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Top 10 Amazing Islands You Probably Don’t Know — TopTenzNet →Subscribe for new videos every day! →10 Reasons Bruce Lee was a Superhuman: Entertaining and educational top 10 lists from TopTenzNet! Brand new videos 7 days a week! Videos are published at 6pm EST every day! Other TopTenz Videos: Top 10 Abandoned Places Around the World Top 10 Abandoned and Haunted American Castles When you think of island vacations, visions of Caribbean beaches with endless pina coladas are probably the first thing that comes to mind. The truth is that there are amazing islands throughout the world that are perpetually flying under the radar. These islands are lesser known because they don’t provide typical sightseeing, sunbathing, and watersports, or they’re in places you’d never expect an island to be. Each one does have unique attributes to make it well worth a visit. Text version: Coming up: 10. Prince Edward Island, Canada 9. Shelter Island, New York 8. Siesta Key, Florida 7. South Bass Island, Ohio 6. Block Island, Rhode Island 5. Nevis, Leeward Islands, West Indies 4. Mackinac Island, Michigan 3. Brijuni Islands, Istria, Croatia 2. Pantelleria, Italy 1. Kangaroo Island, Australia Source/Further reading:


Jackninja5: I've only heard of Nevis and Kangaroo Island.

LSD LSD: "Brijuni, the only national park in Croatia."

There's exactly eight national parks in Croatia. :P

HotChiliDog: I like how 8 of these were in the Americas...

Simon Goodall: So how much do the US tourist board pay you then.............
The world does exist outside The Americas..

Another ridiculous top 10.

lokyZD: what the hell?? Croatia has 7 national parks, not just Brijuni islands. You r bad at this

Joanne Sabourin: I so happy to see PEI in this fun mix - for those foodies out there don't forget that PEI is home to Michael Smith's restaurant, Fireworks, he is a great chef! Great job TopTenz!

Mooberto: No Cayman Islands. We have both the best diving sites and best beachsin the world.

mbear1: Wow, cant believe my state Ohio is represented here. Who'd a thunk it? Put-in-Bay (unfortunately )is known as "Put-out-Bay" by anyone who's been there bc of the high number of stupid bachelorette parties and general "spring break all year round" attitude. Read laddish, bad behavior all around. It is quite beautiful there and the ferry ride over is cool though.

Theturtleowl: These islands are for travelhipsters and I love it

Connor Jenkins: what about north sentinal island in the Indian ocean?

Frick Lick: I go to block island every summer

st nathaniel: Do not take your eyes off Me for one minute for the evil one waits.
Then at the most unexpected moment he moves in for the kill and snatches you away.
He uses the senses to tempt and other souls to torment his victims. He especially targets My Soldiers and they suffer the most.

Zachery Schmidt: number 11 Oak Island

daedralord1: no Necker Island? surely that should in the list

theredscary1: This was lame

theredscary1: This was lame

Sasha Whitefur: You misprononuce the word Quebec, the u is silent, the Q is pronounced as a K.

Jereime Lucius: Its pronounced Nee-vis (My homeland) I'm surprised to see it on this list. lovely place

Elivelton Lima: gudes

HeatherGems 1: LOL!!! P.E.I.? Really?

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