Black Ops 3 - Exzds Q&A! (Real Name, How To Get Views, College)

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the youtuber: hi

goodfella gamer: thats my name joady

Nico: What is your Snapchat

Jeremiah Lewis: tffyi
kop.bkh,know pick
of people join pjoiojo.

Jeremiah Lewis: @exze

OG Lil lAyZiE: is exzds a girl or guy cause I can't tell cause of the voice and name

AG CUNT3R Real: Didn't pause the video but it'd Joady

Dman62005: @Exzd please reply. What is your PS4 gamertag i play on Xbox One and PS4.

Angus Frazer: What happened to g rated exzd

MDS Bown: Can you just koment on My koment What's your name on ps4 plz

IronStar: I am from sweden!!

LyFt Assassin: Joady is a cool name man

Cookie Mayhem: My mom almost named me Joady

Nub Destroyer: cool name bro

thomas kiggins: the nissin gtr

Callum Coleman: I wanna know where your from exzd

robert ace: id also would like to have the aggera or ccx

Alwam Sfeat: Can you like play rainbow six siege with me on ps4 it's like snd sometimes pleeaaase😬😊

Why is this a channel: Joady

Bighero2005 Youtube: @Exzds #ExzdsQNA Q&AHow do you do Voicechanger

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