Lean VEGAN FOOD HAUL in 2 Minutes | Cheap & Plantbased

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sage claycomb: What do you normally end up using the coconut milk in? Love the video btw!

Doctor Nico Soto: I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS!! I feel you put so much love to them =)
greetings from plant based integrative south american medical doctor =D <3

Plant-based Mama: I love this.. I think im going to start getting frozen veggies, its a great idea. :)

Claudette Wilson: I'm getting frozen mixed berries soon! Great idea!

isara howarth: are carbohydrates bad for you? i know they are made of sugar so is that bad? i'm trying to go vegan but i'm confused as everyone says carbs are bad for you. please help!

Jessica Black: What do u make with these?

Jantzen Baldeck: Please do some InstantPot lentil coconut curry recipes. Please and thank you😀

uyajayra: what is Tahini and what's it's good for

Stuart MacPherson: Random question and i'm sorry if this is crossing the line, what do you guys do for day jobs? Or is Youtube your full time? Thanks in advance :D

Nicole Louise Browne: Love the haul guys - proving that living on a Vegan diet isn't just heathy but affordable too! Also just seen that you are giving a talk at Vegfest London :) can't wait to go and watch it and hopefully meet you too, as I've been watching your videos for months now xx

Michele Spout: How many freezers do you have?🤔😄

Tímea Hszbrgr: just love the way you live! congrats!

Laura Herde: Amazing Food Haul! I'm buying exactly the same, yay! :) Love it x

B BB: How many quarts does your instant pot hold?

notdonebaking: I like how quickly you went through this.

Antje Hänel: Hey George, why do you use Silken Tofu instead of soy Yoghurt? Is there a reason? By the way, great Channel !

Antje Hänel: Hey George, why do you use Silken Tofu instead of soy Yoghurt? Is there a reason? By the way, great Channel !

dana brown: I rely on frozen blueberries this time of year- fresh ones just aren't available in my area but we love them!!

Vegan Beard Guy: Nice video. But no bananas. I'm sorry, I'm going to have to revoke your vegan title.

girl for happiness: Great video. My haul looks like this too :)

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