NDeGreat: I ate those strawberries, I'm glad of this video.

Adam Hicks: you're the man! killing it as always

fossils of dinosaurs: do you live with your mother?

Lili Robin: The drugs big pharma give to us never cure us they only slightly relieve our symptoms. But the side effects cause other ailments, like joint destruction, brittle bones, or some other ailment. It is better to feed your mitochondria and you will never get ill. Your body produces natural cancer fighting agents but the GMO foods, pharma drugs, alcohol, nicotine shut down this process.

Ray Rupnow: Have you seen this health story yet Zac? Some interesting Gematria...

Adam Vanderpluym: Seriously!? Even the most minute news stories are subject to your gratuitous scrutiny. 108 comments over just this!? Ridiculous.

Lori Rogers: I used to live in Ventura/Oxnard which is one of the largest strawberry growers in the nation…boy do I miss the strawberry festival LOL

Chewy Bad Dog: That's why I can't listen to news anymore. I know it's a bunch of BS.

randomuser1105: If you're trying to fight cancer, go vegan. You have to kick the dairy and meat. They're outrageously carcinogenic.

First Last: looked on my meat package (lol) at the ingredients, potassium chloride was in it. looked it up on google its also the thrid chemical used to inject into a person that is being legally put to death. wtfo

First Last: One of the Trosmo where i live virginia beach said we had it. i had friends who had drank there apparently my fb was blowing up with people freaking out

Aurora Sky: Aced it again Zach. Thank you.

James Collins: Zachary love your work keep it up. I live in Virginia and literally tonight there was a story about a woman walking a stroller and got hit by a car. just like Dewayne Wade's cousin. This video talks about Tropical Smoothie and the strawberries, there was a story I saw today about a guy who refused to serve police in a Tropical Smoothie. Something to look into it looks like programming on the local level.

Hey you Driver: Dude when you gonna do your college football predictions?

24blunt: maybe on on sum other shit but i know they were frozen strawberries, but do we even buy strawberries from Egypt, when we grow them here in america hmmmm

Gregory May: I just told my Mom about your channel again! She's very open to you and these ideas... Though she's not as quick to sit through the videos like I do. But she's pretty smart, and when I say things about your videos, she's listening.

J Pinkney: hey man, I agree with you wholeheartedly. how in the hell do we have fat ass cats as policy enforcers and sports coaches? the same dumb ass corporate wards of state out of shape and teaching and enforcing shit. how can a muthafuka teach a parenting class and they don't have children? this corporation practices some funny shit.

Bluntman124ever: I just read this but you can also look up that they just said last week it was shellfish now it's strawberry that have hep A

Gerard C: Is the Fallen 44 a hoax?

Sheri Din: My policy about food is that i never argue about what's written the Quran. Milk is referred to in verse (16:66) of chapter (16) sūrat l-naḥl (The Bees):

Sahih International translation: "And indeed, for you in grazing livestock is a lesson. We give you drink from what is in their bellies - between excretion and blood - pure milk, palatable to drinkers."

That said, I hv to conclude tht the problem is not milk per se. Its what they've done to milk on commercializing it. All the treatments.

If you can find pure farm fresh milk, I say go for it! And there are many sunnahs of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) about the huge benefits of goat's milk for our health. In Islam, goat & camel milk is mentioned a lot but not so much cow's milk. Same goes for the meat. Hope the info may be useful for some of your readers...

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