Black Ops 3 - Exzds Q&A! (Real Name, How To Get Views, College)

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Ƶєηкια: I'm a french subscriber and I support you in all you do, do the best because you're the best ! 😆

Hi Woah: Esse likes to clickbait!!!!??????!

Stephen Shook: Your name is Joady

I’m a Mute main: The Agra is a beautiful car that’s my dream car :D

dylan95racer: Is ur name pronounced jo dee(joady)

Evan Nazzla: hi joady

Pumpkin_King_Fan: Joady is a really nice name ur lucky

gamermax0000 plz: 5 of my friends have that names

These_Pistols_ Only: Not being sarcastic

These_Pistols_ Only: You have a cool name

Keith Stewart: 😂😂 Nyssan Gtr

Keith Stewart: Crispy Killcams sound like a gt

DarKiZ: @exd i do the exactly same things wtf wow lol

Ty G.: I like your name!

Junior Garcia: My names Aristeo thats way more uncommon than Joady

the youtuber: hi

Nico: What is your Snapchat

Jeremiah Lewis: tffyi
kop.bkh,know pick
of people join pjoiojo.

Jeremiah Lewis: @exze

OG Lil lAyZiE: is exzds a girl or guy cause I can't tell cause of the voice and name

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