How to obtain Thunderfury hidden artifact appearance? BOTH binding's included.

UPDATE: As of 10/11/16 it appears VoW grapple spot and gliding have been hotfixed to not work, my apologies. If I can find another way I will post an update. The Neth Lair farm should still be fine as of now though. Video on how to obtain both bindings for the hidden artifact appearance for Outlaw Rogues, Thunderfury. Note you will need: 1) Goblin Glider Kits 2) Artifact Knowledge level 5 for NL 3) Artifact Knowledge level 6 for VoW 4) Outlaw Spec w/ Grapple Talent No reputation grinds required. I also stream on


Andrew McTigue: I got my left binding on my first mythic +4 run also I was sub

PlayLiveGames: Got both on first try not even joking did both instances only once

Nicolas Chaput: i got both in 3 tries rofl

Márk Mikolay: 3rd try :D

Takunna: your totems on your back look fucking stupid. down voting your video for dressing your rogue like a moron.

Jørgen Andersen: got mine in under an hour from dungeon finder ;)

Tham92: just did a Mythic VotW 1 time and i got that off the boss : / but the one for NL i have not seen at all -.-

Stikken: got it from m+ FYI

Mc Jiggles: is this still possible? i cant grappling hook the first pillar thing is VoW did they patch it or do i just suck?

Omar Elkholy: What is the transomg set you are wearing at minute 8:15?

Carlos Portilla: Do you know if i can force the drop of one part with the token for another loot?

McLovin: all this for a shit spec

Nisoaz: vesi. I'll be messaging you next time I see you. I need your help with shit

Pontus Delfin: any chance to get your Elvui link? =)

Dobromir Petrov: so i have both of the parts but i dont know where or how to start the quest ... any help pls

Nisoaz: Elitist w00t.

Dan Bautenbach: 0:57 look at the chat box 😂😂😂

Tarinia Doomarenn: I love the Outlaw Rogue Hidden Appearance. Recycling Thunderfury but I love it.

Nico Hadez: not playing rogue but i liked it.

Vic Boss: this is so stupid, Ill rather wait for new look that comes with patch 7.2. Tnx for video =)

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