NBA 2k17 MyCAREER - Off Day #2 John Wall Text to Recruit Gento? Lifting Weights + Tattoo Update Ep11

NBA 2K17 My Career gameplay Off day #2 grinding at practice also we get crazy text from John Wall! ►SLAP that LIKE button for more NBA 2k17 MyCAREER Tonight ►Next 2k17 MyCAREER episode ►Subscribe and stay up to date with 2k17 ►My NBA 2k17 MyCAREER Playlist! ►Twitter ►Instagram ►Facebook ►Twitch Thanks for all your support, rating the video and leaving a comment is always appreciated! ~ Gento


Tanishk Tushar: Is in NBA2K17 in offline mode career shows cutsecens

LeBron23James: good defense

Jasmine Thompson: Um..did u tell us how

MMGaming: Ima watch every episode until Game 5

Julian Kelley: How do you get the tattoos?

Xpert Gamer: why he keep the shoes on

SupremeNinja: 8:27

Lucky_20 King: 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

QJ Johnson: Do you know what the mom looks like

Kayzer 99: Ayy did anyone see how skinny his my career players legs were when he was lifting those weights😂😂😂 they were like sticks

TAKEELA Carson EAGLIN: a marcus gento you are my favorite n2k17 player I am liken every one of your videos from nba2k17 trell the kid

Parallax: love ya gent

Moose Rouse: Exited for the custom shoes!

TheGamerAn: I can't believe he's having 3 off days in a row

Isaac Shaner: 🏀🔩😎🎮

PSN Gaming: JK I shouldn't joke about that

PSN Gaming: Guys listen I can't afford a doctor so you guys need to diagnose me I'm starting to cough bloody and puke a lot please help

Raymond Carl Chua: ништяк

Garrett Cordner: Pls show us the actual size and position

Sheldon Carter: gento

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