBA2K17 STAGE , HIGH ROLLERS , NBA2K17 LEAKED , NBA 2K17 , VC GLITCH , 99 OVERALL , CHRIS SMOOVE , RONNIE 2K , REP BOOST , TIGER GLITCH , REP UP FAST , NBA 2K17 LEAKED


Jasir Akenyemi: U can just earn the upgrade without closing the application

Justin Talley: Has this glitch been patched? Because its not working for me.

SP Studios: I did what u said I believe it said I unlocked a new attribute upgrade, so I exit practice, close app and opened and got back in practice and left that to the my court and I only had 1 available and I had 0 before. What I do wrong ?

Prodigy-_-2K: Listen, I made a 6'7 Point Forward and he is a 90 overall with only 1 upgrade left and in total I have made 91 upgrades and can't get any more... I thought the max was at a 95, can you help me? Thanks

Treyvin Bundy: Still working?

Boi Boi: Literally every youtuber is posting fake ass glitches and I bet this is one of them

Boi Boi: Is yo shit fake too.

tapout187: i downloaded 2k not bought the disk. can this still work?

Arjita Biswas: buoоno

Chris Tyson: Does it still work as of today

Jon Linton: so do you repeat it every time you go back?

Will Goldman: Why do you have to exit the app, what difference does it make?

Quavo lotti: Can you do it if your already a 95 overall with no attributes left

xFatal MoDz: this does not work anymore. it was about a week ago, just tried again and it doesnt. just letting yall know

westhebest _84: Does this still work?

tkiller8641: Does this still work on ps4?

xNuhmber: could you get banned from doing this ?

Idekeh Bruh: Tweets doesnt pop out. Pls reply asap thank u <3

Justin Delrosario: Can I do it on Team Practices?

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