Southern Tomato Pie - Using Your Tomatoes & Basil for Comfort Food :)

Easy to find ingredients makes this ultimate comfort food something you will make again! I hope you can give it a try while wonderful tomatoes and basil are in season. I varied the traditional recipe of using mayonnaise and substituted lemon garlic mayonaise. Use store bought mayonnaise and add a little garlic if you do not want to make mayonnaise.. Enjoy! Check out the Aioli (lemon garlic mayonnaise with safflower oil) recipe video here: You can print the ingresients here. Just highlight with your cursor and select "print". Rainbow Gardens Tomato Pie 3-4 Slicing Tomatoes 1 Cup Shredded Cheese 1/3 Cup Parmesan Cheese 3/4 Cup Lemon Garlic Mayonnaise 1 Sweet Onion Basil Leaves Pie Crust


sunkkist: This was so amazing Rainbow Gardens thank you very much for this recipe! I accidentally came across it as I was looking to use our glorious garden summer ripened tomatoes with basil and all the rest. A sensational dish that I only learnt about today and the whole family loved it. I'm so glad I tried something new yet classic from the Deep South tradition, I've also made other southern dishes like Chocolate Chess Pie, Shrimp and Grits, Peach Cobbler, Biscuits and Gravy. I love it all.

Deborah Martin: This was the best of the recipes I've tried for tomato pie! Thank you

alice smith: getting about that time, lol! Wonderful recipe, love this pie.

TheWanda047: Never Hurd of it. But looks delicious! Gonna make when tomatoes come in..thank you.

MultiStu66: OMG!  This is summer comfort....  You nailed it - Red, yellow or whatever type of tomato - Delish.  So many are unfamiliar with this - I am only in my third year of this (using fresh garden tomatoes,) but this is wonderful and surprising.  Thank you so much.

PlantBasedfortheWholeFamily: I had heard of this pie from a friend. I bought a big box of red tomatoes and decided to make a vegan version of it. it was a success! !! there was nothing left. I used corn tortillas for the pie crust. sliced and piled the tomatoes like you did. smothered them with basil like you did. Then I made a tofu cream with nutritional yeast and garlic and poured over it all. Baked for 50 minutes on 350. It was amazing! !!! :)

Charlotte Z.: I had heard of tomato pie in southern novels but didn't know what it was until I was on vacation with my daughters on Edisto Island in South Carolina. A well-known local farm that supplied many of the desserts to local restaurants had, among their sweet offerings at their roadside stand, Tomato Pie. We had one for lunch that afternoon and couldn't get back to that stand fast enough for another!! Then I had to match their list of ingredients against the several recipes on line to come up with one that tasted like the very first one we'd had and loved so much. Your's is almost exactly the same except for the aoli which sounds delicious. My husband likes a few sprinkles of hot sauce added to the cheese mixture. Now that our tomatoes are coming in, we will make one every week. It is a super easy way to make those wonderful home grown tomatoes and basil into dinner and a couple of lunches.

D R: Didn't find the link to the Aioli recipe(?)

To You: what type is the yellow tomato

Gardening With Puppies: That is my kind of meal. I have to make this and very soon.

72blueflash: Really glad I found your site. I'm enjoying your videos.

chris venegas: I substituted mayo for cream cheese and put besides bail.....dill and rosemary....I loved it

Valentine Bonnaire: That looks FAB!!!!!!!

Rainbow Gardens: It's that time of year and hopefully, we are all harvesting yummy tomatoes and basil from the garden.  Perhaps you even have some onions too! Here is an easy way to use your garden produce for comfort food. Tomato Basil Pie!

Jordann Allen: I love the way you say 'basil' lol

Mumbai Balcony Gardener | Avid Life Observer: That looked too good to eat!

Susan Rogers: That looks really good, never heard of it before, might just have to give it a try, Thanks!

Tess Cooks 4u: Just found your channel. Great recipe. Thanks. :)

How to Grow a Garden with Scarlett Damen: Hi Donna, I've never heard of tomato pie. This looks really good!
Thanks for sharing,

superslyfoxx1: I'm Southern born and its a sin I have never had this pie. Where did I go wrong! LOL! Looks great Donna.

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Southern Tomato Pie - Using Your Tomatoes & Basil for Comfort Food :)

Southern Tomato Pie - Using Your Tomatoes & Basil for Comfort Food :)

Easy to find ingredients makes this ultimate comfort food something you will make again! I hope you can give it a try while wonderful tomatoes and basil are in ...