NEW NARS Dual Intensity Blush Review & Tips

Hi Guys! NARS comes out with some amazing new products, but many people are using it wrong. This video explains the how to's of NARS New Dual Intensity Blushes & Brush. I hope this how to video helps you better understand how to apply this new makeup product. Enjoy! NEW VIDEOS EVERY TUESDAY, FRIDAY, & SUNDAY 9AM PST ►TUESDAYS- Product reviews ►FRIDAYS- Beauty, Fashion, and Lifestyle favorites. ►SUNDAYS- "Get Ready With Me's," Routines, Tutorials, and more! Don't forget to subscribe! RELATED VIDEOS: NARS all day luminous weightless foundation first impression Spring Makeup Tutorial using these blushes PRODUCTS MENTIONED: NARS Duel Intensity Blush in Craving: NARS Duel Intensity Blush in Frenzy: NARS #23 wet/dry blush brush: DISCOUNT CODES & LINKS: ►CASH BACK- Shop Through Ebates! ►Get a FREE audio book ►Crystal Wash 20% off SOCIAL MEDIA LINKS ►Vlog Channel: ►Blog: ►Instagram: ►Snap Chat: SereinWu ►Twittter: ►Pinterest: ►Periscope: SereinWu CONTACT MAILING ADDRESS 5404 Whitsett Ave., #80, Valley Village, CA 91607 For business inquires ONLY email: ABOUT ME Most of my late teens to early 20’s I was depressed. I couldn’t get out of bed or off the couch. Fashion and beauty always brought joy to my life and I was neglecting them. Therapy alone was not working. One day I decided to dress myself happy by putting on a cute outfit and some simple makeup. Just by dressing myself to feel more confident worked. I was able to get up and get out. The work I had been doing on the inside was matching my outside. I believe in the power of dressing yourself happy and helping everyone feel their most confidant and beautiful to face the world, this is why my channel and blog is called Dress Yourself Happy. I want to empower you to feel and look your best. For a detailed bio and more info, please visit For foundation shades and equipment info, visit my FAQ page DISCLAIMER This video does not contain sponsored content. Some of the above links are affiliate links, I make commission off of sales driven through these links. All my opinions are my own and I do not recommend anything to you that I don’t believe in wholeheartedly. Majority of the products used and talked about in my videos are purchased by me. Occasionally I am lucky enough to receive PR samples for consideration. My opinion will never be swayed by PR samples or sponsorship. Thanks for stopping by my channel! I love makeup, hair and everything beauty. I do makeup tutorials, hair tutorials, reviews on new makeup products, unboxings, skincare videos, inspirational videos, fashion, and so much more. Subscribe so we can be friends and build this awesome community together!


Snowboardchick: You are spot on in describing this blush!!! It's AHHHH-MAZING and soooo natural!!! I use it wet, and I totally describe it as a watercolor effect!! And I love that you don't see 'texture' and that it looks like your own flush!!! LOVE!! (Btw-I pulled up your vid to see how to use the brush...I just got it!)

Alison: Nobody needs the brush unless u need a brush.

maimaimaired: nice tutorial I purchased nars venegeful LE duo blush but, I'm not buying the brush will find another way to apply.thanks for the review

Lizette Garcia: i want to buy the brush for applying my eye concealer or to blend out my contour with cream is it good for that too

Narosakorn Pat: After watched,I bought this color as the first one among others intensity blushes and also the brush#23. Stunning loved it !! Thanks pretty much for make me spend my money so quick :)

Myosotis van Heydoorn: give such goooooooood reviews.

Jason Gallardo: Awesome video! Everything I needed to know about the products super fast and quick. You explained everything so well about the 23 brush I want to request a review of the Nars Kabuki brushes? The Mie and the Mizubake? Have a nice day -Jason

Elisekimopie: New to your channel. Thanks for the review and explanation. I only have one of these... So far! I really love the shade Fervor. I've seen so many reviews where the reviewer was unhappy with this blush. I just didn't understand. Now I know that they were probably using the product incorrectly. I'm going to purchase that brush so I get the full affect! Thanks!

Amrita Maharaj: thankyou i was not bout to get these i will be purchasing these soon 

Makeup By Megha: super helpful review! thanks so much!

airenbeauty: so expensive but so tempting 

Twilightchic143: Very through review Serein!!!! I need to see it in person xoxo

Kat Horrocks: You do look pretty airbrushed in this video!! Beautiful :) I need that Craving one, although I'm put off by the fact you have to get the brush...

Make It Up With Samantha: You DO look like an angel!

Chibi Ko: Target recently premiered a dupe for that brush for $6.99.  It's called the Up & Up Complexion Brush.  The shape of the NARS brush is very similar to it. 

Renee C: I'm gonna purchase it but not to use as a blush, I wanna get the Jubilation Blush and use it as eyeshadow bc it looks GORGEOUS and I've been searching for a nice champagne-y peach-y colour eyeshadow forever and I'd totally use the other side as a highlight. 

Esther Rim: tutorial????

JackyOhhh: Definitely gonna pick up atleast one of these. Thanks for explaining the product!

Katherine Nguyen: Can you do some EM cosmetics first impression video?

baby604: would really appreciate if you did some swatches next time :( 

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