The TRUTH About Sugar & Artificial Sweeteners | Pt. 1

"Maybe we should stop asking why real food is so expensive and why processed food is so cheap." *Sorry for the minor delay with getting this video back up! I originally uploaded this last night but there were some copyright issues with the TED Talk sound byte I used. I literally stayed up all night trying to find an excerpt that would fit with this video. I finally came across Dr. Russell Blaylock's work and I really took a liking to how BS-free and concrete his information was. I apologize if he is hard to understand the quality of the sound byte wasn't so good but it was the only one I found that worked. I can definitely understand what he is saying even though the quality is bad so if there are any questions on his words, PLEASE just ask me in the comments below and I will happily answer. Even though I had to switch it, I still think you guys should take the 20 minutes to watch the talk. It's a VERY interesting and informative speech from a New York Times food columnist and best-selling author. Let me know what you guys think: Mark Bittman: "What's Wrong With What We Eat" | TED Talk Let's try this again! Hey guys- This week I wanted to share my 1ST 2-part video on Artificial Sweeteners, with Part 1 covering the marketing aspect of it and Part 2 covering more about the actual sweeteners themselves. If you are someone or know someone who has been using artificial sweeteners in their diet, and they are having trouble staying healthy, SHOW THEM THIS VIDEO! The only reason I made this was with the intention to HELP anyone in need of it. These things are harmful to us and do nothing but hold our mind and bodies back from healthy living. With that said, enjoy Part 1 - be on the lookout for Part 2 coming next Tuesday night! (07.14.15) Thank you for watching guys! Drop any questions or comments below! Snapchat: brettcap Instagram: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: Vine: ****************************************­******** Previous Tip Videos Videos: Mental Prison: Emotional Fitness Foods That Help With Weight Loss: Protein From Real Food vs. Protein Powder How to Get More Alkaline Foods In Your Diets How To Gain Energy When You Wake Up To Tighten Your Abs Try this @ Home Towel Workout: Protein Shakes For Healthy Weight Gain Healthy Protein Shakes for Weight Loss MUSIC *Disclaimer Before watching this video, please realize these are my personal views based off my own personal studies. The statements made on this page and in this video have not been evaluated by any professional organization. They are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Just intended to help. Thank you for watching.


Eiz Qarqash: Thank you for such great info man

otp stylincum: "Food has become too accessible to us and a lot of us abuse that privilege" Couldn't agree more!! Food should be measured and apportioned so that some people wouldn't eat unecessarily huge amounts of it and develope diseases like becoming obese - which gives you heart problems and etc - and other wouldn't die for having nothing to eat to survive. It' really sad how this society works for more and more unequality and sees everything as a buisness that's gonna make a lot of money.

Rosario Colon: On the rare occation that i want to sweaten something, i just use agave necter :) so yummy. thats okay right lol

holly olpp: open this video and starts with an add for doritoes...

Madhu Jana: hey Brett.. What's the best time to drink a pro biotic drink like Yakult

Roxanne22F: Hi Bret, love your videos. For the past 2 years I've cut down on eating fast foods, red meat, frozen foods and foods high in sugar by about 60% Is it me or does anyone else find it difficult to shop at the grocery market for good quality, wholesome food? Everything is so bad- including the produce section- there's only a tiny selection of organic foods to choose from.

SOPARY P: search up & learn the truth about gelatin ... gelatin is made out of pigs skin .. so if u eat jellos, those are basically pigs skin which is horrible. search up truth about gelatin & click the 1st video. it's soooo gross

katlynrose1143: so is it better to eat more real sugar rather than these artificial sugars?

Elisa Navarrete: Excellent Video, I drink diet soda and use sweeteners in my tea. I never buy and have soda or sweetener in my home, its every once in a while when my husband and I go to dinner. But just in these few times of doing that could have a long term effect. I just subscribed to your channel and this video was informative. Thank you so much

Dara Taylor: it's So interesting how they try to make it seem like these sweeteners are not dangerous. My former Nutritional Science teacher who had a "doctorate" said that none of these things were harmful. His information was so outdated

HollyClark: Hey Brett, I love yours and Carli's channels! <3 I am trying to stick to just drinking water but sometimes its hard because of the bland flavor. Would you reccomend mio as something healthy to use to add flavor or does it also have a negative impact to the body? Also it would be awesome if you could do a video about some foods that have high sodium amounts and what impact it has on our bodies! It would be really interesting to know because I feel like it is overlooked a lot! thanks xoxo

RandyandCyndi Baker: I desided to drink more water to loss some weight .  I drink alot of pop at work . I work long hours and just this year i started with drinking more pop. But All the favored water at the store had artifial sugar in it what do I do i hate water I'm a sugar girl.  Water without flavor I'll dehydrate.

Jess Parker: You make so much sense :)

logan casanova: Ok, one more subscriber..! Thank you for being there.

Maritsa Campos: Hey Brett,
You should check out Blint Shakes. It's a protein shake that's made all natural, with fruits and veggies and no sugar added. If you just search Blint Shakes here on YouTube, you'll find a small clip of the explanation on it. And it's actually a vending machine that dispenses the shakes fresh, and they're extremely delicious! Just check it out, you won't be disappointed. And if you'd like a sample, just reply to this comment and I'll get in touch with you :)

Jason Tez: Your explanations help me out so much Brett. You've inspired me to cut the junk out of my diet and consume raw/whole foods as regularly as possible. Keep up the amazing work!

Daniela Donoso: part 2?

Genavieve C: So what sugar if I need it CAN I use?? Like to sweeten my coffee or baking etc. ?

Sarah Hanna: Can you do a video of how to eat healthily at a restaurant:)

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